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    [–] Remember the scene when Jamie stabbed Cersei ? I think it was very emotional. TheVetSarge 1 points ago in freefolk

    What, you mean how he manages to stab her straight through the chest with his right hand while locked in a close embrace, rather than an upward thrust through the side which would have been the only thing possible?

    The 2Ds kind of forgot about physics.

    [–] Flee you idiot TheVetSarge 2 points ago in freefolk

    Personally I thought Nutter's direction in Episode 1 was flat and lifeless. There was poor set direction and poor use of extras. The writing for it was crap, with no sense of urgency or looming dread, but the direction was crap too, with characters just reciting lines back and forth at one another.

    [–] Sorry if its asked already. Has anybody figured out what the hidden thing is? I'm not sharp when it comes to finding out secrets and what not so if anybody could shortcut me the answer already I'd be thankful TheVetSarge 2 points ago in GhostRecon

    The picture is literally where the Intel is sitting too, on a desk in front of that laptop.

    So if you go back and play that mission again, you can verify that you picked it up. I can't remember if it is marked on the map or not. But you pick up the ID card in one of the locker rooms, then have to double back and use it to open one of the closed doors you passed by earlier.

    [–] It's a good thing Wildlands doesn't model heat exhaustion/stroke, because I'm sure I'd've succumbed already. TheVetSarge 3 points ago in Wildlands

    Only my "night" and "cold weather" outfits were heavy weight. All the rest of them were light clothing and plate carriers.

    Having six outfits made it nice.

    [–] danger zones are so annoying TheVetSarge 1 points ago in Wildlands

    It was the limited time Event voted on. Will be gone tomorrow.

    I wouldn't want them permanent, but it was kind of nice having sessions without so many snipers, haha.

    [–] Flee you idiot TheVetSarge -4 points ago in freefolk

    Her character in Solo was my favorite part of that movie.

    Why? She had no personality. The four armed monkey guy was more interesting.

    [–] ShE kInD oF fOrGoT TheVetSarge 0 points ago in freefolk

    I don't think you actually know anything about medieval society that you haven't seen in a movie, lol. I do. That's why I'm laughing at your response. Read up on what the root causes were for the repeated dynastic change in 1400s England. You know, the time period most directly influential on the story of Game of Thrones.

    I also said she has no "right," which is a discussion of ethics and morals, not imaginary legitimacy. It was always immoral and unethical for her to invade Westeros. I never said she didn't have a claim.

    Now quit your crying, kneeler.

    [–] ShE kInD oF fOrGoT TheVetSarge 0 points ago in freefolk

    It's not a foreign land though, it's her homeland.

    She has no memories of it and only lived there as an infant.

    A land in which they still use the throne that her family created.

    So what? She has no right to it beyond who she can subjugate by force.

    A land in which she actually has a legitimate claim to the throne.

    "Legitimacy" is a myth perpetuated by those in power. You'd make an excellent peasant.

    [–] ShE kInD oF fOrGoT TheVetSarge 1 points ago in freefolk

    So how does she not do that?

    Staying in Essos to be queen of the cities she already rules, instead of obsessing over the throne of a foreign land.

    The guy makes some valid points, but overlooking that part means he's not seeing the bigger picture of her story arc.

    She was already queen and she didn't want it. Instead she was obsessed with the violent conquest of a foreign country she had no right to.

    Once she crossed the narrow sea with an army, she was just another would be tyrant and invader.

    [–] When you see GoT actors like Pilou and Nikolaj starting to come out supporting season 8 criticisms TheVetSarge 2 points ago in freefolk

    I mean, don't take this as defending the 2Ds, but if you sign onto a show to play the "prostitute" character and you don't want to do nudity anymore, you probably just don't have a role on the show anymore.

