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    [–] What fact could probably save your life? TheCocksmith 2 points ago in AskReddit

    What's our record up to?

    35-0 or something like that?

    [–] Outta nowhere! TheCocksmith 7 points ago in Unexpected

    Fucking Canadians

    [–] TJ Dillashaw uses Renan Barão’s head as a punching bag successfully defending his Bantamweight championship. TheCocksmith 15 points ago in sports

    Herb hasn't been the best for about 3-4 years now. He is one of the worst officials when it comes to late stoppages. He's getting into the ridiculous Mario "If he dies, he dies" Yamasaki territory.

    [–] What Effect does doing just 50 Situps and 50 Push-ups have? TheCocksmith 63 points ago in Fitness

    What if I pay for a video to coach me through 50 sit-ups and 50 push-ups?

    [–] Texas is cancelled TheCocksmith 30 points ago in texas

    Bless their heart.

    [–] [Video] Fedor Emelianenko knocking down all three of his Bellator MMA opponents TheCocksmith 2 points ago in MMA

    Lol the down votes. But you're right. He gives up just like Conor when put into tough positions.

    [–] Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread TheCocksmith 1 points ago in Fitness

    Grade 3 sprain. Foot in boot. Can't put weight on it, so obviously no lower body workout for me.

    [–] [Yates] Following a horse collar tackle on a jet sweep, Rams WR Cooper Kupp is on the sideline in seemingly significant pain to his left leg. TheCocksmith 1 points ago in nfl

    By that logic, D-linemen should punch QBs in the dick to prevent them from throwing touchdowns.

    If it is an illegal act, he's not allowed to do it, period. And doing it anyways shows intent to commit the infraction.

    In this case, the infraction results in an extremely high rate of injury, so any player that engages in a horse collar tackle knows that injury is a real possibility and does it anyway. That is intent to injure.

    [–] Grand Central Market in DTLA TheCocksmith 1 points ago in LosAngeles

    Are you saying that you DON'T want $12 PB&J sandwiches, or $10 grilled cheese?

    [–] Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread TheCocksmith 1 points ago in Fitness

    I have a foot injury. Should I skip leg day and continue working on upper body? Do I "make up" leg workouts later by going harder or something?

    [–] When You Face 44 Shots in 40 Minutes TheCocksmith 4 points ago in DallasStars

    I live in LA and had the Ducks broadcast team. They were pissed at how much he was being left on an island. No blocked shots, no checking, and the Stars forwards were living in the crease without any reprisals.

    [–] Day 7 and Barely Improving? Is Icing Bad? TheCocksmith 3 points ago in gout

    Potassium Citrate.

    That's what doctors give to patients with uric acid kidney stones, and now it's gaining popularity for gout treatment as well. Potassium binds with uric acid, and helps in the elimination of it through pee. It is a urinary alkalizer. Just don't take too much, because it lowers blood pressure rather quickly. If you have heart issues, ignore this post completely.