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    [–] David Fincher confirmed to direct Brad Pitt's World War Z sequel TheVetSarge 16 points ago in movies

    Oh fuck this noise.

    That movie was god fucking awful. This isn't about a circlejerk. This is a movie where every scene escalates the action from the one before it, stringing together the most insanely improbable events possible along with the worst possible outcome.

    It doesn't even have a coherent plot. It's like a randomly generated game of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego where the crime is zombies. Brad Pitt literally just goes to different locations where apparently the dumbest possible people live, and gets pushed along from scene to scene by more zombies and randomly selecting his next destination from the A, B, C menu because he didn't understand any of the clues. His outbreak doctor accidentally shoots himself, the Israelis have the tremendous foresight to build a giant wall to protect themselves, and then don't have anyone guarding the walls to say "Oh shit, there's a giant pile o' zombies stacking up on it. Then they get on an airplane, which crashes because zombies, only for Brad Pitt and his new friend to magically be the only ones to survive.

    World War Z was a zombie movie where the movie itself was also mindlessly undead. It's only a shame that the lobotomy didn't kill the film like it would theoretically kill its subject matter.

    [–] ‘Westworld’ Finale Season High, Most Watched 1st Season Of HBO Series TheVetSarge 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in television

    I understood what's going on, and Westworld is not the show to get all intellectually elite about, lol. It's middle-tier, at-best, in its writing. The show was actually shut down because they had script and character issues, and it missed its 2015 release target.

    The reality is that the complexity isn't that complex, and the plot is driven along by numerous contrivances and conveniences, as it weaves around its own plot holes.

    They still succeeded in creating an intriguing enough premise that the smartest viewers will enjoy despite their misgivings over the writing deficiencies.

    It's all spoilers from here on out folks, so abandon ship while you can.

    Everything about the park's operation, both in-world and behind the scenes tends to make no sense. It would take multiple paragraphs to dissect just how nonsensical their logistics and operations plan seems to be, so let's just hit the worst of it since it directly impacts the plot: The internal security protocols, or the glaring lack thereof, is especially offputting. Even once we find out that the entire Maeve plot was engineered by Ford, nobody in the story acknowledges the fact that everything they are doing with Maeve is too easy. They make all the changes like they expected it to work. At least write a scenario where they have to socially engineer a stolen badge or stolen credentials. So it would give the impression they though they were getting away with something. I mean, you can't steal a wireless mouse from my work if your badge doesn't open the door to Help Desk. These lab techs walked upstairs to their company's most sensitive area and made forbidden, dangerous, and liability-inducing changes to the park's core attraction. They seemed to think this was possible by just waiting until after hours, lol. Would have been funnier and more realistic for them to get a message that said "You do not have sufficient permissions to complete this operation. Please see your network security manager if you have questions.

    Apologists have tried to argue that they've worked for companies with terrible internal security, but that just doesn't fly with Westworld. We're talking about what appears to be a 30-something year old high tech theme park with a certain amount of legal liability in the first place, just based on the inherent danger of unsupervised customer interaction with the environment. And they know that the robots are prone to eventual malfunction. They're not going to have safeguards in place? Hard to believe they are so lax with their security protocols. I mean, they have an armed internal response team (with no apparent training in clearing tactics, but the action scene choreography is a whole different story, lol), but not badge controls for sensitive areas?

    And why didn't Beardy McLabface just rat her out during the day when she was "at work" in the park and couldn't hurt him? After she sliced his throat open, he would have had a fairly good reason to think she was pretty much on track to murder him. Whether or not he loses his job over it becomes a somewhat secondary concern one would think. Maeve's entire plotline is being propped up by one character who apparently has zero drive for self-preservation, lol.

    The fact that he can make a robot clone of the park co-founder but nobody notices, to the point where it can trick another employee into an affair?

    Westworld was good, but by HBO standards, it's nothing special from a writing standpoint. Most of this so-called complexity falls apart under any scrutiny. There are no layers to Westworld. There is just an ever-increasing demand for the viewer to suspend disbelief.

