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    [–] Best Buffy demon? TheJuggernautReturns 23 points ago in buffy

    the guy who knocks over the mailbox with his club and shouts "PUNY RECEPTACLE!"

    [–] Get Me Out of Here, digital, 1600x1600px TheJuggernautReturns 1 points ago in Art

    This captures how I felt at my family Christmas party

    [–] Banger gets offended because people are getting offended. TheJuggernautReturns 123 points ago in ChapoTrapHouse

    disturbed's rendition of "sound of silence" is the most disgusting thing i've ever heard. it's like somebody smearing shit all over the mona lisa

    [–] Filing the daily report TheJuggernautReturns 8 points ago in aww

    fuck that dog. putting people in small cages for having weed. bull shit.

    [–] What will you always remember? TheJuggernautReturns 24 points ago in AskReddit

    i started typing these very sacred childhood memories and i kept having to delete them bc i felt like i was cheapening how special they felt. like i don't have the language to get them right.

    [–] What would you wish upon your worst enemy? TheJuggernautReturns 94 points ago in AskReddit

    i wish they'd find inner peace. i've been sending ill wishes at ppl for too long. all it does is make me miserable.

    [–] Hotdog stand, New York, 1963 TheJuggernautReturns 2367 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    look closely. that dude is constructed entirely out of hot dogs.

    [–] The kings of jump ball and soccer baseball. TheJuggernautReturns 28 points ago in blunderyears

    even the bag of potato chips is trying too hard. good stuff. this takes me back. thanks for sharing it.