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    [–] Revisiting "A Comprehensive Analysis of Remaining Plot Points" a year later. TheManOfDanger 5 points ago in adventuretime

    I personally believe Dr. Gross died at the end of "Preboot". Maybe Tiffany will turn up in a cameo in the finale though.

    [–] Plots for the March 18th episodes TheManOfDanger 5 points ago in adventuretime

    They're only doing one part of it, I'm not sure if they're doing Part 4. Wolfhard said once that "a little bit of everyone worked on the finale" (meaning all 4 parts of it as a whole).

    [–] Wolves and a Door’ and ‘A World Between Worlds’ Preview image TheManOfDanger 15 points ago in starwarsrebels

    Yeah, a long time ago Henry Gilroy hinted we may see the 2nd and 4th Inquisitors. So unless they scrapped that and it was only a proposed idea for Season 4, I think these two episodes are our last possible chance to see them.

    Maybe it's just me, but could the person in the center of picture 5 could be an Inquisitor? Whatever they're wearing doesn't look like a Mining Guild outfit, but it's hard to tell with that lighting.

    [–] [EDT] Rebels S4E10 and E11 - Jedi Night and Dume TheManOfDanger 7 points ago in starwarsrebels

    Yeah, I too wish Sabine and Ezra had talked about it. Maybe it'll happen next week before Ezra enters the temple?

    [–] [Spoilers] New Episode Preview! TheManOfDanger 28 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago) in starwarsrebels

    If Kanan truly bites it in this episode, I wonder if he'll tell Ezra to "Run" before it happens.

    Just like with Depa. :(

    [–] Anyone else hoping they've kept Vader a secret for the Second Half? TheManOfDanger 3 points ago in starwarsrebels

    He hinted we'd see the 2nd and 4th Inquisitors, but I don't know how likely that is anymore. My only guess is that they were considering putting them into S4 at some point, but maybe plans changed due to other material like comics. Guess we'll see.

    [–] The grand finale is 90 minutes! Basically a movie! TheManOfDanger 75 points ago in starwarsrebels

    These are the titles of the last three episodes:

    14: A Fool's Hope

    15: Family Reunion and Farewell: Part One

    16: Family Reunion and Farewell: Part Two

    All three are airing March 5th as the 90 minute finale.


    [–] Star Wars Rebels Mid-Season 4 Trailer (Official) TheManOfDanger 21 points ago in starwarsrebels

    I thought that at first as well, but if you look closer, Pryce is wearing handcuffs in that scene, making it more likely she's being held hostage.

    [–] Two New Season 4 Episode Descriptions Released TheManOfDanger 10 points ago in starwarsrebels

    So does this mean the titles "Allegiance", "One Giant Step Ahead", and "Call of the Specter" are all fake, or did they get retitled?

    [–] Number of Inquisitorius TheManOfDanger 1 points ago in starwarsrebels

    Henry Gilroy (one of the show's writers) hinted a long time ago we'd see the 2nd and 4th Inquisitors in S4, but I'm not sure if that's happening anymore (maybe plans changed due to other material using them?).

    [–] Minecraft Themed Adventure Time Episode To Premiere Summer 2018 TheManOfDanger 96 points ago in adventuretime

    Just an fyi, this episode may air after the finale. At Comic Con 2017, Tom Kenny mentioned they were recording a "bonus, standalone episode", and this is very likely it. It's likely non-canon and just a bonus thing for fans. I'm not sure if it officially counts to S9.

    [–] October Code Giveaway Megathread TheManOfDanger 1 points ago in pokemon

    Could I have Marshadow? Thanks in advance.

    [–] Marshadow Codes Here! TheManOfDanger 1 points ago in pokemontrades

    Hi, I live in the U.S. and I would like a code if any remain. Thanks in advance.

    [–] Episode titles (part 3) TheManOfDanger 2 points ago in StarVStheForcesofEvil

    Bryan, the guy who posted this, has a generally clean record of being right. He seems to have inside information before schedules post them for a lot of networks.