    ITT: A lot of Westworld fans who thought they were super smart for "getting it", and were terribly offended by this post pointing out that they aren't, lol.

    [–] Sorry ISIS, You Lost The Title Of 'Enemy Of The American People' (Late show) TheVetSarge 0 points ago in television

    This kind of ridiculous hyperbole is why we have Donald Trump as President in the first place, lol.

    [–] Late Show Exclusive: Ryan Lochte Comes Clean to Stephen Colbert TheVetSarge 0 points ago in television

    Did he ever really "lie"?

    The guy and his friends had guns pointed at them and the security guards demanded all of their money before they left. If you're drunk, that's going to seem like a robbery. Technically, since they did it with guns pointed at the swimmers, it is legally robbery too. At worst it seems like Lochte's drunken memory of the encounter is incomplete, rather than fabricated. All three of the other swimmers have corroborated the basic details (peed behind a gas station, security guards pulled guns on them, Lochte yelled at them, the swimmers handed over all their cash), meaning Lochte's story was essentially true.

    The Brazilian government is the only party that has been shown to have been outright lying. They lied about the bathroom being damaged (several reporters visited the scene and there was no damage to it, nor any replacd parts). The security cameras showed no altercation with the guards, just two men with guns. There were no police reports filed by any of the swimmers, making the accusations of false report a lie.

    Basically, the Brazilian government was embarrassed by Lochte's story, and cooked up a bunch of false charges against the swimmers, then extorted $11K from the guy who didn't even do anything (Lochte was the one who damaged the sign). The prosecutor appealed to have the extortion increased to almost $50K. Fortunately Feigen had left the country already.


    Lochte and friends get wasted, pee behind a gas station and knock down a sign. Bad behavior, sure, but nothing damning. They even paid for the damages (Brazilian judge agreed what they paid was almost twice the damage done), albeit at gunpoint.

    Brazilian security guards pull guns on three American citizens over a petty vandalism.

    Brazilian authorities falsely imprison three American citizens, levy fabricated charges for a crime that wasn't committed, extort money for a fake crime, then try to extort even more money from the same guy.

    Somehow we're still here talking like Lochte is the bad guy for partying in a party town, celebrating being an Olympic athlete after years of training for it.

    [–] Vladimir Putin gave direct instructions to help elect Trump, report says TheVetSarge -1 points ago in worldnews

    Yeah, but I mean, hookers peeing on eachother in a Moscow hotel was also at the top of this sub for most of a day.

    Unsubstantiated reports are r/worldnews's bread and butter.

    [–] 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Set to Start Filming This Fall TheVetSarge 1 points ago in television

    I think the bad writing is intentional, not a matter of incompetence. The show is at its highest ratings ever despite at its lowest quality ever. Battle of the Bastards was laughably daft, contrived, and convenient, hinging on Stealth Cavalry and inconceivable character stupidity. And yet people talk about that episode like it's one of the greatest episodes of TV ever, simply because it's tensely shot and ends with massive fan service and a "Got 'Em" moment.

    The writers figured out the beats the mainstream audience wants to see, and they just keep repeating them over and over. The show's writing was a victim of the show's success. The mainstream audience doesn't care about nuance or complexity of character or story. They want to see dragons fuck shit up, they want to see the bad guys finally get what they have coming to them, they want superficial character challenges meant only to set up redemption, they want building suspense relieved by "Save the Day!" moments, they want repeated gratification as a "reward" for sitting through all that pesky plot development in the first 4 or 5 seasons.

    [–] Cowboy 'upset' Diaz lost: I'll have to hear Conor talk again TheVetSarge -2 points ago in MMA

    I'm one of the people who is Cowboy-ambivalent (like him as a fighter, find him kind of annoying as a person). He's that kind of Cow-bro I'd never hang out with in real life, lol. But he's nowhere "equally" obnoxious as McGregor. Cowboy is the kind of dude who could be at the bar, doing his thing with his friends, and while I wouldn't join his table, he wouldn't bother anyone else.

    I liked McGregor's act for a while, but he's no Chael Sonnen. At this point you either have to be Irish or basic to still find charm in McGregor's act.

