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    [–] A tiny bundle in Black Ops 4 with a hammer and some supply drop stuff is half the price of the base game. $30. That's more than Borderlands expansions. The_Iceman2288 1 points ago in xboxone

    Since it's release, Black Ops 4 has added: -

    • A Season Pass (that doesn't get you any of the following)
    • Paid lootboxes
    • A Battle Pass with paid tier skips and dead slow tier progression
    • Paid character skins
    • One time offers
    • Paid weapon skins
    • Premium weapon DLC

    In other words, Black Ops 4 uses every dirty money-making trick in the book. All while it's parent company laid off 800 employees.

    [–] 'Avengers: Endgame' - Character Posters The_Iceman2288 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    There are 32 main characters in this movie and that's before Thanos, Katherine Langford, a bunch of cameos, big surprises and Stan Lee.

    [–] 'Avengers: Endgame' - Character Posters The_Iceman2288 9 points ago in marvelstudios

    Everyone yesterday: "I don't know, does Avengers: Endgame really need to be three hours long?"

    Marvel: "Here are 76 character posters!"

    Everyone today: "Ah right."

    [–] The Twilight Zone: The Comedian - Official Trailer | CBS All Access The_Iceman2288 5 points ago in television

    Prediction - Kumail isn't that great a comedian, he's struggling with his material and bombing every night. One day he meets Tracy, Tracy tells him there's money in edgy, offensive material aimed at other minorities. So he does just that and gets popular with all the edgelords.

    This begins his ascent to a super-popular comedian, he's popular but not with people he wants to be loved by. And somehow all the people who helped him get that way aren't that into him anymore and he's alienated a lot of the important people in his life.

    Eventually, Tracy lets Kumail know about an exciting opportunity that has presented itself. A big money-spinner, one that could change the trajectory of his career forever. He doesn't know what it is but he takes on the opportunity immediately.

    He gets up on stage, everybody is cheering on all his edgy, racist, misogynistic material. The crowd loves him. The compere comes on to the stage, thanks Kumail and says for everyone else to head out because it's time for the ceremony.

    They all leave and Kumail, satisfied with his killer routine starts counting his money and walks around the room satisfied. He looks out the window and he sees a cross being doused with petrol. Panicked, he looks into the room where his audience was and sees them putting on white robes.

    He turns around to run away and sees someone from the audience who says "going somewhere?". He asks where Tracy is, the guy asks "who?". There is no Tracy, his descent was all him.

    Jordan's final narration: "In the end, fame doesn't change who we are, it reveals who we are. And sometimes when people tell us we're doing the wrong thing, it's not in defence of somebody else, it's a way of letting US know we are on the wrong path. And we can then choose to heed their warnings or we can ignore them because we think we know best. But when our audience changes from the people we loved to the people we once despised, eventually we have to ask ourselves - who changed whom? Did I do the right thing? Or did I end up in...The Twilight Zone?".

    [–] PlayStation State of Play | 03.25.2019 [Official Discussion Thread] The_Iceman2288 7 points ago in PS4

    Nintendo Direct had stuff people wanted from franchises they loved.

    Inside Xbox had a proper show with hosts asking questions, viewer interaction, a solid focus and cool surprises.

    State of Play had jack shit.

    [–] Apple TV+ announcement was really disappointing. The_Iceman2288 7 points ago in television

    Felt like a run through of a whole bunch of press releases that we'd already read.

    [–] Only The GOTG know. The_Iceman2288 3 points ago in marvelstudios

    Yeah, THAT'S the problem with this theory.

    [–] Cap calling into the Apple livestream test stream The_Iceman2288 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    Evans is starring in a show for Apple. Nothing Marvel-related.