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    [–] Psoriasis diary III - After 7 Days TheAsgards 2 points ago in Psoriasis

    Reminder: psoriasis comes from within. Its from inflammation causing agents running throughout your body.

    [–] DNA test proves man who paid $58k in child support isn't the dad TheAsgards -3 points ago in news

    In many of these maury povich type situations i agree but theres more to being a father than DNA. Like if you took on the role of being father and love the kid im not sure how to just turn that off.

    The only person i feel bad for is the kid.

    [–] Transitioning from IT Technical to Project Management TheAsgards 1 points ago in ITCareerQuestions

    What is an at risk candidate and why would being low risk count against you?

    [–] Stolen Bike TheAsgards 15 points ago in phoenix

    Or he may spray paint it red?

    [–] HELLO! I am Michael Mando, Nacho from Better Call Saul. AMA! TheAsgards 1 points ago in IAmA

    You get cast as Mexican even though you're not mexican. Do you ever get cast for middle eastern ethnicities?

    [–] Former New Orleans EMT says Uber driver punched him in face after 'worst ride' of his life TheAsgards -2 points ago in news

    He'd be better off if he didn't go to 3rd world countries, I mean cities, like New Orleans where they blame stuff like this on the victims "not being aware of their surroundings" or whatever.

    [–] Report: Gunman Opens Fire at Madden Championship Event (Video) TheAsgards -3 points ago in news

    Im surprised this happened at a madden tournament.

    When i first saw that there was a shooting at a gamer tournament i assumed it was one of those shoot em up games.

    [–] Report: Gunman Opens Fire at Madden Championship Event (Video) TheAsgards 1 points ago in news

    Its not lower than the vegas shooting since no motive was ever uncovered.

    [–] Another Report Lists Austin and Dallas as the Favorites for Amazon's New Headquarters TheAsgards 1 points ago in Austin

    Seems like a terrible idea. Amazon has a churn and burn work culture that devalues older people with families and honestly it seems like they'd have too much of a grip on the city while also straining resources/infrastructure.

    [–] Africans have no culture, we must kick them out - Israeli MP TheAsgards 1 points ago in news

    You must feel pretty stupid now that it's actually happening.

    [–] Judge in Paul Manafort trial says he has been threatened and is now under U.S. Marshal protection TheAsgards 3 points ago in news

    Seems sensible to threaten the judge for not releasing info?

    What an interesting juxtaposition with the left also believing its sensible to lock media members up for reporting on court cases that involve muslim rapes.

    [–] Scientists have found two planets outside our solar system that could host extra-terrestrial life TheAsgards 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Futurology

    You honestly believe that, don't you?

    The closest of the two planets is 1200 light years away. That means even if we developed space travel that is 40% the speed of light, which is a huge pipe dream, it would still take 3000 years to get there and then another 1200 years for the communications to get back to us.

    4200 years is a really long time.

    Plus there's acceleration and deceleration which would probably add much more time to the trip.

    [–] Hardwood Toothbrush Cup TheAsgards 1 points ago in DIY

    THis. I put mine in a ziplock back in a drawer. I rinse it out with mouthwash every now and then and replace the ziplock bag every week. Then a new tooth brush each month.

    [–] Hardwood Toothbrush Cup TheAsgards 2 points ago in DIY

    Correct. Wood is porous. You can get plastic that is not going to harbor stuff.