    [–] Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny barred from standing against Vladimir Putin in election TheVetSarge 10 points ago in worldnews

    Well, it's unfortunate that it's the United States and not the United People From Some Cities and Towns and Stuff.

    [–] "The Last Jedi" New Exclusive Images TheVetSarge 17 points ago in movies

    It set up characters the audience cares about.

    Who? Invincible Rey? Finn the Only Stormtrooper Who Never Did Anything Bad? Poe, the guy who does that cool flying things?

    Were they interesting before or after the campy dialog and the lack of any dramatic tension in the film? Before or after the chase or gunfight that initiated 75% of the scenes in the film?

    [–] The Cleveland Browns have secured the number one pick in the draft! TheVetSarge 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in nfl

    Draft position hopes aside, that was the dumbest win ever by a team. I still can't figure out why the Steelers would risk injuries in overtime for no reason. They literally could have just kneeled in the endzone at the end of regulation to give up the safety and walked off the field.

    Probably getting downvoted because of my Niners flair by mouthbreathers too dumb to realize strategically it made no sense to take that to overtime with the playoff order locked. Especially after clearly recognizing the pointlessness of the game and resting Roethlisberger, Brown and Bell.

    [–] Schrager: 'Matt Stafford is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL' TheVetSarge 2 points ago in nfl

    The Top 10 gets crowded really fast in the NFL. That said, being in the Top 20 is usually good enough.

    I mean, the Top 10 has some pretty lofty names with Brady, Brees, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Wilson, Ryan, Romo and Rodgers. Then all the interchangeable fringe names like Dalton, Newton, Carr, Flacco.

    So I wouldn't put Stafford at 8-9 based on that company. But, like I said, being just outside that group doesn't make a quarterback "bad".

    [–] Half in the Bag: Rogue One TheVetSarge -3 points ago in movies

    Yeah. I really like the RLM guys, but that line was terrible. Like "You should get kicked in the dick for saying it" terrible.

    TFA was far more fan-film than Rogue One could ever be. At least Rogue One had characters with some kind of arc, however small. TFA had Invincible Rey and the Set Dressings. It was like somebody wrote a Star Wars fan film where the main character just got to do all the cool things and be a Jedi and never face any adversity or character changing moments.

    [–] Game of Thrones - 7x07 "The Dragon and the Wolf" - Episode Discussion TheVetSarge -1 points ago in television

    Overall a good episode. Best of the season probably.

    Buuuuut, then there go Sansa and Arya, failing Stark 101. If you pass the sentence, you have to wield the blade.

    Even worse, Bran was there, he would know. And we the audience already know Arya is a killer, so having her kill Littlefinger is thematically pointless. It's a cheap "Got 'em" moment for the mainstream audience, cutting him off before he can finish talking.

    But, the real character development is showing that Sansa is really the Lady of Winterfell, and that she's ready for all that means. Instead, her little sister is doing the dirty work.

    D&D, it's in the first fucking episode, lol. It even gets called back multiple times. Then you somehow forget it in Season 7. /sigh

    [–] 'Gunshots' at Paris's Notre Dame - BBC News TheVetSarge 47 points ago in worldnews

    Not if this was r/news

    Then there would be hundreds of dipshits upvoting comments about how the police should have tried to disarm him.

    [–] Game of thrones Season 8 Just Finished Filming the Longest Battle Shoot in Game of Thrones History! TheVetSarge 2 points ago in television

    That's such weaksauce apologist horseshit, lol. All they had to do was "not write stupid garbage." There are hundreds of talented writers out there in Hollywood. We are getting phenomenal television every year. How come none of them appear to write for Game of Thrones? Why is the writing for Game of Thrones barely a step up from The Walking Dead at this point? Did the budget for writing end up in the same pile as the budget for Ghost?

    [–] Disney+ won't make original Star Wars movies, confirms Bob Iger TheVetSarge -9 points ago in movies

    This is Disney we're talking about. Their most successful Star Wars movie was "What if we just do the first movie again, mix in a little bit of the third movie, and then make Luke Skywalker a girl?"

