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    [–] Double standards. TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    First world countryn’t

    [–] WhatsApp group video calling feature spotted on iOS, Android beta, ahead of launch TheMightyCraken 7 points ago in apple

    you clearly have no idea how patent laws work. You can try to code an concept protected by patent law a million different ways and it would still violate the patent. Patents protect ideas, not strings of code.

    [–] The only Royal Wedding that matters TheMightyCraken 2 points ago in freefolk

    I still get chills seeing that scene, it's probably the episode that cemented the incredible quality of the TV show in my eyes

    [–] Updating Apple Laptop: is it time to buy a new one? TheMightyCraken 13 points ago in apple

    Wait for a few weeks for WWDC and see what they announce there and decide what you want, but dont buy anything before that.

    [–] World war 5? TheMightyCraken 0 points ago in dankmemes

    Only after the $$$ started flowing in

    [–] Do you consider women exclusive policies feminist? TheMightyCraken 6 points ago in Feminism

    Luckily it’s the government making anti-discrimination laws not you

    [–] always victims TheMightyCraken 8 points ago in dankmemes

    U ever rotate text to flex on these ms paint niggas

    [–] U.S. rolls back protections for transgender prison inmates TheMightyCraken 1 points ago in news

    False. UCLA Law published a research study on this. Suicide rates in the transgender community stay pretty much constant throughout their lives (with or without mutilation of the genitalia, and with or without societal acceptance.) Which is why a lot of people see gender dysphoria (what tranny’s suffer of) as a mental disorder highly correlative to suicide.

    [–] Down With Cis TheMightyCraken 6 points ago in TumblrInAction

    What’s funny is that if it weren’t for cis people all these sjw feminist and lgbtq people who hate on cis people literally wouldn’t exist