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    [–] Questions on my Diet TheGuyWhoCodes 1 points ago in gainit

    What two smaller meals do you recommend? And thank you! I think I just need to get used to the amount of calories I'm intaking and it'll start working a little bit better.

    [–] Infinity Ergodox with Granite Keycaps and Zealios Keyswitches TheGuyWhoCodes 1 points ago in MechanicalKeyboards

    Well I literally just got it a week ago so I’m still getting used to it. I typed at around 100wpm before and I’m down to about 50 when I just got the keyboard. I designed a layout I liked but I’ve been making small tweaks to it everyday. I think once I get used to it, the keyboard will work great for me. Once I get used to it I’ll be able to bring it to work.