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    [–] AVALANCHE BY MADVILLAIN IS SOOOO UNDERRATED TheGuyWhoCodes 1 points ago in mfdoom

    It was on Spotify for a bit but it got taken down in a month or two, not sure why

    [–] 2012 Subaru Forester AT oil temp light and stall? TheGuyWhoCodes 1 points ago in subaru

    Alright cool I will definitely get the transmission oil changed this week. Can I pull codes from an OBD Reader or will I have to take it into a shop and see what they say?

    [–] Recommended If You Like Thread - December 29, 2018 TheGuyWhoCodes 2 points ago in hiphopheads

    I’d say my favorites this December have been the new $ilkmoney project and Kamiyada+ project, both super overlooked but really good stuff

    [–] Box Logo Week Discussion Thread TheGuyWhoCodes 4 points ago in supremeclothing

    has the address section always not autofilled or am i crazy

    [–] Camp Flog Gnaw Discussion Thread TheGuyWhoCodes 3 points ago in Kanye

    Kanye stands with layering season approaching

    [–] Anyone got further details of the recall? TheGuyWhoCodes 1 points ago in subaru

    I was about to turn onto a highway when the motor completely stalled. Wouldn’t crank over. Me and a friend were about to push it to the side when we tried cranking it again around 5 min after it stopped, and it started up completely normal. All the electronics were working correctly, but you couldn’t hear a sound whenever you tried to crank it