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    [–] Under Texas Law Banning Offensive Emails, Man Faces a Year in Prison for Criticizing Police TheRedEminence 2 points ago in AmIFreeToGo

    ... likely to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, embarrass, or offend another.”...I dont see 'Chastise, reproach, revile' on that list...The list in the law makes us an Air-Stream Caravan society, traveling at the speed of the most sensitive.

    [–] Get triggered, Trump lovers. TheRedEminence 1 points ago in EnoughTrumpSpam

    Weepers all. Dont get into their quicksand. They will coat you with schmoo.

    [–] Get triggered, Trump lovers. TheRedEminence 5 points ago in EnoughTrumpSpam

    Do you prefer the screamers, like WAlsh, Rush, Hannity, Savage. Or the weepers, like Prager, Medved, Starns ? They need some new tropes. The schtick is stale.

    [–] RIP Danquirs Franklin TheRedEminence 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Note that the entire official response is predicated on protecting the officer and the reputation of the dept and city. "Comply and argue about it later" They say. Point is that later is designed to fuck you over too.

    [–] Katie Kearney TheRedEminence 1 points ago in LadiesWhoGolf

    Like women with strong grips...