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    [–] John, 9th Baron Clifford (Perry Wars of the Roses) TheVetSarge 1 points ago in minipainting

    Yeah, it's hard to pick an era for Romans. I typically like Caesarian or EIR. Did EIR for Warlord and yeah, bleh. But Victrix has a great line of opponents for Republican era Romans.

    [–] John, 9th Baron Clifford (Perry Wars of the Roses) TheVetSarge 1 points ago in minipainting

    Yeah, the hobby store was out, so I had to order more. Thanks though.

    [–] Triple Frontier TheVetSarge 3 points ago in Wildlands

    Your military buddies irritate you with bad jokes, often at inappropriate times and about inappropriate things?

    I dunno. Sounds exactly like my experience, lol.

    [–] John, 9th Baron Clifford (Perry Wars of the Roses) TheVetSarge 2 points ago in minipainting

    I'm actually glad you enjoyed the article. It was really Clifford's story that made me so interested to do him up in 28mm, and there aren't any other really good accounts of Clifford's life out there on the Internet, so I figured I could do both.

    My first real foray into converting historical minis (some may recognize my True Scale Space Marines). I took a crack at Warlord Romans, but I wasn't satisfied with the kits at all and abandoned it pretty quickly. I've heard the new Victrix kits are significantly better though. I've got another hundred or so Perry WotRs to do though.

    [–] John, 9th Baron Clifford (Perry Wars of the Roses) TheVetSarge 3 points ago in minipainting

    Miniature is a custom, assembled from 11 different parts and 3 Green Stuff sculpted additions (face/neck armor, heraldry sash, and belly armor). Figures need their bases completed and some anti-shine matte varnish, but the hobby store was out so I had to order it. Bow strings are small-gauge wire, and the high topped riding boots on the archers are Green Stuff as well. The two other Men at Arms are converted figures as well.

    If you're interested in a bit of fun, semi-scholarly history, I've written up the background of Clifford and his violent life and death on my blog. He was a fascinating man; merciless and driven by revenge after the murder of his father, and unsurprisingly died a violent death of his own. The article also has pictures and descriptions of the conversion process for all the figures.

    [–] Real, functioning pulse rifle! TheVetSarge 2 points ago in LV426

    Maybe I was. Maybe your perceptions of what it really takes to laugh "out loud" are simply insufficient, and you don't realize a simple snort or other nasal exhale would technically count as laughing "out loud." And maybe you should just not be a smartass in the future when it isn't necessary, because then you don't run the higher than normal risk of being a dumbass.

    [–] Real, functioning pulse rifle! TheVetSarge -1 points ago in LV426

    Maybe your meme wasn't funny. Oh well. You'll live and learn, I'm sure.

    [–] Real, functioning pulse rifle! TheVetSarge -1 points ago in LV426

    Probably not for an assault rifle. Even caseless, the rounds would be bulky and heavy. Then having 99 of them in the magazine? Even if you could figure out how to fit 99 of them in the magazine (I've seen some pretty amusing diagrams), you still end up with a rifle that is really heavy, and a round that probably has fairly poor ballistics unless the future has some hyper-efficient propellant and the guns are built with similarly stout materials that can withstand those kinds of chamber pressures that would be inherent to an intermediate length 10mm rifle cartridge. For reference, most modern 10mm cartridges are big game rounds, with 60+mm cases which would be too long for the pulse rifle's magazine well. So you'd need something closer to the .44-40 WCF in terms of overall size (obviously around .05 inches narrower).

    Aliens, is, unfortunately, one of those incidences where there's a little more fiction than science in their guns.

    [–] Real, functioning pulse rifle! TheVetSarge 1 points ago in LV426

    Neither were the firing prop guns, lol.

    Then again, given the sheer rarity of actual caseless rifles, let alone ones that would fit inside the dimensions of the pulse rifle chassis, maybe we just accept that people build their replicas over top of more easily acquired submachineguns. Just like the prop department did.

    [–] A Hind D? TheVetSarge 1 points ago in LV426

    I cut all kinds of slack for reposts.

    That picture of the helicopter was on the front page of the sub already. Twice, lol. At the same time he posted this. This guy literally just didn't even bother to look and see that he would be the third person posting it in a 24 hour period.

    [–] James Cameron Teases Involvement In 'Aliens' Franchise & Possibly Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien 5' TheVetSarge 2 points ago in LV426

    To be fair, he shit on Alien 3.

    Before praising Alien vs Predator as the "third best" film in the franchise, lol.

    So, there's that.

    [–] Could it have been possible... TheVetSarge 3 points ago in LV426

    The main problem with the dog-burster scene is the creature is so big that it wasn't logical that it could have fit inside the dog without having killed it long before it was born. This rottweiler is wandering around, and gives birth to an animal that appears to be 50% of its body weight, lol.

    It honestly makes a lot more sense from the ox. We have to assume the alien is parasitic in nature. The human and ox bodies just have so much more believable body mass to sacrifice to the gestating creature (assuming it's not just breaking the laws of physics and creating mass from nothing).

    [–] James Cameron Hints That He’s “Working On” Doing Something With the ‘Alien’ Franchise TheVetSarge 0 points ago in LV426

    was this by design

    Yes. The scriptwriters, lol.

    the marines knew the threat going in, they were briefed by Ripley, but they were arrogant.

    And every Marine after them now knows what to expect and understands it is real.

    [–] James Cameron Hints That He’s “Working On” Doing Something With the ‘Alien’ Franchise TheVetSarge 5 points ago in LV426

    Then Aliens comes along, and a whole squad of heavily Colonial Marines gets all but wiped out. We see that they're fast, resourceful, and clever. Sure the marines made a few mistakes here and, but even when they have a good defense, the xenos still outflank them.

