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    [–] Netflix Sets $150M Budget for Ryan Reynolds Film 'Six Underground, Their Biggest Ever TheDerped 462 points ago in movies

    It really depends if its on the level of Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy or Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

    [–] Fanart Rule Change: Redefining "Original Content" TheDerped 5 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in anime

    Yea we really need another unpopular opinion thread /s

    Honestly, the interesting questions for discussion threads make it to the front just fine even with the plethora of fanart. I assume you don’t browse the new queue cause there are more than enough discussion threads but the thing is that the actual interesting ones are far fewer than old boring topics.

    [–] White SUV tries to bully 18-wheeler TheDerped 19 points ago in JusticeServed

    As someone who grew up in an Australian Primary school, the whole bully's family looks like your typical bogan dropkicks.

    [–] Free Talk Fridays - Week of May 18, 2018 TheDerped 7 points ago in anime

    Out of tens of thousands of manga I'd say ranking 25th makes you one of the top.

    [–] Free Talk Fridays - Week of May 18, 2018 TheDerped 4 points ago in anime

    Random venting: I remember an inane argument I had with some dude on Reddit about how Hunter X Hunter is one of the best selling manga of all time. He considered it not to be one of the best selling manga because it was only ranked around 25th with 66 million volumes sold. Yea sure, I guess 66 million copies of a story is an easy milestone to reach.

    [–] Free Talk Fridays - Week of May 18, 2018 TheDerped 1 points ago in anime

    Just finished Deadpool 2. It does what every sequel should do and improved in just about every aspect from the first movie. References and humor are on point and is even oddly emotional at times.

    [–] Chaldea Days (Part 12) TheDerped 2 points ago in grandorder

    Ha those related videos are great. Never knew Bakugo's VA coined Ayane Sakura's (Ochako) nickname.

    [–] From a Year 12 IT textbook in Australia. Sums it up nicely. TheDerped 35 points ago in anime

    I want to see who’s the third actor for scifi besides Ewan McGregor and Bendydick Cuminhersnatch.

    [–] So how much fan service is in High School DxD? TheDerped 1 points ago in anime

    There's titties within the first minute iirc. Sets the tone right for the rest of the series

    [–] [Nerdpost] How Fansubbers Make Your Anime Look Better TheDerped 8 points ago in anime

    Mostly the new blood that don't appreciate the origins of community.

    [–] What character would seem like the most fun to bully? TheDerped -5 points ago in anime

    Chuuni bullying is top tier tho. Bring those nerds a bit back to reality.

    [–] NETFLIX Secret genre code list updated 2018 TheDerped 16 points ago in television

    I mean you can just come around every so often and sort by top of week or month to filter out the fluff.

    [–] Indie game 'To the Moon' gets an anime adaptation TheDerped 27 points ago in anime

    Imagine if Shinkai was attached to the project. His way of handling drama is kind of suited to the game's story now that I think about it.

    [–] Free Talk Fridays - Week of May 18, 2018 TheDerped 2 points ago in anime

    While Gunpla sales are definitely a goal for every Gundam I wouldn't say its the sole purpose of their making.

    [–] Free Talk Fridays - Week of May 18, 2018 TheDerped 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in anime

    Well yea for sure there are some shows that fail to make the fights feel personal on their own merit especially if fights are solely just built around power creep with no emotional weight behind it. Like compare it to TTGL where powering up is one of the key components of the show but it really feels earned given the story and characters.

    Like you said, the DarliFra fights are pretty fun especially in recent eps with the building towards Zero Two's character.

    [–] Free Talk Fridays - Week of May 18, 2018 TheDerped 3 points ago in anime

    Even for people who enjoy particular mecha shows some of their reasoning can feel pretty dismissive of the genre like the good ol "I like how X show is about the pilots and not the mechs!". That's like basically every mecha series ever minus the ones that were solely to sell toys.