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    [–] From now on my normal speed is 100 mph on McKnight Rd TheBigNate416 1 points ago in pittsburgh

    You’d see cops on every corner I’m sure of all they had to do was point a radar

    [–] Quick fix 6.2 fail Questlabs TheBigNate416 2 points ago in drugtesthelp

    Damn sucks you are even tested in CA assuming you aren’t doing some sort of dangerous job. Good luck hopefully it all went well anyway even though you had a narc

    [–] Drug test tomorrow (a little late I know) TheBigNate416 1 points ago in drugtesthelp

    Cutting it a little close but it’s possible. Hard to tell though. I stopped on 4/12 and was passing home tests with faint lines since about last week and took my test today (hope it’s clear). Maybe take a lot of b vitamins and drink a ton of water before the test to help

    [–] Took a test & it came negative but I’m still worried. TheBigNate416 2 points ago in drugtesthelp

    I’m in the same position as you. Had a faint line and took my test today (instant so no lab unless it triggered a positive). Looks like we should both be okay though

    [–] Meet NOFINE, My Asphalt Locked Unlimited Rubicon. TheBigNate416 2 points ago in cars

    I have yet to see a JL with angry eyes (luckily). Wonder if they sell them yet. It’d be great if they never do but I’m sure some shitty company will offer them eventually.. sigh

    [–] Well yeah, he's a man. Duh. TheBigNate416 5 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    It’s May so now I have nothing better to do than piss off trolls like you ;)

    [–] Well yeah, he's a man. Duh. TheBigNate416 7 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    How about we let people decide that rather than the government? If you disagree you must not really care about actual conservatism

    [–] 'Our kids' lives are at stake': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Joe Biden over his 'middle-ground' approach to fighting climate change TheBigNate416 8 points ago in politics

    Still a hell of a lot better than the orange-in-chief we have right now. I want Warren on the ballot but Biden absolutely has my vote if he’s the one who gets the nomination

    [–] Sen. Chris Murphy calls for probe into Giuliani efforts in Ukraine on behalf of Trump TheBigNate416 1 points ago in politics

    Good lord. How are they this fucked up? How the fuck can anyone support these treasonous cunts? This is absolutely disgusting. They need to just lock his ass up