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    [–] Roy Moore lands neo-Nazi endorsement before election for 'correctly' quoting Hitler TheAsgards 1 points ago in politics

    Why is it news worthy who a neo-Nazi supports? Do we give much credence to who the Nation of Islam and NAMBLA support? How about the vegas shooter. If he voted for Hilary would that reflect negatively on Hilary? If Osama Bin Laden preferred Obama, and so on?

    [–] Donald Trump Not Invited to French Climate Change Summit TheAsgards 4 points ago in worldnews

    You say that like it's a bad thing. I don't know why America has to be the world police.

    [–] Donald Trump Not Invited to French Climate Change Summit TheAsgards 1 points ago in worldnews

    I think that's what Trump would want. Don't accomplish your goals and fund your programs on the backs of Americans?

    Granted I think there's an element on wishful thinking on his part that he can bring back some of the old school energy jobs that were once more popular in the areas he said he would do so at.

    At the end of the day we don't need politicians to convince us to move to electric cars and solar panels. The economics of it will win out. So much upside to green technology.

    [–] Malaysia 'ready' to send military to Jerusalem if needed to help Palestinians TheAsgards 1 points ago in worldnews

    Nationalism and religiously fueled backwardness is seen as being part of a rich culture so long as it's not white and votes Republican.

    [–] Second Jewish building in Sweden attacked with firebombs | The Times of Israel TheAsgards 1 points ago in worldnews

    Those Jewish folks better watch what they say. In Sweden it's illegal to express contempt for Muslims. It's incredible.

    Supposedly they also forbid municipalities from having Christmas lights on street light poles. You know, to be green.

    [–] Number of College Presidents Making $1 Million Rises With Tuition and Student Debt TheAsgards 2 points ago in news

    One major reason tuition rises is because states are offering scholarships basically to anyone that meets certain criteria and the Feds offer loans.

    What happens is that the state cuts the budget to that university and so the university raises tuition to offset but the students still pay it because they have grants and loans. The government still winds up paying upfront each year for the university but the means of financing changes.

    [–] Second Jewish building in Sweden attacked with firebombs TheAsgards 33 points ago in news

    AWS would have to build out a new Region to accommodate the extra traffic to reddit.

    [–] New York Bomber Was Inspired by ISIS Christmas Attacks, Officials Say TheAsgards -1 points ago in news

    Stuff like this is bound to happen when you're being told constantly what a victim you are.

    [–] Where does your organization draw the line? TheAsgards 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in vmware

    Found the government worker or at least someone playing with house money. :)

    I do consulting and a lot of governments have too many people so they split everyone up into hyper specialized groups. Theres agencies that have a team of 10 people who only do VMware and another 15 people who only do server OS and another 10 who only do storage and another 8 that does backups and another group that does monitoring and another group of 10 that does active directory and email, and yes another group for networking. None of that includes desktops or tier 1 helpdesk.

    Then on the flipside i've seen private companies that are actually too lean. 1 or 2 guys doing EVERYTHING. Frazzled, frustrated, and looking elsewhere.

    The most well run places Ive seen have separation of duties but still have single groups with responsibilities up and down a vertical. Storage, backups, managing switches, NSX, and hypervisor should be in the same group. If you're small enough then throw in physical network and/or OS's, DNS and AD as well.

    What happens when your techs don't have enough control over verticals is that you have executives making deals with vendors thinking they are hotshots that affect multiple teams and none of the individual teams can really have a big say over it because it impacts other teams and then you run into situations where products don't jive well with each other because your CTO basically just jumps on all the buzzwords and gets himself publicity orchestrated by sales reps.

    We sell services and this has become a major strategy. We target execs who are hungry for noteriety and then make them feel like they are cutting edge and innovative. Let him enjoy the pats on the back associated with "partnering" with us. Hell we basically tricked a state government into helping us build a marketing campaign around them and they PAID US for it. lol

    [–] Nasa to hold major announcement after artificial intelligence makes major planet-hunting breakthrough TheAsgards 1 points ago in Futurology

    This is more than just being this world. They are making announcements of announcements. They need to just make complete announcements.

    [–] 'Explosion' at Manhattan bus terminal TheAsgards 1 points ago in news

    How many people die in America due to revenge attacks?

    [–] 'Explosion' at Manhattan bus terminal TheAsgards 6 points ago in news

    ex Muslim

    You should be fine. :)

    [–] Verizon VP jokes at planting a 'brainwashed' FCC chairman, Ajit Pai says 'awesome' TheAsgards 2 points ago in news

    Bell Labs was one of the GOAT innovators if all time. It’s crazy to think what may have been if they were allowed to continue to be the google + apple of the world.

    [–] NSFW NSFL Mesa Police Shoot and kill Daniel Shaver body cam TheAsgards 1 points ago in phoenix

    Apparently there have been no unarmed black men shot on camera in AZ recently.

    [–] NSFW NSFL Mesa Police Shoot and kill Daniel Shaver body cam TheAsgards 2 points ago in phoenix

    “His movements were odd” is now acceptable reason to be executed by a government worker in the eyes of police loving small government conservatives.

    [–] NSFW NSFL Mesa Police Shoot and kill Daniel Shaver body cam TheAsgards -2 points ago in phoenix

    He’s white. Wont make a big wave of outrage. Police are adapting. Seems they know white makes are still fair game.

    [–] We are the ACLU. Ask us anything about the FCC’s upcoming vote to end net neutrality. TheAsgards 2 points ago in IAmA

    How much of the population has only one ISP? I’m using a Verizon mifi for internet access right now and have internet on my at&t cell phone and an option of cox cable or Eatel DSL for hardwired into my home and I’m in a rural part of the country.

    [–] As an Asian, this can at work telling me to 'crose rid' was quite insulting TheAsgards 2 points ago in funny

    As a fellow Asian I'm offended that our native tongue is only offered on the backside of rids.

    [–] Pornstar August Ames dead at 23 TheAsgards 4 points ago in news

    It wasn't politically correct. She should have let gays enter her body without condoms because its bigoted not to.