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    [–] T-Mobile OnePlus 6T update now available! TheMightyCraken 3 points ago in oneplus

    thank god finally. glad t-mobile and oneplus are making at least a small effort to make sure the T-Mobile variant keeps up with the unlocked one :)

    [–] weMessage - iMessage for Android | Now Open Sourced TheMightyCraken 48 points ago in Android

    Apple actually originally wanted to do that but mobile carriers were uninterested. Source

    [–] 6T scrolling sensitivity? TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in oneplus

    I noticed this as well, especially on instagram. hopefully they fix it.

    [–] The way it goes TheMightyCraken 2 points ago in wallstreetbets

    He bout ze dump

    [–] PSA: If you're experiencing heavy battery standby drain on Pie, try disabling adaptive battery. Worked for me. TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in oneplus

    For some reason Google Play services has been killing my battery on my new OnePlus 6T. About 45% of my battery drained by play services.

    [–] Face ID is wonderful but TheMightyCraken 6 points ago in oneplus

    you cann just disable auto unlock in the settings next to the face ID settings. you'd just have to swipe up when it recognises you now

    [–] Where did the go? TheMightyCraken 19 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    Fucking shithole of a website

    [–] OnePlus 6T worth it? TheMightyCraken 2 points ago in tmobile

    its a terrific phone, worth it completely. only thing that i was kind of hesitant about is no wireless charging but i realized that the dash charger literally makes it unnecessary. Will reconsider when wireless charging speeds are close to current cable speeds.

    [–] Newest Spotify beta finally targets Android Oreo TheMightyCraken 8 points ago in Android

    damn i've been noticing this issue quite a bit. glad to see they've addressed it!

    [–] Announcing some security treats to protect you from attackers’ tricks TheMightyCraken 16 points ago in Android

    yep they're using the new reCAPTCHA 3.0 which runs in the background using js and assesses the probability of the user being a bot and returns a score. The website then has the option of what to do with that score (e.g ask you to fill out a traditional reCAPTCHA or just let you through.

    [–] Got the T-Mobile version in hand! TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in oneplus

    Are there any settings for raise to wake? or being able to use the screen unlock without manually turning on the screen? (i.e can I just put my finger on the screen while off and have it read/unlock)

    [–] I got the Oneplus 6T a day early TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in oneplus

    Same, do you know if we'd have to give the original Nexus 6 charger? or just the device?

    [–] Who is getting the OnePlus 6T? TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in tmobile

    I am, going to the nearest t-mobile store near my place tomorrow morning! hopefully they have a bunch in stock.

    [–] OnePlus 6T in America: What you need to know about using it on T-Mobile or Verizon TheMightyCraken 3 points ago in tmobile

    Messaged T-Mobile on twitter and they said that after about 40 days you can request unlocking and a 2nd SIM in the form of an eSIM will be unlocked.

    [–] OnePlus 6T Launch Referral Link Megathread TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in oneplus

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile will honor any of these discounts if purchased from their store? Cheers

    [–] Just bought rhe 6t TheMightyCraken 0 points ago in OnePlus6t

    I contacted T-Mobile and they said that after you unlock it (after about 40 days of ownership) the eSIM inside the device activates.