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    [–] Glad to be here Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in Killingfloor_2

    Glad to have you

    [–] Woman carrying a gun and a baby tackled after threatening to blow up church Thefirstmelon 2 points ago in news

    Didn't read the subreddit at first. Spent about 20 seconds looking for the punchline...

    [–] GIVEAWAY: Quitting the game, and want to give away my collection. (Ultra Rares, Tins, etc.) Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in ptcgo

    The 'Diamond and Pearl' set were probably my favourite. It was the first set and game I was allowed to actually own instead of just gawking at my older brothers/friends collections. Ever since I've been a huge fan of the games and always had a growing interest in the cards.

    [–] Drowned zombie flesh? Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in Warhammer

    Took some experimenting but this turned quite like I wanted it in my head. Thanks.

    [–] Who remember those times when we used to play with the PSP?? Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in gaming

    Me and my 3 older brothers would all play monster Hunter freedom unite on that bad boy. We made timetables and everything for who would have it when.

    Shame there were only 3 save slots. Guess which youngest brother never got a save slot. :(

    [–] It’s true... Thefirstmelon 9 points ago in dank_meme

    I'm a teacher of highly autistic class of 10 yr olds 100% of usernames here are fortnite related and either involve 69 or 420.

    Absolute classics/s

    [–] Use my knowledge, Disney, I beg you! Thefirstmelon 132 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Someone with Photoshop skills do this now!

    [–] So, what is 'the best' Genestealer Cult sect? Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in genestealercult

    Your right on both accounts. Bladed Cog enhances the combat, shooting and survivability of your units and focusing on just 1 aspect really does it an injustice. They're by far and away my favourite.

    [–] So, what is 'the best' Genestealer Cult sect? Thefirstmelon 3 points ago in genestealercult

    Bladed cog is my go to because I really like neophytes hordes. Removing the -1 from heavy weapons really helps with allowing them to dish out damage whilst moving up the board. 8-10 STR 9 D6 shots helps fill the ranged anti-tank hole that GSC has. The 6++ is just a bonus to help keep those neophytes ticking past turn 1/2. An iconwards 6+ FNP takes that even further.

    Beyond neophytes though the creed struggles to find units that benefit. Their unique stratagem can really help acolytes in combat though ..especially against oh so common imperium lists.

    [–] So, what is 'the best' Genestealer Cult sect? Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in genestealercult

    Assuming that your dropping a blob 3" away then Helix helps your damage if you survive to combat next turn. Cog means that your 20+ acolytes have a much better chance of ACTUALLY surviving in the first place.

    [–] Spiny little bugger Thefirstmelon 26 points ago in Warhammer40k

    You cannot leave now, the rape train has left the station.

    [–] Happiness noise <3 Thefirstmelon 2 points ago in wholesomememes

    He better watch out for Mantines

    [–] Being a male nursing major Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in pics

    Third and last year of primary education course here. I have this exact problem. I'm 1 of 4 guys out of 40+ people in my year. And nearly ever single one of them is convinced that I'm gay.

    [–] Assassin's Creed Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in gaming

    Oh boy, I remember being a young teen and searching desperately for that crossbow in AC1. It never occured to me that devs would 'tease' something and then not deliver back then...

    [–] Tips for fighting ad mech Thefirstmelon 3 points ago in genestealercult

    I've been having some issues vs Ad Mech at my FLGS recently as well. Granted this particular player has admech + forge world dreadnoughts/ knight....

    Nonetheless, pretty much any admech army will be some sort of gunline. Dunecrawlers screened by infantry with shroudpsalm. Bladed cog with loads of mining laser neophytes could work since they'll struggle to kill loads of chaff.

    Other than that finding a way to deepstrike lots of hurt into their gunline would be a good starting point for any GSC army.

    Good luck bringing down the mechanised oppressors fellow cult brother.

    [–] Desert-Themed Sanctus Thefirstmelon 2 points ago in Warhammer40k

    Ooh that's nice. What colour(s) for the cloak?

    [–] Regimental staff efficiency meter Thefirstmelon 8 points ago in Grimdank

    Next panel: playing Cadia and responding with "the planet broke before the guard did" to any criticism

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Thefirstmelon 22 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I'm a male teacher (primary school special needs) and I also get some comments from the older female members of staff that make me uncomfortable. But nothing from the younger. It might be a generational thing.

    [–] Why is this modern day life? Thefirstmelon 16 points ago in HistoryMemes

    This is so sad. Can we demonitize the history channel?

    [–] Can I pursue a small claims case against foreign buyer? Thefirstmelon 1 points ago in legaladvice

    That's on my head. I've never used eBay before to sell anything and was desperate to get some cash so I could get by family gifts for Xmas.

    Rushed into it and got burned

    [–] What medical condition do you have that you thought was absolutely normal? Thefirstmelon 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Very daydreamy/unfocused child. Often my vision would make everything appear very far away and then close all of a sudden.

    Turns out I'm epileptic.