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    [–] The real discussion ThisOnesNotForPorn 2 points ago in OnePiece

    To be fair, not all Kenyans are dark skinned.

    [–] I wouldn't even be mad ThisOnesNotForPorn 0 points ago in suspiciouslyspecific

    You have my upvote and my laughter.

    [–] Anybody got any tips for lasting longer? ThisOnesNotForPorn 11 points ago in bigdickproblems

    Kegel exercises well help your control in general. I surprised and impressed my gf when I lost my virginity to her with how well I did. (I wasn't her first). Was called a porsntar and nerd in the same sentence lol. Head over to r/sex and check the FAQs, very good guidelines on when to squeeze or release during sex to last longer. There's a good mobile app on Android as well that I use with "easy to follow workouts and daily reminders makes this the easy way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!" It's called PFEI Kegel Trainer.

    To answer your specific questions, my personal technique is to be a step or two below the "edging point." If I get too close, the anticipation of orgasm kills all my self control. But after solo practice with Kegel exercises, I'm slowly learning to get to the brink and bring myself back with any change of pace.

    [–] LGBT religious people, how do you reconcile your identity and your religion? ThisOnesNotForPorn 7 points ago in AskReddit

    As a straight Muslim, I didn't want to comment on behalf of any LGBTQ+ Muslims, but this is exactly my view as well. We all have weaknesss and demons to battle, and some challenges may seem harder than others, but "No soul is burdened with more than it can bear".

    For what it's worth, I'm proud of you and pray only for the best for you in your inner struggle. ✊

    [–] Wall of cats ThisOnesNotForPorn 1 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    And it still didn't get to the top peg. All that for nothing. What a jerk.

    [–] Trying to modify this funding tracker to show more detail ThisOnesNotForPorn 1 points ago in excel

    With that sheet unhidden, I was then able to copy the formulas with appropriate references, the ACTIVE PIPELINE now shows more projects! (it's showing one less than the total, though that's a minor problem I think) Thank you so much!!!

    Last thing is now to try and work the likelihood in. I know how to do the most basic of conditional formatting, i.e. changing the color on the specific cells that match the criteria.

    But how do I change the color of a different cell based on the text in a separate column. And extrapolating that to this workbook, how do I take the text in the DATA sheet column- Likelihood I created (text of "High" / "Moderate" / "Low") and use them to color the appropriate Project blocks in ACTIVE PIPELINE sheet. Ensuring the color stays as the projects move through each stage.

    Gosh. Is this even possible?

    Thank you so much for your assistance u/tirlibibi17

    [–] Trying to modify this funding tracker to show more detail ThisOnesNotForPorn 1 points ago in excel

    Thank you for such a swift response! I tried the copying G33:G37 to G38:G42, the references adapted okay, but for whatever reason, the ACTIVE PIPELINE sheet still only shows a maximum of five projects.

    I don't have the likelihood information anywhere on this sheet. My intention was to add another column on the DATA sheet with that information. Thank you for that guidance.

    [–] Dick twins, I need your advice ThisOnesNotForPorn 2 points ago in bigdickproblems

    She wasn't a virgin but commented on my size positively. What we did and still always do is after a ton of foreplay and fingering, she can still only accommodate a little at a time at first. So the first few strokes are shallow, maybe just the head and a bit before I can go a little deeper. She's not naturally wet so lube is a must.

    Listen to her. If she asks to stop, please do. On top of that, I was surprised at how much I had to "push" at the initial entry. Porn misleads when it shows instant balls-deep entry.

    The brand of condoms I use is called Skin, and it's the largest on sale in the whole bloody country with a nominal width of 57mm. I'd recommend 58mm-60mm despite having never worn them based just off how the 57s felt on me.

    I had been doing kegels for a few weeks before, so my stamina was incredible. At the end of the day, just enjoy it. Y'all aint nothing but mammals, so just do it like they do on the Discovery Channel. Good luck!

    [–] Penis Curve Questions ThisOnesNotForPorn 1 points ago in bigdickproblems

    1. Downward curve with a slight left orientation.

    2. Pros:

    • Doggystyle, apparently, hits all the right spots for her internally


    • It looks shorter than it actually is, unless I hold it down against my thigh
    • Missionary with me on top can cause uncomfortable bending and serious tightness, unless it's that position with her legs on my shoulders which has it's own length related downsides (though I'm a fresh-ish non-virgin, so more practice is needed on all fronts
    1. I can't conclusively say yes but I believe so. Doggy and Cowgirl allow her to feel "more of everything" by her accounts

    [–] Why Enies Lobby is the best arc ThisOnesNotForPorn 5 points ago in OnePiece

    Definitely my favorite and thanks for the essay! I'd add that we see development of Aokiji, a man at the pinnacle of the Navy. Strong enough to have wiped out the entire crew at any point in the arc, his role in Robin's past and his decision to let her live at the end sets him out as more than a generic boss to be defeated along the way but as a complex human who despite being very good at his job still sometimes questions its morality.

    [–] Black guys here what do you think about the BBC stereotype. ThisOnesNotForPorn 1 points ago in bigdickproblems

    To be clear, when you say "dope dude" which definition of dope are we using?