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    [–] How do you keep yourself together when your SO goes on a work trip with other co-workers? Theodaro 5 points ago in AskWomen

    I enjoy the bed to myself, and time to myself. I invite my friends over to catch up on shows, and to chill out and catch up on art and craft projects. I play video games, make my favorite foods with the ingredients he doesn’t enjoy, and fart unapologetically loud.

    If I had a friend who asked me this question I’d be a bit concerned that there wasn’t trust between her and her SO, or that she was struggling with a healthy social life independent of her SO, or that she was dealing with stress or some kind of life imbalance.

    IMO, an SO traveling for a week long work trip should just mean more time for one partner to catch up on their own life, and to get a chance to miss their partner a bit- which becomes a treasure, I think, when you live together for a while.

    If being separated from a partner for a relatively short time is causing you to fall apart or have doubts, I highly recommend talking to your partner and a therapist about how you’re feeling and what you need.

    [–] Valentine's Day almost broke me. Theodaro 2 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    Find a tasting menu restaurant, preferably with a Michelin star or two. Smaller sections, guests stay for several hours, and tip on a huge check average. Something like Petite Crenn, French laundry, saison, etc.

    A lot is expected of staff at these establishments, but it’s well worth it.

    [–] Valentine's Day almost broke me. Theodaro 7 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in TalesFromYourServer

    I’m a bartender. We serve the full menu at the bar. Servers make more than I do.

    I average $150 a night on reasonably busy weeknights, $200-$300 on busy weekends. There is the odd night in there that’s super slow for us where I walk with $60-80.

    My partner works at a suuuuuper fancy Michelin star spot and servers there walk with upwards of $300 easy, sometimes $600-&1000 If people are balling out on cellar wines and caviar.

    Edit: it is a lot of pressure though. I have to know every farm we source from, every component in every dish, a ton about wine and all of our spirits, plus all the extra steps of service and all the fancy things we do. It’s a lot to take in at first if you have never worked super fine dining.

    [–] What is it about purses and shoes you find so exhilarating? Theodaro 1 points ago in AskWomen



    Not a word I’d use to describe anything about purses or shoes.

    A nice purse will be practical for my needs, while having elegant lines, or complementary style to several outfits.

    Same for shoes. Finding comfort and style in a shoe is one less thing to worry about when I’m getting dressed.

    I’d do try to look put together, and I care about my looks, but I want simple, functional, complementary shoes and handbags, preferably that will last.

    [–] the importance of posing! Theodaro 3 points ago in Instagramreality

    This is so true.

    I carry all of my weight on the side of my hips, my thighs, and my arms. I look super wide and fat if photographed straight on. But my stomach is actually fairly flat considering I need to lose 25 lbs (which I am working on!). My best pose is leaning forward on a railing or something, and the camera to the side of me. Or, raising my hands up into my hair, with the camera to the side. I look fairly trim in those poses and my limbs and mid section are elongated.

    Everyone will have a different “good side”. Though it’s easier for fairly thin women to avoid irregular/misleading perspectives simply because there are fewer curves for the camera to confuse. This, for example, is why comic book artists tend to draw tight uniforms and lean lined superheroes- straighter lines look less confusing when foreshortened, and posed, than round planes and shapes, in perspective. And superheroes are always drawn in wild fighting poses or from weird angles. Longer lines mean it’s easier for the eye to make sense of those shapes, and tend to look more pleasing.

    [–] Valentine's Day almost broke me. Theodaro 19 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    And where I work $90 will barely cover salads and mains for 2. I know everyone has different financial situations, but sometimes I see posts on here with guests complaining about expensive restaurants, and I just wanna be like, lady... (or dude, I suppose) you don't know what expensive is.

    Our Valentines tasting menu was $175 per person, and an additional $75 with wine pairings. Some people started with $120 of Caviar and then rolled into the tasting menu. Average check for a 2 top was about $600 with cocktails and coffee and after dinner drinks.

    And we are not the most expensive restaurant in the city by any means, our valentines prices were actually about the same as the Michelin star restaurant my partner works at, oddly, and he was commenting that they were being conservative this year. Other fancy spots were rolling out $200+ pp menus + wine parings at god knows how much (we don't have a huge cellar at my place). In my city $100 per person is the minim price of entry on Valentines day.

    [–] How often do you drink and how much do you think is acceptable and normal? Theodaro 2 points ago in AskWomen

    Interesting. We have very different ideas of what a “heavy drinker” means.

    4-5 drinks a week is sort of middle of the road, and fairly moderate for me and my friends. Two glasses of wine with dinner one night, a beer or two out with friends on a weekday, maybe a nice cocktail at the end of a long shift. I wouldn’t call that heavy at all.

    4-5 drinks a night is what I’d call a heavy drinker.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong or anything, just noting how we view the same things differently.

    [–] This is what every main character looks like from every current-gen adventure game with a 90+ metascore. Anyone else sick of this? Theodaro 1 points ago in GirlGamers

    Cuz I don’t have a current gen PlayStation right now and can’t play it. Stupid consul only releases. I was so hyped for the game, but can’t afford to buy my own consul right now, I’ve sunk a lot of money into my PC.

