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    [–] How am i actually supposed to beat act 4 TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in slaythespire

    then absolute dead draws

    This can happen, but it's also possible to mitigate against this. Choose fewer situational cards, choose more "draw" cards, buy relics (or potions) that might help you draw more. When accepting cards, ask "is this going to actually make my deck better, or am I making it more difficult to find [important card]?".

    [–] How am i actually supposed to beat act 4 TheHolyChicken86 5 points ago in slaythespire

    I know the entire game is based on luck

    Snap out of that immediately. Good players can beat A0 or A1 virtually every single game - that's not "luck".

    [–] x Kerbal Space Program 2 Developer Story Trailer TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in KerbalSpaceProgram

    SUPER excited. I watched the trailer and it was fine, but this “developer story” is something else entirely. Gave me goosebumps and made me not only excited for the game, but the future of space exploration to boot! It’s clear they really “get it” and care a lot about making something special that’s true to what KSP means to players. This is looking better than I could ever have hoped for. Can’t wait till next year!! :D

    [–] How can I succeed with non-energy boss relics? TheHolyChicken86 4 points ago in slaythespire

    I mean... energy relics are really good, and playing without them is tough on high ascension. There's no way around that, you just have to try and make something that works. There's usually ways of improving your lot (eg on defect you can seek for cards like turbo). You can also pick up more 0-cost draw cards and 0-cost cards in general.

    [–] Nuclear engines are more efficient, but my in-game dV tools show that is would have less dV in a vacuum than a terrier engine with the same amount of fuel in a vacuum.... What am I missing? TheHolyChicken86 7 points ago in KerbalAcademy

    Is that even worth doing? A significant part of that landing sequence involved thrusting "upwards" to keep the craft from descending and striking the surface, which seems pretty inefficient - you're essentially fighting gravity and "hovering" for an extended period of time, which is wasteful. I'd have thought any efficiency gains you might get from using a high ISP engine would vanish due to this? I'm just speculating though.

    I'd much rather use an engine with decent TWR that can just do a quick, straightforward "aim at retrograde" landing.

    [–] Nuclear engines are more efficient, but my in-game dV tools show that is would have less dV in a vacuum than a terrier engine with the same amount of fuel in a vacuum.... What am I missing? TheHolyChicken86 17 points ago in KerbalAcademy

    What am I missing?

    Your craft is too small for a nuclear engine. The nuclear engine is more efficient, but it's super duper heavy compared to the light little terrier so it wastes a lot of that efficiency pushing itself. If the engine takes up a significant part of your craft's overall weight, the tradeoff isn't worth it.

    [–] Which cards did you completely misevaluate as a beginner? TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in slaythespire

    Undervaluing & avoiding Exhaust cards because "I want the cards I add to be played a lot, I don't want them to disappear after just one use!"

    I was a good few ascensions in before I realised cards like Piercing Wail were absolutely phenominal, and doing a strong thing once is better than not doing the strong thing at all.

    [–] I feel my soul being drained from my body...(literally 3 hp) no damage moves. TheHolyChicken86 4 points ago in darkestdungeon

    It gives +15% MAX HP & 12% Deathblow resist with no downside. It's a solid trinket even if you never intend to hit anything on deaht's door.

    [–] Fresh Off The Stagecoach - Assist a New Recruit TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in darkestdungeon

    Something to keep in mind -- the houndmaster's stress heal scales really weirdly. It's a solid skill at max rank, but the early ranks are utterly terrible. Don't write it off based upon your experiences with it at low level.

    [–] Daily Discussion/Debate #90 - Ring of the Serpent (Boss Relic) TheHolyChicken86 33 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in slaythespire

    Extremely mediocre, possibly even detrimental in some decks (eg if you have a backstab you're now really not seeing that many cards on turn 1). The problem is it replaces ring of the snake, so compared to your default relic your draws look like this:

    • Turn 1: -1 card (!!)
    • Turn 2: Same total cards drawn
    • Turn 3: +1 card
    • Turn 4: +2 cards
    • ...

    The first few turns of combat are usually the most important, because that's when you're trying to find and play your most important cards. The fact that this takes 3 turns to become a net positive is a problem. I'll occasionally take this, but I won't be happy about it.

    [–] The jump from A17 to A18 is killing me. TheHolyChicken86 21 points ago in slaythespire

    Chances are you're not picking enough attack cards early. Consider buying a potion to help, too (something I never even considered until high ascension) - they can get you through a fight you would otherwise be unable to deal with. They're also much easier if you can upgrade an attack card at a bonfire before fighting them.

    [–] BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) Tweeted: "We are expanding our stop and search pilot for very, very good reasons across 43 police forces and that is because stop and search works" — Home Secretary Priti Patel announces government plan to increase stop and search TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in ukpolitics

    This is going to achieve nothing. Response officers are already kept permanently busy with a prioritised list of incidents that they must attend and deal with. The idea of officers wandering the streets looking for crime is antiquated; they’re in patrol cars zooming from job to job. They’ve got no time to start randomly searching people, it’s just not gonna happen.