    Aliens has a very carefully crafted narrative to make the aliens a bigger threat.

    Tight spaces. We can't use our guns. We broke our truck. They crashed our spaceplane.

    Any of those things don't happen, and Aliens ends like Shaun of the Dead, lol. It's not that the Marines were just a little overconfident and made mistakes, the entire deck was stacked in the favor of the creatures by the script.

    I love the characters and worldbuilding from Aliens, but the creature's actual danger has been overstated by Aliens for 30+ years at this point. A group of Marines allowed to use their weaponry and being prepared for the threat are only concerned about the collateral damage from the acid blood.

    [–] ‘The Walking Dead’ Renewed for Season 10 at AMC TheVetSarge -1 points ago in television

    At two thirds the current budget, and three times the current amount of walking?

    I mean, no way AMC cancels this until it completely tanks in the ratings though. If anyone was concerned about its integrity as a story, they were fired or quit a long time ago.

    [–] [D&D] How powerful are D&D characters? TheVetSarge 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    It was hard to adjust player expectations when I ran a Low Level campaign. They were used to playing "Standard" D&D where instead I was running a campaign with more human drama and normal mortal threats. You get out of those first 5 levels and the more mundane enemies just aren't scary anymore. And 5th Edition has this really weird problem with scaling where you can very quickly overcome higher level characters (and entire afternoons worth of real world time) with mass combat. Which makes it extremely hard to tailor minor enemies to higher level characters. If I want competing tribes of goblins, and an unscrupulous mercenary company as the antagonists, I can't go rocketing through the low levels.

    The game just assumes you're going to scale the enemies up with the character levels. If we're Level 6, we should be fighting 1-2 CR6 monsters, not 20 CR2 ones, lol.

    And then sometimes it puts a Young Adult Green Dragon in the starter adventure with a breath weapon which averages more damage than a 4th level D8 class can have at max. So, there's that.

    [–] Why do people not like the director's cut of Alien? TheVetSarge 3 points ago in LV426

    Joss Whedon's style works for a lot of things. Alien: Resurrection just wasn't one of them.

    On the upside, writing the crew from A:R was a major inspiration for Firefly.

    [–] A Hind D? TheVetSarge 2 points ago in LV426

    How did you manage to repost something that's already on the front page of a slow-moving sub... twice?

    [–] Alien 3 Xenomorph Runner - Dog, Ox and the Bull variant TheVetSarge 2 points ago in LV426

    The Bull Alien comes from a comic book packed with a toy action figure based off an aborted Saturday Morning Cartoon, lol.

    Please never refer to it as canon.

    That said, the Alien only shares basic characteristics from its host. The ones that come out of humans are still faster, larger, and stronger than humans, so why would we expect drastic differences from that template just because it comes out of an animal? The differences between a "dog" alien and an "ox" alien would likely be indistinguishable aside from being primarily four-legged. Alien size seems to be roughly fixed, no matter what creature it emerges from. For example, there was no demonstrable difference in the size of the Warriors in Aliens, despite the fact that they would have been born from women and children, as well as men.

    [–] Why do people not like the director's cut of Alien? TheVetSarge 4 points ago in LV426

    Alien Resurrection is a tonal mess that's completely at odds with the other three films. It's silly and overacted at times. The last time I tried to watch it, I turned it off at the absurd gunfight with the guards who are good at yelling but have no idea how their guns work.

    It's just a giant comedy of errors moved along by character incompetence. The guards don't know how to properly search for weapons or shoot their guns. The scientist is too dumb to do anything to stop the aliens from escaping. Ron Pearlman and the cripple can't hit a stationary alien at point blank range.

    If even one character in the movie is competent, there is no movie.

    Why are they surgically removing the chest-burster from Ripley-clone? The thing removes itself.

    Then there is a Snot Alien at the end, and, well, fuck that.

    I really like several of Jeunet's other films. But pairing a French art-film director with the scriptwriter for Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a terrible combination for an Alien film. I honestly don't think anything about Alien Resurrection works. It's literally just all bad. Joss Whedon didn't understand the Alien franchise, and Jeunet apparently didn't understand Whedon's script. There's almost no suspense, no terror. The action scenes suck, and the acting is pretty bad in parts, which is even more unforgivable because the movie has several good actors in it.

    As far as the Director's Cut of Alien, it's just... unnecessary? Not sure if I see any reason for it to exist. It's not an expanded canon like Aliens: Special Edition, and it's not a significantly changed and improved film like Alien 3's Assembly Cut was. It's just... different. There's nothing about it that improves on the original, though I'd argue it doesn't really damage it either. We understand that the Alien creature is adaptable. Maybe the nest in the DC is what happens in the absence of a queen.

    Many of the changes just seem like... changes. There's really no rhyme or reason to what was cut, and what was added (the DC is actually shorter than the TC). I feel like if the DC had expanded scenes, maybe it has a reason for existing. It might not be a better version (for example, I don't think the Special Edition of Aliens is better, the TC has better pacing, tension and is a higher quality film), but it would justify its existence (the SC of Aliens gives the audience new things on top of the existing film).

    Basically, with the DC of Alien, it feels kinda pointless. I see the point of adding in deleted scenes to Aliens, even if I think some of the deleted scenes were better off deleted. With Alien 3, the Assembly Cut actually makes it a coherent story. Those versions have a reason to exist. The Director's Cut of Alien just exists.