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    [–] Who is the most evil sounding VA you’ve heard in anime? TheDerped 56 points ago in anime

    Toshiyuki Morikawa (Griffith, Sephiroth, Kira Yoshikage, Bondrewd)

    [–] Gigguk - The Dying Art of AMVs TheDerped 14 points ago in anime

    His MAL seems to still be active but he hasn’t posted anything besides sporadic posts his FB page. Last update there related to AMVs was at the very beginning of 2017. Probably got too busy with life like most other skilled AMV creators.

    [–] Gigguk - The Dying Art of AMVs TheDerped 35 points ago in anime

    XXXtentacion and other soundcloud/mumble rappers are the new AMV meta.

    [–] Casual Discussion Friday - Week of August 10, 2018 TheDerped 2 points ago in anime

    Vaati was my main source for the lore videos! Still have a tonne of his videos to go through which I look forward to. Also agreed that the lore of the games is one of the most on depth and rewarding to learn and decipher of all the media I’ve experienced.

    Funny that you mention Elder Scrolls as my first experience with the Souls games was the first Dark Souls which I played during the wait for Skyrim. I very much enjoyed both for different reasons, each with their own strengths.

    [–] "MAL Rating/Reviews are irrelevant" TheDerped 2 points ago in anime

    You mean you don't like obviously brigaded reviews with a rating of 1 for popular anime?

    [–] Casual Discussion Friday - Week of August 10, 2018 TheDerped 3 points ago in anime

    Spent 3 hours going through the Dark Souls wiki and various lore videos. Always fun to see the theory crafting people can come up with for the series. A lot more things make sense for me now.

    [–] Interview with a Scanlator: "Readers….make you want to just not do this anymore sometimes. They have such audacity and entitlement; it’s nauseating." TheDerped 10 points ago in manga

    For the Grand Blue rips I’m kind of surprised people aren’t posting text threads to announce that the new chapter is available on X scanlation site that is currently banned by subreddit rules. I remember people did that for Sweet Guy which was released on y-manga. Maybe then it could revive the discussion threads a bit. Hell /a/ just does image dump posts with the chapter ripped.

    [–] Interview with a Scanlator: "Readers….make you want to just not do this anymore sometimes. They have such audacity and entitlement; it’s nauseating." TheDerped 11 points ago in manga

    Eh, shipping in my experience is alright. Most of the times the people know its not gonna be a thing in canon (especially for crack ships) and are content with making cute fanart and comics about it. As always though its the most insane of the group that comes to represent them whenever they get the spotlight. The worst example I can think of are some Supernatural fans that got mad at the main two actors for getting married to women and that they’re not gay for each other, which is a whole different level of crazy once you start bringing real people into it.

    Maybe cause I don’t go on tumblr but shipping wars on reddit are a lot more subdued and people throwing around the shit taste thing seems mostly tongue in cheek.

    [–] Apparently the Japanese fandom is aware of Savadava's "Nightingale's Descendant" incident. TheDerped 24 points ago in grandorder

    He is believed to be real historical king but all the legends and deification of him came after his death.

    [–] Persona 5 the Animation - Episode 19 discussion TheDerped 9 points ago in anime

    I’m assuming 26 episodes altogether but even then that’s pushing it. Unless the anime has a unique episode count or the ending is made into an OVA, they’re either gonna rush hard or cut some content. I can’t really imagine what the unique difference from the game the creators have previously mentioned is.

    Q: Are there any additions that are unique to the anime?

    Director Ishihama: I think there’s probably a nice surprise waiting for viewers. One that may prove to be jaw-dropping once you see it.

    Unless the surprise is gonna be bad lol

    [–] [ONE MILLION SUBS] Lil Wayne - A Milli TheDerped 6 points ago in hiphopheads

    Spiritual lyrical miracle yada yada you know the drill.

    [–] AKIRA bike homage TheDerped 8 points ago in anime

    I'm still holding out hope that he comes back to doing more animated TV series. His return for the final season of Samurai Jack was a suitable ending for the series.

    I'm also holding onto the faint hope that he would be the one change the zeitgeist of animated films in the west by creating a mature 2D animated film. Something to do after collecting pay on all the Hotel Transylvania films.

    [–] The caucasity of it TheDerped 13 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    People here forgetting that Kanye's sound basically moved the hip hop zeitgeist away from the gangsta rap aesthetic that had been dominant for ages. It became far more RnB influenced after The College Dropout

    [–] Casual Discussion Friday - Week of August 10, 2018 TheDerped 2 points ago in anime

    What manga/LNs did you guys read this week?

    Wew I actually read a bunch

    Finished off Kiss Him, Not Me this week. Pretty nice wrap up for the series, best boy won. Think this is the first proper shojo manga I’ve read.

    Looking for something scratch the shonen hype itch I read up to date on Kimetsu no Yaiba. Its a lot less edgy than I was expecting based on the key visuals for the manga, love the artstyle as a lot of the special attacks I think are trying to emulate traditional Japanese paintings. Pretty interesting world they’ve set up and just liie any good shonen I’m pretty curious to see more of the obligatory elite force of bad guys, especially the number 1 seat and their leader. The main cast is okay besides sleepy lightning boy. I can see the cute demon imouto being really popular on this sub once the anime airs. Inosuke best boy though. All that said it didn’t really scratch the itch despite being decent enough.

    Sousei no Onmyouji however did it just right. Been meaning to read it since hearing that the anime was botched and seeing some pretty awesome pages on /a/ threads. Protagonist set on his goals, cute female lead, cool looking spreads with the powers, tragic backstories, accidental pervert scenes, tsunderes, osananajijis, epic mentor battle, its got all the classic battle shonen stuff. Looking forward to catching up as the first 20 chapters have been great. Kind of disappointed the scans seem to be about a year behind the raws but the official localisations seem to almost be up to date at least.

    [–] Press Release: AT&T Acquires Full Ownership of Otter Media, including Crunchyroll and VRV TheDerped 0 points ago in anime

    Man I really do not get what you’re trying to argue. Its like you’re not reading my responses at all. If you wanna talk about the other guy talk to him.

    [–] One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1 is coming this Sunday! TheDerped 19 points ago in anime

    Murata going HAM with the half volume length chapters has me thinking he's trying to finish the arc before S2 airs. I have my doubts though even if he has around a year and a half left. Even if he does 100 pages a month :/

    Actually I don't really want him to even work at that pace. Overwork is dangerous yo.