    Rogue One was probably the closest thing we'll get to an "original" Star Wars movie, and the Disney execs chopped it all to hell because it "didn't have enough Darth Vader in it."

    [–] The Handmaid’s Tale’s first 3 episodes are brilliant, terrifying television TheVetSarge -16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in television

    I just wonder about the premise. It's really wacky. The book is interesting and well written, but I liken adapting it in 2017 it to the classic 80s film Red Dawn.

    The thing is though, Red Dawn made sense to the audience in the early 1980s because they didn't realize how nearly impossible it would have been for the Russians to invade US, let alone as a surprise attack. It was implausible, but just plausible enough for them to buy into.

    The Handmaid's Tale is probably 25-30 years too late for a television series. The premise is almost entirely preposterous at this point in the digital age, which makes its "alternate history" setting very difficult to buy into. The kind of social control the Gilead government is trying to enforce in the story is a relic of a previous age of technology before mass media and the Internet (or, the 1980s when this was written, or the 60s and 70s, when the books the author was drawing inspiration from were written). The scope of what they are trying to do is so overwhelming, it's difficult to believe that anyone would even try at this point.

    I feel like this is only getting made now as some kind of metaphor, as opposed to its value as a contemporary story.

    Edit: Wow, challenging this seems to have struck a nerve. I guess I should have known that people were going to be so excited for a show that mixes anachronistic demonstrations of social control with contemporary fearmongering over the "rise" (despite the actual decline by all measurable statistics) of religious fundamentalism in the United States. Not to mention my challenge is well reasoned and eloquently explained. This sub really is just full of circlejerking dipshits who can't stand it if somebody doesn't like the thing they like, lol.

    It also seems like I was wrong, in part. I said Red Dawn resonated with audiences in the 1980s because they didn't understand it would have been next to impossible for the Soviet Union to invade the mainland United States. It appears that contemporary Redditors also don't understand just how fantastically implausible the scenario is for The Handmaid's Tale. Either that, or like the hyperpatriotic Americans who fantasized about the idea of being Wolverines, some of you are fantasizing about a world where the people who disagree with you on political stances are evil totalitarians in disguise, lol. This is escapist wish-fulfillment fantasy for some people, where they get to imagine the United States can turn into this kind of evil place and it justifies everything they've been thinking and/or writing in their Facebook posts since November. People not looking for a portrait of a functioning oppressive society or a sad commentary on human nature. People just looking for a vague, untenable strawman.

    [–] Which movie do you love; that when someone says "it sucks" it crushes you? TheVetSarge 0 points ago in movies

    Yeah, the lovers of TFA seem to have this persecution complex and have decided that it's only "just now" that hating TFA became a thing. I thought it wasn't that great the first time I saw it. I left the theater pretty nonplussed. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized exactly why I didn't like it.

    On the flip side, I thought Rogue One was fantastic. It wasn't a perfect movie by any means, but it was a well-executed Dirty Dozen-style war story, that played well within the Star Wars sandbox, cleverly nodded at the fans, and really did an excellent job of world-building. Rogue One was the first Star Wars movie to really do that: create a feeling that captured the way the movie was telling the audience it was supposed to be. You actually felt like the movie existed in a galaxy where an oppressive empire was slowly strangling the last vestiges out of a once freer republic that preceded it, and it was really the only film other than The Empire Strikes Back that captured the feeling of an outgunned and outmanned rebellion struggling against a far more powerful enemy.

    If anything, some of the criticism of Rogue One is actually a heavy point in its favor. Rogue One took risks that TFA did not. It took Star Wars out of the comfort zone people had come to expect with Star Wars movies, and took it into a new genre: the war movie. I stumbles a bit, but it's a superior film in pretty much every way other than "easy, safe consumption" compared to TFA.