    [–] Glitch or exploit? TheHolyChicken86 23 points ago in slaythespire

    It's essentially savescumming, but :shrug: It's a single player game, you can cheat if you want. You're still gonna struggle on high ascensions if you don't know what you're doing.

    It can be useful as a learning exercise though! I occasionally repeat fights several times to experiment with different approaches and see the various outcomes. Eg how much of an impact does using that potion make vs not using it? What happens if I try for all-out damage instead of blocking that attack? What happens if I try prioritise a different enemy?

    [–] Silent but not poison? TheHolyChicken86 3 points ago in slaythespire

    but in higher ascensions some poison is definitely necessary for damage

    This is not the case. You can make winning a20 silent decks without poison

    while cards like shivs make you auto lose to time eater

    This is an exaggeration. You can't lean into making "a shiv deck", but you can have a deck with some shivs involved and do just fine.

    And stuff like predator and dash don’t scale well enough late game to be worth taking

    Dash is a superb pick in act 1 and is absolutely worth taking. I wouldn't fill my deck with them, but I can't think of a card I'd rather have in the first few floors. It might not be a card you'll be picking in act 3, but a dash will help you get to act 3 in the first place.

    Predator wouldn't be my first choice, but sometimes you gotta take mediocre damage cards so you don't die on your way through act 1. It becomes a great pick if you get snecko eye, too.

    [–] Thoughts from a new player TheHolyChicken86 5 points ago in slaythespire

    Everything I read seems to indicate that smaller decks win

    You're reading in the wrong places. Typical heart-killing decks on the hardest difficulty will usually have 30+ cards. Anyone recommending small decks probably isn't playing on the hardest difficulty, and they're essentially "getting away with it" because the game isn't punishing them yet.

    You might see thin decks more in videos, but that's because - despite being bad for your winrate - they can occasionally achieve some utterly broken combo (eg infinite damage), which is entertaining to watch. What you don't see is the countless failed attempts to get there.

    [–] Do you (or did you) go for the heart each time you did ascension levels? TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in slaythespire

    I go for the heart every time now, but until A20 I didn't even collect any keys so I could climb faster.

    [–] Is it just me or is the Book of Stabbing ridiculously over powered TheHolyChicken86 11 points ago in slaythespire

    You should aim to kill as many elites as you can safely kill. There's a nice ambiguous answer for you :P

    [–] Why can't I ever find cards that synergize when playing the defect? TheHolyChicken86 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in slaythespire

    I have to commit to a strategy early on, pick only those cards [..] I basically go all-in the moment I get a single good card or relic.

    You should be continuously evaluating and re-evaluating your deck, and the cards you're offered, against the upcoming threats. Sometimes you have to take cards just to get you through the next elite/boss fight, even though they don't "fit".

    Eg maybe I got an early Noxious Fumes as Silent. Am I a "poison deck" now? Not at all. I might need to take something I'd rather not have (like a Masterful Stab); it doesn't fit the strategy I'd LIKE to pursue, but if I don't take it I'll die to [upcoming threat] because I lack damage. Sometimes this process continues and you morph into something completely different.

    Now usually this results in me dying most of the time because [..], or I didn't get the components for the strategy I commited to

    Right, because this akin to getting a single source of poison as Silent, declaring this "a poison run" and taking several Catalysts, but never seeing any more poison cards.

    Don't try to divine what deck you'll be at the end of your run, only picking cards that will align with this imaginary ideal. Instead, you should be trying to determine what deck you are RIGHT NOW, and picking cards that will help you out RIGHT NOW.

    [–] Exactly how much energy is Snecko Eye worth? (Spoiler: I did a Monte Carlo simulation to find out) TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in slaythespire

    I don't actually know the odds -- something like 1 in 7 I think? But Velvet Choker is another boss relic where you don't want too many 0-cost cards.

    [–] Exactly how much energy is Snecko Eye worth? (Spoiler: I did a Monte Carlo simulation to find out) TheHolyChicken86 10 points ago in slaythespire

    You're thinking: " I can't take Snecko because I have too many 0-cost cards"

    What you should be thinking: "I can't take more 0-cost cards because then I'll be unable to take Snecko".

    [–] What ascension difficulty modifier (besides 20) do you think has the highest difficulty spike? TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in slaythespire

    Straight after the first. You just click "Next" and are thrown into the second boss fight. There's no reward screen, but certain relics will still proc (eg Pentagraph).

    [–] The relic I got after picking Ectoplasm TheHolyChicken86 9 points ago in slaythespire

    Next thing you'll be telling me you can get Potion Belt after getting Sozu! ;)

    [–] Ironclad is a noob trap TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in slaythespire

    Keep at it, you'll get there ;)