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    [–] Divine sculpting skills on Villa! The___Jackal 3 points ago in Rainbow6

    Visualize the sculpture within....

    [–] Next PlayStation Is Three Years Off, Sony Says The___Jackal 6 points ago in Games

    Congrats! Theres a ton of other exclusives/remasters to choose from you got in at a great time.

    [–] Alibi and Mestro Icons The___Jackal 2 points ago in Rainbow6

    Thats what everyone is guessing with alibi based on her picture

    [–] Alibi and Mestro Icons The___Jackal 13 points ago in Rainbow6

    My guess is it's actually a squid and squids ink to evade/confuse attackers

    [–] Game of Zones - S5:E4: The Raid on Stables Castle The___Jackal 107 points ago in nba

    i thought it was Shaq of Neils finest ass in all the land

    [–] What are some stereotypes about the United States that makes your eyes roll? The___Jackal 1 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    He also said he saw North Koreans authorities shoot citizens in public executions. Glass houses and what not.

    [–] Dokkaebi got us all The___Jackal 4 points ago in Rainbow6

    Her ring and pinky fingers are in a black glove thing so the blend in

    [–] Let's have a thread about operator ideas The___Jackal 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Rainbow6

    Australian T.A.G.

    ATK MAKO. 3 Armor 1 Speed Uses a gas powered saw to cut a single sledge sized hole in reinforced walls or one hatch. The saw is loud creates sparks and takes about 7 seconds during which he is vulnerable. Once the saw blade is spent, Mako drops it and gains an extra speed.

    COUNTERS: Bandit. Sawing a electric wall will cause significant damage while Mako uses his gadget. Mira. Because sawing takes a considerable amount time, Mira can eject the mirror making it almost impossible to saw safely.

    DEF BOGAN. 2 Armor 2 Speed Using a two Boomerang III countermeasure systems, Bogan can find a shooters last known location within 10 meters. Firing a weapon in rapid succession will increase the likelihood of being live pinged by the system. COUNTERS: Suppressed weapons. Because the system relies on enemy gunfire, firing suppressed weapons will keep you safe. Twitch: A hit from a Twitch drone will temporarily shutoff the system for 15 seconds. IQ: IQ can potentially spot the gadget through walls and destroy it.(It has similar health to a frost mat)

    Weapons: AA-12, F90, M4 Carbine, Glock 19

    [–] Once a fan, always a fan The___Jackal 97 points ago in marvelstudios

    "I don't want to see this on your MySpace page" - Tony Stark 2008

    [–] Zen is so isolated from the Lore The___Jackal 2 points ago in Overwatch

    What about her interactions with torb

    [–] [Training] What is the most impressive deduction you’ve made? The___Jackal 12 points ago in scienceofdeduction

    Two stick out for me. I cracked into my parents safe by deducing that they used their anniversary as the code. The first digit being the month and that number being worn and it super common for couples.

    I had a classmate high school who was talking about how his online 'exploits' got him money. The topic got to his password and I remembered he told be about a nickname his little sister gave him. He then said that a number was also involved and I asked him his home address. He changed his password.

    [–] loot The___Jackal 2 points ago in gaming

    My accounts older than yours you whipper snapper.

    [–] loot The___Jackal -3 points ago in gaming

    About what? I don't get it.

    [–] loot The___Jackal 143 points ago in gaming

    ...every morning i break my arms

    [–] Making a New Friend: part 2 The___Jackal 1 points ago in accidentalrockwell

    Like the third time this has been posted here