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    [–] Keep it classy TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in trashy

    Should have blocked the tag number. Now someone coild call and report a fake crime with that tag number and then who's to blame?

    [–] Why the hell is it so bright?? TheGreatWhiteFight 2 points ago in playark

    Is it that bright on every application or just in that single game? For instance: is Netflix that bright?

    [–] Gaming PC for around $800 TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in buildapcforme

    What subreddit should I go to for help on which pre-building PC to buy? My family is tight on cash, but the computer I run Hearthstone on still has VISTA and they're stopping updates. Need a cheap, pre-building PC for only Hearthstone. Please direct me guys, thanks.

    [–] The boring card I'd like to see. TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in hearthstone

    I would play a plain text vanilla card that is a 3 mana 7/7.

    All day playa.

    [–] Newbie Tuesdays Weekly Discussion TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in hearthstone

    Hi, last night on ranked ladder at rank 6 and 5 stars I burned my quest by completing while having 10 cards in hand. How should I kill myself?

    [–] I made a new friend today TheGreatWhiteFight 4 points ago in hearthstone

    Anyone want to help me out and do the 80 gold challenge quest? Would be much appreciated.

    Mindset #1682

    [–] Thought I'd share my set with you guys! Questions are welcome. (Love this community by the way.) TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in golf

    It's MP-60's 3-Pw Cobra Speed LD F driver 10 degrees S-Flex shaft Cobra speed LD F Fairway wood 19 degrees S-Flex Titliest Bob Vokey Spin milled 4 58 Titliest Bob Vokey Spin milled 6 52 Titliest Bob Vokey 06 48 (never use it. My personal is 47) Taylormade Daytona Rosa putter Flatso 1.0 grip Super Stroke.

    [–] Trading for other mutation TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in Ark_PS4_Community

    I've got a hotter pink than that.

    [–] [No spoilers] My girlfriend made this amazing woodburning of Westeros for me. TheGreatWhiteFight 5 points ago in gameofthrones

    Can I borrow her? Just long enough for her to make me one haha. Seriously though, awesome stuff man.

    [–] So, we got DESTROYED in the Megapithecus fight. TheGreatWhiteFight 1 points ago in arkps4

    Seems like it's going to take something to that effect to beat it. Think you would have gotten him without the Rex's? We are thinking about going back with Ascend weapons only. And were you on medium?