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    [–] Phoenix (ft. Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza) | Worlds 2019 - League of Legends The2andy4UG 2 points ago in leagueoflegends

    why are people bitching at the song already? this is what happens when you set your expectations way too high

    [–] Zoe btw The2andy4UG 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    mate it was JOKE.


    [–] Zoe btw The2andy4UG 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    dude... i wasnt even talking about how zoe was unbalanced or anything... it was sarcasm bro, a joke. just b/c someone is low elo doesnt mean they can't talk about balance either LMAO

    [–] World Championship 2019 | Orchestral Theme The2andy4UG 0 points ago in leagueoflegends

    can someone link me clips that all of the moments the statues were referencing? the only one i recognize is "the arrow" play w/ ashe and ekko

    [–] Team SoloMid vs. Clutch Gaming / LCS 2019 Regional Finals - Final / Post-Match Discussion The2andy4UG -3 points ago in leagueoflegends

    honestly clutch is such a sleeper OP team. Cody did NOT deserve whatever shit he got on 100T, and the entirety of clutch's roster is so tightly knit that they can probably pull anything off (like picking kog in game 5 of a worlds qualifying series). what a fuckign team, honestly

    [–] PBE Preview: Elderwood Ahri, Nocturne, and Veigar The2andy4UG -1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in leagueoflegends

    how to ruin the elderwood skinline

    what the fuck is that. ahri doesnt fucking fit at all, veigar even less so somehow. nocturne's just looks fucking ugly to me. holy shit, this is actually awful

    Elderwood Kindred died for this

    EDIT: formatting and link

    [–] Star Guardian 2019: All information we currently know + some speculation. The2andy4UG 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    honestly only the zoe and neeko picks make sense. morg hardly fits but i dont think it would look too bad. everyone else though? why???

    SG taliyahand SG Ekko died for this

    [–] I'm EXTREMELY Dissapointment With the Project Skins/Event This Year The2andy4UG 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    honestly, im gonna stop buying passes with this one. i always bought them b/c im fortunate enough to have extra money to spend on this game that i love, but this whole event pass/constant "prestige" skins/skins only for popular champs/etc. thing has turned extremely predatory

    its hard to imagine in the last couple of years, where we got entire event modes (think SG: Invasion, Project: OVERCHARGE, Odyssey: Extraction, or Dark Star Singularity) but this year all we're getting are separated skins that dont go on sale on release and pass after pass. its so... troubling, i guess, to think about

    [–] Overwatch - Sigma Origin Story Official Trailer The2andy4UG 1 points ago in Overwatch

    the backwards language he keeps repeating says "keep it together" and "gravity is a harness". at the end, backwards, he shouts "release me!"

    [–] The Galio situation The2andy4UG 3 points ago in leagueoflegends

    the r+w flash rakanbo was actually so good. hard engage/disengage, instant two part undodgeable cc chain with a distance of at least a screen and a half that made him the best all around support when he was released

    its something that they claimed would help less experienced players react to the engage, but most rakan players just use it from fog and still get the engage off.

    [–] What I learned so far from Pro View The2andy4UG 2 points ago in leagueoflegends

    im pretty sure the player stream and event streams sync up? at least the vods do

    [–] Nightblue3 gets his teammate banned for playing roaming teemo support thanks to his 'riot friend' The2andy4UG 14 points ago in leagueoflegends

    there are some videos of Nubrac on twitch going over the suspension and livechatting riot support on stream (at the time of posting this he's live right now)

    < Video 1 >

    < Video 2 >

    < Video 3 >

    [–] Nightblue3 gets his teammate banned for playing roaming teemo support thanks to his 'riot friend' The2andy4UG 81 points ago in leagueoflegends

    he's some stupidly famous high elo jungler who has a history of controversy. i remember something in the past where he accused qtpie of view botting, there was a time where he quit the game for like, 5 days then realized that its his only source of income. if you look him up on youtube you will see that he has millions of views on his heavily clickbaited videos.

    "obnoxious" is putting it lightly

    [–] Qiyana: Empress of the Elements | Champion Trailer The2andy4UG 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    this has got to be one of the most confusing champion kits ive ever seen.