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    [–] Tire sizes TheBigNate416 1 points ago in Jeep

    I’d recommend a different sub lol

    [–] Mini shots fired TheBigNate416 1 points ago in Jeep

    Can’t believe this is a real ad lmao. Probably tries to assume you are buying a certain type of vehicle based on search history and puts whatever vehicle that is in the ad.

    [–] Please hellllllp!!! TheBigNate416 1 points ago in Jeep

    Eh I disagree. He should definitely cross post it there, but I’ve seen and received plenty of repair advice here

    [–] Done my good deed for the day TheBigNate416 2 points ago in Jeep

    I run the same size tires on my TJ. I have no clue how big the lift is (previous owner wasn’t sure), but it looks very similar to how yours is set up. He guessed that it has a 6 inch lift but it’s on 33s so 5 inches seems more realistic

    [–] [Highlight] Jameis Winston arguing with his center Ryan Jensen on the sideline TheBigNate416 12 points ago in nfl

    Dude this is football not Dunder Mifflin. Football isn’t treated the same way, it’s a sport. Of course you’ll see guys yelling

    [–] [Highlight] Chris Boswell slips on the field goal attempt and it’s blocked! TheBigNate416 4 points ago in nfl

    Honestly the Steelers should still be a better team than the raiders even with a back up in. But I guess not this year

    [–] Friday night TheBigNate416 1 points ago in PennStateUniversity

    It’s definitely possible to make friends and have fun at parties without drinking. It would definitely get annoying hearing people ask you why you aren’t drinking though. However that wouldn’t discourage me. I was friends with a kid during summer session that never drank but went to a lot of parties. He was definitely outgoing and very talkative which helped out though

    [–] [Highlight] Saquon 78-yard touchdown TheBigNate416 1 points ago in nfl

    Yeah saquon is one of the most athletic guys in the league

    [–] US, Saudis and Russia block climate report TheBigNate416 -6 points ago in worldnews

    Well good thing we are both entitled to our own opinions

    [–] US, Saudis and Russia block climate report TheBigNate416 1 points ago in worldnews

    Obviously wrongful executions aren’t a good thing. I meant that I see nothing wrong with someone being executed if there is definitive proof that they committed a harsh enough crime

    [–] US, Saudis and Russia block climate report TheBigNate416 -9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in worldnews

    Executions aren’t necessarily a bad thing

    Edit: Feel free to disagree with me all you want. I just wouldn’t lose any sleep if someone like the iceman or other murderers got executed. Hell I’d rather them suffer in prison for the rest of their lives, but I still think it’d be justified

    [–] I had to sell my TJ today. TheBigNate416 1 points ago in Jeep

    Sold it for an unlimited right?! :(