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    [–] Drug dealers teach kids how to use the metric system better than public schools do. Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Have worked both in public schools and adolescent substance abuse treatment facilities (USA). Sadly, can confirm.

    [–] Wait for it D: Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    I jumped when that spider fell or jumped or whatever he/she did. Halp.

    [–] This ice bubble Thinker_Belle 2 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    cold snow bahaha

    [–] It's a sad day... my HG gel is being discontinued. I need suggestions for new ones to try! Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in curlyhair

    I'm not quite sure honestly, since they're very different textures. I do use the smoothie, but it also works really well in my hair... If I had to i guess I'd classify it as a thicker gel (the only other gel I use is deva ultra defining gel and the shea moisture gel seems thicker to me, but that could just be because it's stickier?) Sorry I don't have a better answer!

    [–] Very thick hair: Noob question Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in curlyhair

    Your hair sounds similar to mine. If you plan to wear it natural, I highly recommend getting a devacut so the curls will lay well when dry and curly. Layers make a huge (and great) difference when done well, but it has been my experience that 99% of the time when I've had my hair cut by a non-curl specialist, I've not like how it looks naturally curly.

    [–] It's a sad day... my HG gel is being discontinued. I need suggestions for new ones to try! Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in curlyhair

    The shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curling gel souffle is super sticky and crunchy. I usually see it at Walgreens, cvs, target, walmart, and various grocery stores.

    [–] Silicone/Sulfate free AND cruelty free??? Thinker_Belle 3 points ago in curlyhair

    If youre in the states, Trader Joe's tea tree tingle conditioner and lots of shea moisture products. The shea moisture products are on sale at Walgreens pretty frequently and are at some dollar stores.

    [–] Advice on cowashing? Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in curlyhair

    The advice here so far is good. I'd also add to keep in mind to use the pads of your fingers and not the nails when you rub the conditioner on your scalp. Some people also use more than one conditioner- for example, one for cowashing and one (usually a thicker one) on the mids to ends of hair after cowashing.

    [–] Names similar to Katherine or Lauren? Thinker_Belle 3 points ago in namenerds

    Lorelei is one of my favorites. There are some interesting origin stories about the name (though I couldn't tell you what's accurate or not) and a lot have to do with nature :)

    [–] Fiance [M39] of 5 years tells me [F36] that hurting animals is "normal" for boys. Thinker_Belle 27 points ago in relationships

    No. Not all boys hurt abuse or kill animals. My brother in law is an avid hunter and says the worst part of hunting is killing an animal, and would never try to hurt them- makes the kill as quickly and painlessly as possible as he says. I work with teenagers and a past of harming animals is always a big red flag. It is always a sign to look for at least serious behavioral and emotional issues and often this is tied to violence. Nip this in the bud now. Honestly I recommend talking to a counselor who specializes in working with adolescents in case there is something else going on here too (and also to help stop the animal abuse... that's sad and scary by itself). Good luck to you and your family!

    [–] Is this a Yoga brand? Thinker_Belle 2 points ago in yoga

    Great! You're welcome :)

    [–] Is this a Yoga brand? Thinker_Belle 2 points ago in yoga

    I think this is Vogo Athletics. I have a pair of their yoga leggings from Marshall's or TJ Maxx and they're also sold on Amazon. I haven't been able to find a brand website or any information on the brand though.

    [–] Need advice!! Thinker_Belle 2 points ago in curlyhair

    Hi! My hubby has curly hair and I may have some helpful suggestions.

    Wash hair only when needed (only when it's greasy, really. This could be anywhere from every other day to once a week for most people, but shouldn't be daily. Too harsh on curls).

    When washing, use shampoo and conditioner or just conditioner. But always use conditioner. We use suave essentials.

    Leave some conditioner in the hair when rinsing. Try to avoid touching it a ton while it's drying. Done! He can use a curl cream or gel if he wants, but not necessary if he wants to be as low maintenance as possible.

    Also in the mornings my hubby uses a spray bottle mix I have for our hair which is pretty much 1 part conditioner to 5 or 6 parts water. This revitalizes the curls so we don't have to completely style our hair every morning :) just spray and maybe mix it into the hair lightly with your fingers and that's it.

    [–] My [37M] mom’s new husband [71M] made a sexual advance on my wife [34F] Thinker_Belle 2 points ago in relationships

    Commenting because I haven't seen this in another comment (could have just missed it). If you and your wife haven't already, you should ask your daughter if John has had any inappropriate interactions with her already. Just to be safe. Best of luck to your family in dealing with this.

    [–] Fruit bats Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in gifs

    4th bat is eagle pose goals.

    [–] What's your "I don't know what ____ is and at this point I'm to afraid to ask?" Thinker_Belle 2 points ago in AskReddit

    My dad and I both had this experience as children with the [US] pledge of allegiance, with different parts of it.


    What it really was: "and to the Republic, for which it stands"

    What he thought it was:"and to the Republic, for Richard Stands"

    He thought Richard Stands was this really important man who had his own line in the pledge and was afraid to ask because he thought he should just know about him.


    What it really was: "one nation under God, indivisible"

    What I thought it was: "one nation under God, invisible"

    I went to a private Christian school and was afraid to ask them how God could see us if we were invisible.

    [–] Yoga Studies M.A. program for furthering career in yoga? Thinker_Belle 1 points ago in yoga

    Just a note on yoga therapy. Yoga alliance is voicing their opinion on that topic now. They released a statement pretty recently saying they currently don't want people using that term and only view it as appropriate to use the term "therapy" if the teacher is otherwise certified in a type of therapy (i.e., a social worker, mental health counselor, physical therapist etc).

    If you look up the statements on their website they obviously explain this better than I am lol

    My point though is that if you'd like to pursue something where you can use yoga and are interested in social work, the two work great together. There's a lot of overlap depending on how you choose to apply the study of yoga to your practice as a social worker.

    I work in mental health and am a yoga teacher. Just wanted to give another perspective for you to consider :)