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    [–] What novels should I read to better understand the novel as an art form? TheRoyalMarlboro 1 points ago * (lasted edited 19 hours ago) in suggestmeabook

    It's candid descriptions of sexuality are responsible for the free speech that we now take for granted in literature, following the obscenity trial in 1961.

    [–] Thick, flexible, and in a bodysuit. A+ TheRoyalMarlboro 7 points ago in thick

    i mean i think we can all pretty much figure out what it would smell and taste like

    [–] First Image from Steven Soderbergh's Horror-Thriller 'Unsane' - Starring Claire Foy, Juno Temple, and Aimee Mullins TheRoyalMarlboro 2 points ago in movies

    What soderbergh has that amateurs don't is a hundred thousand dollar lighting setup and trained people to work them. A dude with a shoestring budget is going to get the shit quality you're talking about. zack snyders short film snow steam iron (nsfw) was also shot on an iphone, but he also had a lighting set up no indie fillmmaker could afford.

    hopefully "film-only purism" will slowly die out to make room for technological advances so maybe, sometime in the future, we can replicate Arri-quality images on a phone, thus taking the power of filmmaking from those solely with the passion to make money and put it back into the hands of those with the passion to make movies. and in todays golden age of television, this might be the wake-up call that cinema needs.

    [–] I'm Poppy - Trailer (Youtube Red) TheRoyalMarlboro 4 points ago in popheads

    sorry if i wasn't clear... the fact that there was no mythology to her, that she was this "unknown" entity so to speak, that was what separated her from everyone else. this dilutes that and reduces her to every other musician with a persona. im not saying she's over or anything, but the one thing that made her an original might have just disappeared. i guess jumping the shark might not have been the right expression.

    [–] I'm Poppy - Trailer (Youtube Red) TheRoyalMarlboro 6 points ago in popheads

    yeah i think they jumped the shark with this one. she had a brand and it gone. she needs to fire her marketing team and replace them with people who understand positioning.

    [–] Official Discussion: Phantom Thread [SPOILERS] TheRoyalMarlboro 1 points ago in movies

    Here's the thing: his "style" in Phantom Thread is actually different from his first three films, which are the two films above that I mentioned as well as Hard Eight. These more closely resemble the films of Scorsese, specifically the movie Goodfellas. This more refined style he's adopted began with the film Punch-Drunk Love and has continued since then. So if his later style is what you really like then I would watch There Will Be Blood, The Master, and Punch Drunk Love. Again I'm a PTA stan so I'd say just watch all his films because he's only made like 8. Id even recommend watching in release order to watch his style grow.

    [–] Official Discussion: Phantom Thread [SPOILERS] TheRoyalMarlboro 2 points ago in movies

    As a PTA stan, I'd recommend watching either Boogie Nights or Magnolia next.

    [–] Live Discussion (January 20, 2018) (Jessica Chastain / Troye Sivan) TheRoyalMarlboro 2 points ago in LiveFromNewYork

    it's just music. you shouldn't have to "try" to like what you're listening. either it resonates with you or it doesn't.