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    [–] Le hacking problem has arrived TheFalconGuy 1 points ago in dogelore

    Le fucking around on community servers has arrived

    Le quarantine of casual should arrive

    [–] A Map of Georgia TheFalconGuy 2 points ago in mapporncirclejerk

    Why is this a gif

    [–] That's.... racist TheFalconGuy 1 points ago in GachaLifeCringe

    God fucking damn it

    [–] Hong Kong guy maintaining his Sinophobic Reputation TheFalconGuy 3 points ago in ShitLiberalsSay

    "Up to one month asymptomatic"

    Source? I've only heard 1-14 days.

    [–] Steven Crowder wants to stick his d*ck in his m*m? TheFalconGuy 4 points ago in okbuddycapitalist

    Capitalism: Xbox kid fucks your mom

    Communism: middleman cut out. Fuck your own mom.

    [–] Episode Discussion – The Steven Universe: Future Finale TheFalconGuy 1 points ago in stevenuniverse

    In the words of Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science- "Cave Johnson. We're done here."