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    [–] Vicky Boykis: "Data Science is different now" TheNoobtologist 1 points ago in datascience

    Don’t you think that scope is a bit narrow? Data science has applications in pretty much every field. How do you expect a team data scientist with backgrounds in CS to solve problems in fields outside CS?

    [–] Vicky Boykis: "Data Science is different now" TheNoobtologist 2 points ago in datascience

    What sort of background do you think every data scientist needs?

    [–] Newbie question: Is it possible to make eye tracking with the data of eeg/emg? TheNoobtologist 1 points ago in bioengineering

    You could do this with EMG sensors around the orbit of the eye, assuming you could develop a way to distinguish which muscles are contracting to infer eye movement.

    [–] Vicky Boykis: "Data Science is different now" TheNoobtologist 0 points ago in datascience

    Data science without machine learning is just data engineering/data analyst/business intelligence.

    This is essentially what data science is. Machine learning one aspect of it and in most cases, the data scientists that are using machine learning are implementing cookie-cutter packages that require as little much as feeding in a dataset into a model and having it spit out an output––not exactly cutting edge stuff.

    What makes it data science and why data scientists get paid so much is because they're skilled enough to go the extra mile and do some things you can't do in Excel

    This is flat out ridiculous. Data scientist get paid a lot of because they bring insights to a company using data, and those insights help steer the company in the right direction. In some cases, you need machine learning to do this. In many other cases, you don't.

    [–] Glut or Shortage? TheNoobtologist 2 points ago in datascience

    Also agree 100%. Adaptability with technical skills and interpersonal relations/politics is what it boils down to.

    [–] Vicky Boykis: "Data Science is different now" TheNoobtologist 3 points ago in datascience

    I think DS encompasses data engineering, analytics, and machine learning. The core fundamentals would be around manipulating/cleaning data, setting up ETLs, presenting findings, and otherwise, being technical enough to work with industry tools like AWS, etc. A company that needs a more specialize role might distinguish these responsibilities through specific roles, eg data engineer, ML engineer. But to say someone isn’t a true DS because they don’t do ML or some other sub specialization of DS seems a bit silly to me. Not every company needs a ML solution. But many companies need people who can work with the data they have to provide insights and establish an infrastructure of which to scale from. IMO, that’s DS.

    [–] Oh the happiness. TheNoobtologist 3 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Either you work for money or you make money work for you.

    [–] What is everyone's background? TheNoobtologist 5 points ago in medical_datascience

    Data science for a health tech company. Write scripts in Python to analyze outcomes and select eligible patients based on EMR and claims data.

    I come from a non-CS background in the life sciences.

    [–] Looking for Scientific CS Career Options TheNoobtologist 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    Look into data science/quantitative analyst positions.

    [–] But it’s significant, right? TheNoobtologist 25 points ago in datascience

    Time to bust out some subgroup analysis.

    [–] Great guy TheNoobtologist 3 points ago in funny

    Hey everyone, this guy got an Uber to take him home!

    See? No one cares. :)

    [–] I have the data, but I don't know what Questions to ask! TheNoobtologist 1 points ago in datascience

    Agreed. What are the company’s objectives? What sort of results can you realistically expect to deliver with the data you have? That’s your starting point with any data science project.

    [–] Is it OK to not know what to specialize on? TheNoobtologist 2 points ago in biotech

    I actually think Biotech and BME are perfect majors for people not sure what to specialize in, assuming that they know they want to be involved in a technical capacity within health/bio tech and that they are willing to take on extra work to learn the skills they need once they figure out what to specialize in.