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    [–] The Mods Here Suck Thicc-Zombies 1 points ago in destiny2

    If you think the mods here suck you should see the ones in r/CODZombies

    [–] This has been all I can think since reading the lore Thicc-Zombies 4 points ago in destiny2

    Damn, I have the perfect meme for this OP, I’ll post it soon.

    [–] I just heard music for the first time in my life. Which songs should I listen to? Thicc-Zombies 1 points ago in CasualConversation

    I know this’ll get lost but I’d really recommend ‘Bad Company’s’ first album. One of the best rock albums out there.

    [–] Nice Thicc-Zombies 2 points ago in destiny2


    [–] Given Activision's history... Do you think there will be a catch to "No Season Pass"? Thicc-Zombies 1 points ago in modernwarfare

    Don’t believe anything Activision says, nothing is confirmed at this point but you know damn well there will be a season pass and loot boxes. As long as the system works like WWII and IW, it’ll be fine.

    [–] I Did Unsinkable (Hard) Solo Flawlessly. Thicc-Zombies 3 points ago in CODZombies

    Instead of this they could’ve awarded players with the Swordfish’s Mastercraft variant ‘Ahab’s Revenge’ but I guess not. That variant looks like it belongs in zombies (especially Voyage) with the pirate ship wheel, world map on the side, rope ladders, animated waves on the sights etc. But I guess not.

    With the difficulty of this challenge you’re not getting something worth your time. But good job nonetheless OP.

    [–] I think this shot of Samantha from the Alpha Omega ending is adorable. Anyone agree? Thicc-Zombies 3 points ago in CODZombies

    Doesn’t matter what you said before or after because the outcome will always be the same and you’re seen as a pedophile, shipping children is not ok.

    [–] Anyone else really like the UI? Thicc-Zombies 16 points ago in modernwarfare

    Very minimalistic, I love it. It’s 100x better than the BO4 UI already.

    [–] Tribute hall question Thicc-Zombies 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in destiny2

    Oh I’ve ran into you before! Are you still complaining on the daily?