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    [–] Instead of punishing the Saudis for Khashoggi, Trump wants to hand them nuclear technology TheRedEminence 1 points ago in politics

    Its impossible for me to reconcile his slathering over Iran not building a bomb and trying to give the Saudis one.

    [–] What photograph isn't really that spectacular, but with the backstory/context it says a whole lot more? TheRedEminence 2 points ago in AskReddit

    "Survival, with Morris Jones" was an A&E show back when A&E and History and TLC were good channels. This show had an episode on Texas City. If you can find it I recommend watching. The video is astounding. 2 miles away all the cars are pushed to one end of a parking lot.

    [–] Alabama Newspaper Editorial Calls on the KKK to Hang Democrats TheRedEminence 2 points ago in EnoughTrumpSpam

    Does this guy really think his oys could operate with impunity? They do their bidding without resistance? Cause, Im thinking a pack of hooded Klannies walking in DC carrying ropes would soon find themselves with face fulls of shotgun. Really. Bring them to Chicago. Plenty of strange fruit in waiting here. Theyd be shot down in the street.

    [–] Houston police to end use of no-knock warrants, chief says TheRedEminence 12 points ago in AmIFreeToGo

    Lets us all challenge the lazy ass judges who do zero diligence on legitimizing these things.

    [–] Ok, now i get it TheRedEminence 1 points ago in facepalm

    How do bacteria develop immunity to penicillin?

    [–] The Aqua Building in Chicago TheRedEminence 2 points ago in pics

    Zorlu Center

    Oprah is known for obsessing on a new Apt for two years. then, doing a 5-min walkthrough and hating it.

    [–] Schrödinger's wall: Simultaneously a wall and a fence. Simultaneously mostly-built and not-yet-started. Simultaneously an emergency, and something that can be put off for years. TheRedEminence 78 points ago in EnoughTrumpSpam

    This is because of what Trump has experienced in his professional life and his expectations for the Presidency. He acts as if he was elected CEO of a privately held firm. All he should have to do is point and grunt and his 'subordinates' (everyone) jumps to do his monosyllabic bidding. Contradiction and resistance are NOT ACCEPTABLE. therefore, his priorities devolve from policy to creating the proper state of obedience. He is Big Daddy. The subservience of all other actors IS the policy. Details arent important.

    [–] From the Adams and Wabash station TheRedEminence 7 points ago in chicago

    This is a great view, save for the tramp stamp.

    [–] Fearless Eater TheRedEminence 7 points ago in EnoughTrumpSpam

    Were all awaiting his ultimate Warren Harding moment. Then, there will be people expecting us to pretend to be sad for a week.

    [–] What does the parrot say? TheRedEminence 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I was on a long term job site in which the homeowner was still living. HAlf draped off for remodeling, half occupied. the homeowner had a parrot of some type. that bird learned to mimic the contractors cell phone. That little bastard was very selective on when he would ring. He only did it a couple times a day, and only when the GC was engaged in the most concentrated of tasks. Ive never seen anyone develop a hatred for an animal like I saw that summer.

    [–] Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs makes a girl’s Valentine’s Day TheRedEminence 2 points ago in sports

    I hear Kucherov is in trouble with Putin. There was an offseason State Dinner for sports guys. Putin was still married at the time. During teh introductions Putin said" This is my wife, Kucherov". K took one look and said "OOOY! You Kucherov, you brought her."