    If Horizon Zero Dawn was on Steam I’d play it.

    [–] What do people freak out about that really isn’t a big deal? Theodaro 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I work in a restaurant that has been open for more than ten years. We get people in who have been dining there for the duration- and they are still upset that the menu has changed. Like, we’re not going to have the same stuff on our menu for a decade.

    We are also really tied to seasonality, sustainable farms, and local ranchers. Yes, Karen, there are new ingredients in the salad, it’s the middle of winter and our farms aren’t growing tomatoes. No, Karen, there’s no salmon on the menu- the season is over, try the halibut, it’s delicious.

    [–] Women, what do you think about guys talking to you at the gym? Theodaro 2 points ago in AskWomen

    Please don’t- Unless my form is dangerously in need of criticism.

    [–] How were LGBT kids treated at your school? Theodaro 2 points ago in AskWomen

    Very well. Small Private school, Bay Area, CA, USA.

    [–] What age were you when you got your degree? What is it in? Theodaro 2 points ago in AskWomen

    What degree? Can’t afford a degree, either due to schooling costs or from time off work.

    I make my own way instead.

    [–] Which games do you like and why ? Theodaro 4 points ago in AskWomen

    I like open world rpgs- I just want to go at my own pace and find quests and enemies wherever I’m at. I don’t want story or gameplay jammed down my throat.

    [–] Disclose your allergies. If they exist. Theodaro 2 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    I suppose it was a bit of a rant. My bad, good luck out there.

    [–] Disclose your allergies. If they exist. Theodaro 4 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    Um, I think you are missing my point here.

    I’m talking about people who say they don’t like onions- yet then continue eat food that contains cooked or raw onions, and enjoy that food.

    If truly don’t like raw onions, all you have to do is say you don’t like RAW onions, and most servers will help you avoid those dishes or have the kitchen omit that ingredient.

    That’s totally fine, it’s ok to have a preference. That’s not what I’m nit picking here.

    I just find it frustrating when people say they don’t like the taste of an ingredient, and yet blissfully eat things that contain that ingredient.

    [–] Why do alot of women use more than on towel? Theodaro 1 points ago in AskWomen

    Women with long hair wrap their hair up in one towel to absorb the moisture while they towel dry their skin with the other.

    If they used only one towel, the towel would get really wet, and be ineffective, and would also take a long time to dry out when hung up in the bathroom. Using two towels saves time, and means they can use the towels a few times before washing them, because they will not get funky from being overly damp.

    [–] Disclose your allergies. If they exist. Theodaro 1 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    It's actually incredibly common to develop alium sensitivities later in life. This is why there's a stereo type of old people who don't like onions.

    [–] Disclose your allergies. If they exist. Theodaro 5 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    Yo, it's simpler to tell your server: I cannot digest lactose, it's the sugar in milk products, however- butter and very hard cheeses like Parmesan contain almost no lactose- so those are ok for me. Simple.

    Most servers understand lactose allergies. We actual have a button in our point of sales system in the allergies section that says, "Allergy DAIRY - BUTTER OK" and "Allergy DAIRY - NO BUTTER"

    [–] Disclose your allergies. If they exist. Theodaro 4 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    It just illustrates how few people in the world can actually cook, and how few people educate themselves about the food they eat.

    Aliums are the cornerstone of food in the west. Garlic, shallots, onions, sofrito, they are the base for almost ever dish. They are in soups, pasta sauce, salad dressing, pesto, mole, salsa, quiche, oven roasted veggies, marinade, etc.

    That ranch dressing they're so keen on? Yeah, it has onion powder in it...

    Most people who say they don't like aliums, don't like RAW onions or garlic in pieces big enough to see, but will gladly eat pizza, soup, a roast chicken or lamb dish, a fancy steakhouse cut (yeah, at most steak houses it's butter basted with aromatic herbs and aliums), mashed potatoes, and ranch!

    People are morons.

    I'm actually one of those people who has digestive issues with aliums, and it makes me really sad, because I love onions, love garlic bread, love french onion soup, love roasted garlic.... I still eat them anyway sometimes, and just deal with the bloating and gas. :(

    [–] TIL of the Son of Sam laws that state convicted criminals cannot profit in any way from their crimes whether it be from books, tv, film, etc. All proceeds from these deals go directly to the victims or their families. Theodaro 1 points ago in todayilearned

    I don’t think the two are comparable anyway.

    Growing up as a child of Hitlers inner echelon, meant growing up in a bubble of wealth, power, and propaganda, surrounded by a clear ideology that was non negotiable, pervasive, and supported by all their peers.

    The children were essentially brainwashed, and isolated from the atrocities of war and genocide their parents were committing.

    It was much more akin to growing up in strict religious communities, or cults. Children are at a disadvantage in these situations, and some will grow up and refuse to let go of the bullshit. There are still Nazis and religious fanatics across the globe today. Speaking of globes, there are flat earthers too- there are thousands of adults who grew believing in asinine ideology or broken science.

    I don’t think it’s quite the same as growing up with a scary messed up dad who’s not quite right, but you’re not sure why- but it’s clear the things he does are widely discouraged by society and your peers- unlike my other examples, where they were reinforced by the families and the community.