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    [–] There’s a new feller in town Thicc-Zombies 1 points ago in destiny2

    This man right here? The mod we all need.

    Take notes r/CODZombies, you suck.

    [–] Beast mode activated. Thicc-Zombies 2 points ago in destiny2

    What this man said. Sorry for the late reply.

    [–] Oryx, the Taken King Thicc-Zombies 3 points ago in destiny2

    Oryx with a moustache

    [–] Beast mode activated. Thicc-Zombies 6 points ago in destiny2

    Stormtrooper accuracy right there. I love it

    [–] PsBattle: A Wet Cat Thicc-Zombies 7 points ago in photoshopbattles

    I feel like this was posted before. If it is, lemme know.

    [–] So you asked and I'm drawing (WIP) Thicc-Zombies 2 points ago in CODZombies

    Looking good so far. You should do the Meistermeuchler from WWII zombies.

    [–] Lmao Thicc-Zombies 9 points ago in destiny2

    That’s the dream brother

    [–] Shoutout to Bungie.. Thicc-Zombies 8 points ago in destiny2

    I’m about halfway reading this and Jesus Christ.

    “One former BioWare developer told me they would frequently find a private room in the office, shut the door, and just cry.”

    [–] History Thicc-Zombies 5 points ago in destiny2