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    [–] Where there's a Y there's a... what? TheGreatWhiteFight 2 points ago in CrappyDesign

    I feel like the guy in the middle knew when taking the photo what the final product was gonna look like.

    [–] Is PSN down for everyone else right now? TheGreatWhiteFight -1 points ago in PS4

    Why does PSN shit on its subjects? I pay my tithings to you SONY. I buy your shit. Reward me with your decency.

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] My best friend just asked me to be the best man at his wedding in the BEST way! TheGreatWhiteFight -2 points ago in gameofthrones

    That's unfortunate to hear :( I didn't know about it at all and since I've seen that this is a popular reddit idea I asked my buddy if he got the idea from here. He says he has a receipt from where he ordered in in 2015. Basically as soon as he knew he was getting married.

    [–] Anyone here in Alabama playing Destiny 2 on Xbox? TheGreatWhiteFight 2 points ago in Alabama

    Sure thing. I Winn send the invites as soon as I get home from work.

    [–] Anybody in Huntsville playing Destiny 2 on Xbox One? TheGreatWhiteFight 2 points ago in HuntsvilleAlabama

    M I N D S E T clan on PS4 if you are looking for one. Its Florence based.

    [–] Anyone here in Alabama playing Destiny 2 on Xbox? TheGreatWhiteFight 6 points ago in Alabama

    I've built a clan of Alabamians that is about 20 strong. On Ps4 though :(

    [–] Weekly Clan Recruitment Megathread TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in Fireteams

    Looking for recruits for an already well established, multi-communal clan.

    Lots of players so clan rank and rewards will be plentiful.

    PvP competitive with trials Sherpas

    Day 1 raid and nightfall

    Most players are NA and some are EU.

    All players welcome.


    CLAN: M I N D S E T

    [–] What videogame have you most spent the time playing? TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Destiny 1. Over 1000 hours played. Not proud of it, but then again I am. It was a very "single" time in my life...And it isn't over XD.

    [–] Nice spoon TheGreatWhiteFight 7 points ago in trashy

    It's Marshall County. What do you expect!? I thought only crack and meth heads lived there.