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    [–] Solo travelling as a muslim ThisAintA5Star 1 points ago in solotravel

    Very very very few will look at you thinking you are dangerous. Almost none. Some are curious. Others are upset that you are condoning and wearing symbols of womens oppression and second class status. Some find it very upsetting to see a walking advertisement against womens equality.

    [–] She left the crosshair in..... ThisAintA5Star 8 points ago in Instagramreality

    Her body parts seem like their in different time perods.

    Her boobs are in the present, everything else is in varying degrees of hazy ‘flashback’ footage

    [–] Trump Has Told Friends That Gutting Medicare Could Be a Fun “Second-Term Project” ThisAintA5Star 12 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in politics

    The person who wrote this has truly captured murky fart-cloud essence of Trump, and has summed up how I feel about him well and truly.

    [–] That nope tho ThisAintA5Star 1 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    Or too weak to face being on their own and dont inow how to look after themselves at all.

    [–] Solo travelling as a muslim ThisAintA5Star 0 points ago in solotravel

    Wearing a hijab was against my beliefs but I did it to respect the culture of the country I was in. Weird how we’re ‘not allowed’ to turn that around.

    [–] Solo travelling as a muslim ThisAintA5Star 3 points ago in solotravel

    I took a flight from Iran to Dubai... the amount of people on the plane who disembarked wearing a hijab was very small compared to the embarked wearing one. Interesting watching from near the back, as the Plane climbed, hijabs just started coming off. I took mine off as soon as doors closed.

    [–] Solo travelling as a muslim ThisAintA5Star 4 points ago in solotravel

    So... when I’ve traveled in countries where it was common to wear Hijab, I wore hijab to blend in. Maybe you could bkend in with the majority culture if you’re worried you’ll stand out.

    [–] George being George ThisAintA5Star 6 points ago in Delightfullychubby

    Has someone alerted FEMA? The bowl is empty.

    [–] OMAD slice ThisAintA5Star 10 points ago in 1500isplenty

    Jesus christ. More calories than I want to be eating in a day.

    [–] Madlad playing the long game ThisAintA5Star 1 points ago in madlads

    My anaconda dont want none If its not at Ikea, son

    [–] Out of all countries you have visited so far what food do you miss the most? ThisAintA5Star 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in solotravel

    • Poutine.

    • A vegan pho

    • tabbouleh I used to buy from a turkish family in berlin

    • Melitzanosalata from Greece and the tomatoes and olive oil

    • Gelato in Italy

    • Best Pizza in the world in Napoli

    [–] Going to a gym where you can't speak the language... experience? Thoughts? ThisAintA5Star 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in xxfitness

    Ive done group fitness classes in a language that I didnt understand at all, not even close to conversational and it was totally fine. JUst do it. Especially something like zumba.,, just copy what theyre doing.

    You’re waaaaay over thinking it and making it seem much more of a difficult task than it is,

    [–] [WEEKLY THREAD] WTF Wednesday - Tell us what really grinds your gears! ThisAintA5Star -4 points ago in xxfitness

    I fucking know exactly what it means.

    Women being pressured to be modest and fully covered even when playing sports is such a bullshit double standard. Men wear whatever they want.

    Women who condone this double standard, like you, make the world a worse place overall for women. That is what grinds my gears.

    Your own prophet calls you and all women deficient in intelligence. Read your fucking sunnah.

    [–] Somehow fit Cap'n Crunch and an Impossible Whopper with fries into my day! O_O ThisAintA5Star 3 points ago in 1500isplenty

    Even intuitive eaters and people not trying to lose weight will do things like: “Oh, I’m going out for So-and-sos birthday dinner, I’ll just have a light lunch”

    [–] [WEEKLY THREAD] WTF Wednesday - Tell us what really grinds your gears! ThisAintA5Star 3 points ago in xxfitness

    It feels like every time I get on a good roll, something happens to stop me right in my tracks.

    Fucking this.

    [–] [WEEKLY THREAD] WTF Wednesday - Tell us what really grinds your gears! ThisAintA5Star -7 points ago in xxfitness

    If you’re having issues with facial sweating it will likely be a lot more comfortable to not wear a hijab when exercising. Having material around your head is retaining some of your body heat, as you would generally lose between 7-10% of your body heat through your head.

    My personal experience of wearing a head covering when exercising/hiking outdoors in Summer even when getting a breathable and wicking material one from Singapore is a big hell no, not worth it, doesn’t help. Its unfair. This garment affects womens ability and comfort to join in on such activities.