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    [–] Balance and control TheEssexian 1 points ago in UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG

    She's REALLY hot! Great ass! Amazing legs!

    [–] His face is Priceless! TheEssexian 1 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    It's all good... the purpose of sharing is to share, right? Not get credit.

    [–] Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on the bench laughing at Westbrook's failed attempt to get a triple double (credit to u/Metsvault) TheEssexian 17 points ago in nba

    This is what I hate about Westbrook. I mean.. firstly, the game is in hand, so yeah... the play doesn't 'matter'. But Adams has a contested shot, and there is a guy open in the corner, so he kicks it out. That's the right play.

    But Westbrook, more concerned with his personal stats, throws his hands up because he loses a shot at a triple-double.

    He's on the court for himself; not his team.

    Guy is crazy good. He's an amazing player. But he's gotta change his mentality.

    And he's got to treat every game like he's going against KD.

    [–] His face is Priceless! TheEssexian 32 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    Their Star Wars version of this prank was even better.

    [–] Sample of Josh Jackson's defense this season TheEssexian 1 points ago in nba

    Great compilation. This kid is quick and really seem to work at it, and has good intuition.

    [–] Trump built a wall. Her name is Sarah. TheEssexian 1 points ago in politics

    How does this not have 3568 upvotes yet?

    [–] Trump built a wall. Her name is Sarah. TheEssexian 2 points ago in politics

    Right? I can name the last three. I can name a single one before that. Before it was just 'this dude is talking 'cause the prez is busy'.

    With Trump, these people are saying the most vile moronic things.

    [–] Trump built a wall. Her name is Sarah. TheEssexian 1 points ago in politics

    Like... a 'wall' because she's so big?

    [–] B-b-b-but Bernie! TheEssexian 1 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Politicians say what people want to hear. Clinton is conservative as far as democrats go. More conservative than Obama, most would agree, and Obama is that jack-wad who appointed Pai (though, if memory serves, he was recommended by Mitch 'The Turtle' McConnell).

    Trump is just following through with the horrible plan Obama set in motion. It was OBAMA'S FCC that was trying to ram this through to start with.

    Clinton, from reports, was ambivalent on net neutrality. Clinton was in the pockets of big banks, and big oil. She utterly failed to take a stance on the pipe line, which would have been an easy way to attack Trump and point out his conflicts of interest, but rather than protect the environment, she STFU on the issue that could have won her the election if she'd only had a single moral scruple.

    Sure... she may have come out in favour of it, but it wasn't something that she was committed to. She knew it was a popular opinion. Like her stance on marriage equality. Only when it was losing her votes did she support it. She's always calculated where to put her loyalties, just like Bill Clinton, who always looked to the polls to make a decision.

    I mean, Trump himself attacked Obama on Net Neutrality and advocated for it and has now done a 180 on the subject. He's full of shit. Clinton's full of shit. Obama's full of shit. They are all a part of the oligarchy. Trump is the worst, of course.

    If Clinton had had a single moral scruple; if she had come out against the oil pipeline; if she had actually supported marriage equality from the start instead of waiting until it was a political mandate for Democratic voters; if she hadn't attacked women who accused her husband of sexual assault; if she come out firm on Net Neutrality from the start; if she had done any of these things, maybe people on the left would have taken her seriously instead of seeing her as some power-hungry conservative posing as a Democratic moderate.

    If Obama's FCC was trying to block NN, why wouldn't Clinton's, especially given that Clinton has made no secret of being in the pocket of big business.

    Clinton's loyalties are with $$$ + power. That is the beginning and end for her. That is why she lost the election and how some misogynistic, racist, xenophobic rapist like Trump got in.

    Let's not be naive enough to think Clinton would have been the saviour of an issue she had to be pushed to take a public stance on.

    [–] B-b-b-but Bernie! TheEssexian 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Um... does anybody think Clinton would have given a shit about Net Neutrality?

    [–] GOP tax plan explained TheEssexian 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    She actually doesn't get a tax cut.

    [–] EA fired the original creator of PvZ because he refused to make his game a pay to win TheEssexian 1 points ago in gaming

    I was never a huge 'gamer'. I had an Atari. A Nintendo. A PS2.
    But to me, the idea of PAYING for something in a game you have already bought, paying for something that doesn't even fucking exist, is just mind boggling.

    And I blame consumers. I want to blame EA, but they are only following the market.

    I don't think it's a bad idea to include this for people who have money to burn, but it just seems ridiculous that it is an essential, or practically essential part of the game.

    Who is buying this shit?

    [–] When I see all the people sharing their detailed vacation plans on Facebook TheEssexian 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    It reminds me of when people put giant TV boxes outside... it's like a giant billboard saying "I have a brand new and REALLY expensive TV!!! It's amazing! I really hope it doesn't get stolen!"

    [–] Chicken Rude and Unreasonable TheEssexian 1 points ago in engrish

    Chinese translator says: Well-made chicken with heating/spicy oil poured on.

    [–] The GOP Teens twitter is a comedy gold mine TheEssexian 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Great quote! Can't believe I haven't heard that before.

    [–] Lena Dunham smells like damp clothes and gentrification TheEssexian 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I hate the fact the fact that she is somehow a mouthpiece for the left. We don't need people like this speaking on behalf of the left. It does us no favours.

    [–] Lena Dunham Retracts Her Defense of ‘Girls’ Writer Accused of Rape TheEssexian 1 points ago in television

    What an idiot. This reads like "I just realized how moronic my first stance on this was and so defended somebody I thought was innocent, but now I realize that contradicted more moronic logic that no women lies (which is quantifiably false) and went back to that. Cool?"

    No... Lena Dunham is what is wrong with left-wing politics. We don't need a child rapist like her acting like she's a mouth piece for progressive causes.

    She needs to STFU.

    [–] "every issue has two sides.." TheEssexian 2 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    If only the people on the left had voted :-(