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    [–] Jim Carrey on Trump Ignoring California Wildfires: ‘This Is Manslaughter’ TheLordVader 1 points ago in entertainment

    To all of you idiots saying he is an actor what does he know...

    Look at your president - he’s a two bit con man that was the star of a bad celebrity “reality” tv series.

    To all of you saying he’s antivaxx - he isn’t and hasn’t been on that train since his divorce.

    To all you saying other stupid shit - the guy gives more money away to charity than you make in your life.

    Hey trolls - go back to TD and /conservatives or whatever hole or Russian farm you came from

    [–] Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic violence in LA TheLordVader 4 points ago in news

    This is a typical hit job... look at the hysteria in this thread alone. These people are stupid.

    [–] Netflix to test lower-price plans as it seeks more Asia users TheLordVader 1 points ago in TechNewsToday

    Yes but that’s a more recent thing I think. Once they started the pay and receive ads thing I noped the fuck out.

    [–] Netflix to test lower-price plans as it seeks more Asia users TheLordVader 3 points ago in TechNewsToday

    I will never buy a Hulu sub for this reason. Fuck them. It’s cable tv all over again and I said it when they did it.

    [–] The HU -- Yuve Yuve Yu [Mongolian Folk Rock] (2018) TheLordVader 2 points ago in listentothis

    I was like hooooollleeeeee shit that is a fucking neigh... that dude is rocking his horse bass to the next level..

    [–] Amazon employees hope to confront Jeff Bezos about law enforcement deals at an all-staff meeting - The ‘We Won’t Build It” group sent a letter to the CEO this summer decrying the company’s relationships with police. TheLordVader 35 points ago in technology

    Fuck that bullshit.

    Live your life with morals and principles. If you have a beef with a project or the direction of your group or company - express it.

    The world only changes from the inside of these companies and systems.

    Don’t cower in fear of the future.

    Stand up for your beliefs and ideals.

    [–] MVPs of Horror: KISS revisits 'Phantom of the Park,' 40 years later — 'Wow, that was weird' TheLordVader 0 points ago in entertainment

    I saw that as a kid too and I was a HUGE kiss fan. The neighborhood gang and I would all dress up in whatever we could to imitate kiss and play broom handles, tennis rackets etc while listening to their records. What a time...

    [–] Mysterious Russian missile identified as anti-satellite weapon will be ready for warfare by 2022 TheLordVader 1 points ago in worldnews

    Pretty sure a movie called “Gravity” actually had the Russians blowing up a satellite under this same kind of premise...

    [–] Microplastics found in human stools for the first time TheLordVader 17 points ago in news

    The problem is that “unregulated” China is making most of this “stuff”.

    [–] More than 500000 protesters calling for a second referendum in London TheLordVader 15 points ago in worldnews

    We live in London - I think it’s probably normal here... and yes she is awesome.

    [–] More than 500000 protesters calling for a second referendum in London TheLordVader 24 points ago in worldnews

    That’s actually not true - most of my daughters friends all know blackadder... she’s 18.

    [–] A cozy room in the Alps TheLordVader 2 points ago in pics

    That’s the kicker... it was a simple place in the village. I don’t remember the name after 20 years.

    [–] A cozy room in the Alps TheLordVader 6 points ago in pics

    I’ve stayed in this exact room - it’s not gornergrat that I can tell. I paid around 120 ch a night at the time 20 years ago.