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    [–] What’s Working and What Isn’t? | Rise of Shadows Day 3 TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in CompetitiveHS

    It’s battlecry does 6 damage when combined with pick, and even more if a deadly poison is involved.

    [–] Couldn't quite pull off the Who Needs Relics achievement TheHolyChicken86 5 points ago in slaythespire

    Yep, just accidentally taking relics was my #1 cause of failure going for this achievement. I think I only "legitimately" failed once or twice, and all the other times were because I straight up took a relic by accident, or I hit an event that rewarded a relic and I didn't realise until after:

    "Next 3 enemies have 1 health"? That's a relic.

    Throwing a curse in the bonfire? Relic.

    Upgrade all cards - you cannot heal? Yep, that's a relic.

    [–] Do you always go for the heart? TheHolyChicken86 20 points ago in slaythespire

    Personally I'm just focusing on climbing ascensions at the moment - I think I'm at 16/16/15 now. I know that some of my runs have definitely been heart-capable, but I also know I'd feel utterly stupid if I were to fail the A3 boss due to a skipped upgrade/rest etc, so I've been skipping it.

    As soon as I get to A20 I'll try for the heart every time.

    [–] New player - proud moment. TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in slaythespire

    I mean, sure, but those are the stats. People don't win that much.

    [–] New player - proud moment. TheHolyChicken86 6 points ago in slaythespire

    They're remarkably well balanced (especially given the complexity of the game). Play what you like best.

    [–] New player - proud moment. TheHolyChicken86 5 points ago in slaythespire

    The 'general stats' (data provided by the game devs, rather than the hardcore who upload to the website) indicate an ~11% winrate with ironclad on ascension 0. Good job on your win :)

    [–] [Question] (New player) How do you thin your deck? TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in slaythespire

    Just an aside, ">10 cards" means "more than 10 cards" - you got your operator flipped the wrong way.

    Generally if you're removing cards, you're removing curses or strikes. Most decks will finish with somewhere in the region of 30 cards by the end.

    [–] How about switching your starting relic for a boss relic? TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in slaythespire

    Quick question -- I keep seeing people talking about "high ascension", but I've never seen anyone define how high is "high".

    Is A10 high? A15? Where does it start?

    [–] Best Defect Ascension 20 Deck? TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in slaythespire

    It sounds like you're approaching deck construction with the mindset of "what makes my deck even stronger at what it's good at?", but you should be thinking "what makes my deck less bad at the stuff it's bad at?"

    Think about what encounters might kill you, and make your deck not die to those encounters anymore.

    [–] Advice for 1 relic acheivement TheHolyChicken86 6 points ago in slaythespire

    as Silent can replace it the easiest

    I originally thought the same as you, but this does not appear to be the case. Turns out silent's starting relic is really good. :O

    [–] Brexit latest: MPs to vote on giving UK public second referendum TheHolyChicken86 90 points ago in worldnews

    They're going to let Brexit crash and burn as long as possible so the general public can give up on the whole idea.

    Brexit is what, two weeks away now? And they've had 2.5 years? This is the equivalent of a student trying to start their dissertation the night before it's to be handed in, they're in a frenzy. Have we not watched it crash and burn long enough already?

    [–] Everyone getting minimalist with elegant combo decks, and I'm over here with this TheHolyChicken86 12 points ago in slaythespire


    Sometimes enemies didn't have enough health to warrant the bash, so you'd skip the "turn 1" and go straight to bludgeoning them to death (it's 60 damage per turn without vulnerability, afterall). Every few turns sundial would go off and you got 2 extra energy to play with too.

    [–] Everyone getting minimalist with elegant combo decks, and I'm over here with this TheHolyChicken86 19 points ago in slaythespire

    Yea, I got time eater if I remember correctly, was saved by lizard tail and would have died on the final turn if I didn't have lethal. I wouldn't exactly recommend this deck or its approach, but it managed to eke out a win somehow.

    [–] Honey, I forgot my sammich TheHolyChicken86 2 points ago in gifs

    Where’s all the Scottish redditors?! First thing that came to mind:

    [–] Anyone else throw a perfectly good run? TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in slaythespire

    I had a small deck that was on borderline infinite, and then I reflexively took dead branch. RIP that run.

    [–] Wow ok fine, I didn't want to kill you anyways TheHolyChicken86 1 points ago in slaythespire

    Dark Shackles is another very powerful card that has important applications on Time Eater and Awakened One (it resets their strength when they clear debuffs)

    What do you mean by this? Do you save shackles for the turn they will buff / die?

    [–] I can't win a freakin game TheHolyChicken86 10 points ago in slaythespire

    so why would people ever say jappa? Just to be an asshole?

    I've seen comments around this sub (exactly like cyclical posted above) that gave me the impression he was overreacting to insta-ban without comment, but if it's a racial slur then that seems like joinrbs is being totally reasonable. We shouldn't need to tell/warn people not to say racial slurs....?

    [–] A woman escapes a very close call TheHolyChicken86 169 points ago in gifs

    Here I thought I don't look like a creep

    That's the thing - if rapists/murderers could be identified just by looking at them things would be a lot easier! Have you never looked at the photo of a mass murderer etc and thought "wow, they look so normal"?

    [–] Ask /r/CompetitiveHS | Wednesday, March 06, 2019 TheHolyChicken86 4 points ago in CompetitiveHS

    The only reason I don't abandon the game completely is because I spent money on getting near 100% standard collection

    Sounds like sunk cost fallacy: "I spent a lot of time/energy/money on this mistake, so I should keep making it".

    I know how you feel - I kinda feel the same way. I've been legend 4-5 times but I'm not sure I'm actually enjoying myself. I basically just get rank 5 every month in standard/wild and get my dailies done, but don't play more than I need to. I'm reluctant to get off the treadmill because I don't want to get left behind and be "forced" to spend money to catch back up.

    [–] Ask /r/CompetitiveHS | Wednesday, February 27, 2019 TheHolyChicken86 3 points ago in CompetitiveHS

    The stats show it's a tier 2 deck, it isn't overpowered. I'd recommend you try it for yourself and you'll find its weaknesses very quickly.