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    [–] True TheLego_Senate 3 points ago in SequelMemes

    General Hoax

    [–] No one can beat the space jesus TheLego_Senate 3 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Technically not all 7 since form 4 requires using the force

    [–] Pumped up kicks TheLego_Senate 19 points ago in dankmemes

    With the pumped up kicks

    [–] star wars fans TheLego_Senate 14 points ago in saltierthankrayt

    wHaT aBoUt AlItA tHoUgH

    [–] As expected,.many STC users are whining about this for not being exactly what they personally want. And also whining about diversity. Of course. TheLego_Senate 1 points ago in saltierthankrayt

    Anyone else worried by the constant use of 'we gave them a blank slate' and 'we let them do whatever they wanted'? That's how we got the sequel trilogy and it sounds like they haven't learnt enough lessons from it

    thats also how we got the prequels you absolute moron

    Also screw creative freedom amirite /s

    [–] HEY! LEGO commercial, except it’s Anakin TheLego_Senate 161 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in PrequelMemes

    Write the new ROS script

    [–] Even solo they’re OP TheLego_Senate 47 points ago in memes


    [–] Time to end this TheLego_Senate 120 points ago in DeepFriedMemes

    No I want him alive so I can incinerate him myself

    [–] Visible confusion TheLego_Senate 12 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Bringing your own food I see?

    [–] Target spotted TheLego_Senate 21 points ago in memes

    That little shit

    [–] Harry be harrying TheLego_Senate 10 points ago in memes

    Harry pothead and the crackhouse of secrets

    [–] Revenge of the Sith TheLego_Senate 8 points ago in PrequelMemes

    This is where the fun begins