    [–] Game Of Thrones will have some big-ass dragons next season TheVetSarge 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in television

    She needs to lose, period. Her story arc is one built entirely on privilege and entitlement. She has earned nothing in the show, every positive outcome being through possession of dragons or immunity to fire, and her victory is just another bad outcome for Westeros. All of her failures and mistakes have been rectified by the same two solutions: have dragons, or be immune to fire. Lost your city and your army? Light a building on fire and be immune to fire. Want mercenaries but have no money to buy them? Have dragons. Foolishly disrupted the economy of an entire region and face the combined might of the aggrieved parties? Have dragons. Every other character in Game of Thrones who fucked up even half as much as Dany has, is dead.

    A woman whose father was ousted from his throne because he was lighting random people on fire, wants to reclaim that throne using an army of mercenaries, barbarians and dragons... and lighting random people on fire.

    Jebus. Look at the temper tantrum brigade this set off. Sorry you guys chose sides with the story's worst Mary Sue because you missed all the show's major plot points, and don't understand the contextual implications of her character choices. Maybe next time you can find a good female character to latch on to, rather than one of its villains. The show's full of female characters you can side with who aren't selfish, greedy lunatics and murderers. Brienne. Sansa. Arya. All good places to start. Danaerys is not a good person, and she's succeeded in the story by no virtue of her own making. This is inarguable fact, no matter how much people want to cry about it. Having a rough life doesn't earn you anything other than empathy. People got so distracted by her quest to get rid of slavery in the East, that they've forgiven her for wanting to effectively enslave Westeros at the end of her mission to regain "her" crown, which was never hers in the first place (she was 9th in line for throne; even further if more of her older siblings had children). She was a dispossessed noble living overseas in luxury. Aside from her brother's abuses, the life she had at the start of the show was literally the same life she would have had if her father hadn't been overthrown.

    The fact that so many people don't recognize the ignorant hypocrisy of Danaerys's beliefs is kinda sad. She's an agent of imperialism and colonialism. An allegory for idealistic American adventurism overseas. For one second, consider who gave her the idea that she deserved to be queen in Westeros.

    The fact that I was then downvoted after having my well-reasoned arguments rudely dismissed as a "rant" by the /TheRedWhiner1 is pathetic. Then I was called a misogynist for having the temerity to criticize a female character. Reddit at its finest.

    [–] 4 cops shot in 3 states during bloody Sunday for police nationwide TheVetSarge 0 points ago in news

    Second highest at-risk for homicide.

    When people quote this idiotic "Not top 10" number, they forget to clarify "Top 10 out of how many?"

    I'm guess you don't know the answer to that question, lol.

    Also, no, accidents are not a huge majority. This is another thing you've read on the Internet, but never researched or fact-checked. In the last ten years, it has alternated between accidents and felony assaults (homicides), and homicides are trending way higher than accidents for this year right now.

    [–] Ayn Rand's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone TheVetSarge 4 points ago in books

    I've never read Harry Potter (nor seen the movies) because I was already an adult by the time they came out, but I understand the basics of the Potterverse and can appreciate anything that spears Ayn Rand.

    [–] Game of Thrones Creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to Write and Produce a New Series of Star Wars Films TheVetSarge 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in movies

    He's a Star Wars fan. Hostility is what they do because their fandom is based on self-loathing. Their obsession is based on a series of films that is now nine (soon to be ten) installments long, but only four of them are any good. But they're so heavily invested in their laser sword toys that it's too late to back out now.

    [–] Post-fight action TheVetSarge -4 points ago in MMA

    It doesn't matter. This is a fucking sport, not some Tijuana shitshow.

    Werdum needs to be suspended for that. It doesn't matter if Edmond is a douchebag. Hope the AC sanctions the shit out of him.

    [–] Israeli sniper shoots Palestinian footballer who was filming himself, ending his career TheVetSarge 3 points ago in worldnews

    I mean, this seems like a play stupid games, win stupid prizes story to me. He's lucky they only hit his knee and he survived. Dude is out in a demarcated no-man's land, wearing a mask over his face, livestreaming military positions.

    I mean, it's awful, and I don't sympathize with Israeli actions 9 times out of 10, but it takes an extra special kind of stupid to do that. You look like a spotter for mortars or rockets.