    Refusing to do any more nude scenes was fairly silly. That's what her character basically was. I respect if she doesn't want to do any more nude scenes, but that also means she doesn't want to play that role, so just ask to be released or have the character written out. There wasn't another part for Ros to play in the show. People forget that this was supposed to be a one off role in the pilot, but the 2Ds liked her performance enough to write her a bigger part. But it's not like Ros, a character that doesn't even exist in the novels, has anything to do that's not "being a prostitute" in the show.

    [–] To those saying to give D&D a break TheVetSarge 7 points ago in freefolk

    They all write the episodes. Cogman has been on the team since Season 2. He's not just writing these scripts in a vacuum. He tends to do more work the "quieter" episodes because the Ds don't like writing the "not exciting" bits. Thus he ends up being given the writing credit for it.

    But the 2Ds are still working on every script Cogman does, and Cogman is still writing/editing elements for the ones he doesn't.

    [–] To those saying to give D&D a break TheVetSarge 6 points ago in freefolk

    They actually only wrote the last 4 episodes.

    This is mostly just a misunderstanding of how the WGA credit rules work. Game of Thrones has a permanent writing team, and they all contribute to every episode. Both Hill and Cogburn have been on that team since Seasons One and Two respectively. Those guys didn't solo write those episodes. They just wrote a large enough part of it that they got the credit rather than the 2Ds. And it's ultimately more of a professional courtesy than anything else.

    Make no mistake: The 2Ds touch every episode from a writing perspective. Even the ones GRRM was credited for.

    [–] To those saying to give D&D a break TheVetSarge 3 points ago in freefolk

    They did this entirely to themselves, through laziness and egomania.

    They could have done it right, or they could have handed off the reins to somebody who would. They did neither. This is their bed, nobody forced them to make it, and now they will lay in it for the rest of their careers.

    [–] He fucking did TheVetSarge 6 points ago in freefolk

    All the infighting and political intrigue was tangible and of the best quality all the way up to the end.

    Somebody help this poor guy. He's forgotten Seasons Five, Six and Seven.

    [–] He fucking did TheVetSarge 13 points ago in freefolk

    Battle of the Bastards is massively over rated imo

    Massively. It's one of the dumbest episodes of the series. On a Season 8 level of stupid. Then it ends in a ridiculous contrivance where the Eyrie's Stealth Cavalry rides hundreds of miles undetected to arrive within an hour's ride of the battle and Ramsay Bolton has no idea.

    It just looks really cool.

    The people who cheered for Battle of the Bastards are partly to blame for the direction the 2Ds chose to take the show. Season 8 is partly their fault. The Bells looked cool, too.

    [–] He fucking did TheVetSarge 1 points ago in freefolk

    Yeah, Game of Thrones is way too high.

    Sadly. :(

    [–] He fucking did TheVetSarge 0 points ago in freefolk

    Sadly, Game of Thrones coasted on goodwill too long. It shouldn't even be that high considering how bad some of the episodes from Seasons Five through Seven that got high ratings just because people were willing to overlook the severe flaws out of love for the characters.

    [–] We should have known Sam would choose the human encyclopedia over Jon TheVetSarge 2 points ago in freefolk

    Technically Daenerys wasn't queen of anything. There hadn't been a coronation yet. You can't go around declaring yourself emperor. They'll put you away.

    Strange women riding on dragons, distributing burninations is no basis for a system of government.

    [–] We should have known Sam would choose the human encyclopedia over Jon TheVetSarge 0 points ago in freefolk

    In Season Two she threatens to burn down Qarth "when her dragons are grown" because they committed the unforgivable sin of asking to see the dragons before they gave her free food and shelter for her and her refugees.

    Daenerys has always been entitled, arrogant, and oblivious to consequences. It's why she failed at ruling Mereen.

    In the end, all you have to do is ask yourself one question: At any point, was Daenerys going to invade Westeros with an army of barbarians, foreign mercenaries and dragons to conquer it with "fire and blood" and "burn cities to the ground" and "return them to the dirt" because it was the right thing to do, or because she felt it was her right to do it?

    When you can successfully answer that question, you will understand why Daenerys was never fit to rule and was always going to be one of the story's antagonists.