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    [–] TIL in one variation of the Milgram experiment, subjects were directed to shock a "cute, fluffy puppy" instead of a human. Only half of the male subjects, and all of the female subjects obeyed the orders. TheOneAboveAll -36 points ago in todayilearned

    Why does everyone always assume societal reasons (and only societal reasons ) for any differences in gender? You can also make the argument that older women resisted more as they get older because women see increases in testosterone as they get older. Or you know, when you're young you typically have no authority over anyone. And this typically continues until your mid twenties where you gain your first taste of authority. And this is attributed to both biological and societal reasons. It's silly to just twist any study to try to erase any negatives and present only positives. You aren't becoming wiser with age. You just age. Throw a bunch of savages out in an island and the older ones will become authority figures.

    [–] Plagiarism Software’s New Discovery About Shakespeare Is an Opportunity to Rethink His Genius TheOneAboveAll 1 points ago in books

    "and to lesser extent characterization" HAHAHA. His ability to create unique characters was probably his greatest gift.

    [–] What youtube channel just doesn’t have it anymore? TheOneAboveAll -1 points ago in AskReddit

    I actually disagree. i think his videos have gotten better since he moved away from games. Video games as a subject has gotten insanely saturated and it's hard to do anything funny that hasn't already been done a million times. Imagine trying to start a skit channel today. All the bad games have already been done repeatedly by other people. but nobody has done goosebumps or fucking flex tape. That's more fresh that trying to make another joke about big rigs.

    [–] What are the most overrated movies of all time? TheOneAboveAll 11 points ago in AskReddit

    Basically half of all movies that won the Oscar for best picture are overrated

    [–] NBC Rant #2 TheOneAboveAll 5 points ago in olympics

    Yeah. I agree. I checked reddit looking for the reactions and posts but then remembered it's on tape delay.

    [–] NBC Rant #2 TheOneAboveAll 13 points ago in olympics

    2 minutes into the ceremony and katie had to mention that we are looking at a wintery scene. I know, I have eyes??!?!?!?

    [–] Plagiarism Software’s New Discovery About Shakespeare Is an Opportunity to Rethink His Genius TheOneAboveAll 7 points ago in books

    Another clickbaity article and another writer who is self conscious of the concept of genius. Shakespeare had many gifts but gift of invention was not one of them. We've known this since day 1. I think only two or so plays had truly original plots, although I'm not sure. But the number is very low. Shakespeare always needed some kind of outside source to give him a basic structure from which he built on. But there is a big difference from using non-fiction resources to get ideas and creating a work of art.

    [–] MLM forgot to change her recruiting template while messaging strangers on FB TheOneAboveAll 1 points ago in cringepics

    It's shit like this that is causing facebook to slowly die. Nobody (at least nobody young) wants easy means of contact with their annoying distant relatives. My moms facebook is just this kind of stuff spammed endlessly. That and those "send this to 10 people in the next 20 minutes or you'll etc...."

    [–] The female mindset. TheOneAboveAll 4 points ago in MGTOW

    Although this is presented as a joke, "adjusting reality" is a real goal of the liberal social science people. By enacting laws or recognizing biases, they believe we can create a more fair society. Biology goes opposite of that because it presents aspects of us that we cannot change or that are difficult to do so. That is why almost no gender studies majors have any kind of biology classes as a requirement even though it seems obvious to have them. Every time there is a mention of a biological difference, feminist textbooks will immediately mention some kind of potential flaw or potential bias in the study. And almost every single intro to gender studies textbook that I've looked at begins by teaching the student all the potential biases that can occur. And that is how they start forming that mindset.

    [–] TIL Country Music Has the Most Drug References in Any Genre, including rap TheOneAboveAll 82 points ago in todayilearned

    Wouldn't rap music have much more varied slang for drugs though? I'm guessing country would stick to more commonly used terms instead.