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    [–] Desire to be outdoors ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    I've done multiple long duration fasts this summer and I can echo this feeling 100% through and through. I will do anything to get out of the house even if it means taking people to get food. I feel so much more alive when I'm outside.

    [–] How do you guys feel about doing a 7 day fast and then beginning another one straight away? ThisPlaceisHell 0 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in fasting

    That's the crappy thing, I don't eat keto. I enter ketosis just from fasting. 5 days of 0 carbs will do it no matter who you are. The difference is where most men can do this without any complications, I suffer keto rash, something seemingly no one on this board wants to talk about. I couldn't even do a keto diet because my body would look like this in a matter of weeks.

    See what I mean? Some tool downvoting me for speaking the honest truth about something involving fasting that I'm dealing with and they don't want to acknowledge. This sub is just like any other fan base, shilling and censorship of anything that speaks even remotely negatively about the central focus topic. Sad.

    [–] How do you guys feel about doing a 7 day fast and then beginning another one straight away? ThisPlaceisHell 0 points ago in fasting

    This is what I'm shooting for just with a smaller fast window, more like 3-4 days because of freaking keto rash limiting what I can do. I've done 7 days easy, 5 even easier but I guess nature said I'm not allowed to because apparently I'm one of the very very few men out there who develops the rash with heavy ketone presence. Gonna be refeeding heavy carbs and see how it goes. Keep an eye on this board in the coming weeks to see how it works for me.

    [–] Over 48 hours, having lost even a percentage of a pound. ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    Yeah that takes the cake alright. Your optimism and positivity definitely help give me hope. The difference between past attempts to change my body and this time, is I gave up on the face of adversity all those other times. I won't this time. And that's why it's going to work. Good luck and go to sleep!

    [–] Over 48 hours, having lost even a percentage of a pound. ThisPlaceisHell 5 points ago in fasting

    What's more annoying? Fasting for 2 days and seeing no change on the scale? Or fasting for 5 days, seeing a total drop of 6 pounds, then after a single day of eating you're right back to where you started?

    [–] Away for half a year, I wonder the if the camera issue of BoTW was fixed or not? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in cemu

    I can confirm on 1.13 that we still need GX2DrawDone to prevent the camera from flickering when looking at an object. Have not tried monitoring fps while staring at the same object over long periods of time. Will try it now and update with my results.

    Stared at a treasure chest for 2 minutes with the camera rune open. No performance drops.

    [–] BOTW 16/10 screen's graphic packs 1080p & 1280p ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in cemu

    Look at that. I love this post. It's proof positive that GPU can be a bottleneck in CEMU even with a totally shit CPU and at a mere 1080p. Remember all those tools who thought they could play this at like 8k with no GPU bottleneck? Idiots. Thanks for the post and the effort involved to get all this data.

    [–] What's the most obnoxious attention seeking behavior you've witnessed? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm just here to comment that literally all but one of the top comments are about women. Ladies, get your shit together.

    [–] Jason Kessler's anti-Jewish screed was interrupted by his father: 'Hey, get out of my room' ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in news

    It's always hilarious to me to see someone leaning right use left leaning vocabulary and get ceremoniously slaughtered for it. Really points out the hypocrisy in the whole fucking system.

    [–] JOLED Developing High-End OLED Gaming Monitors (x-post /r/HFR) ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in Monitors

    Yes. What happens with OLED is that the parts of the screen that are on more than others, and especially those that are white (uses all 3 channels of color), become dimmer than other parts of the screen. To the user it is very similar to burn in but it is not the same mechanism. It's actually the opposite. To undue the visibility of these retained images you would need to display an inverse picture of the ghost image so that the rest of the screen plays catch up to the parts that were burned in, wearing the screen down evenly. But all this really achieves is reducing the overall display brightness to a lower level. This kind of situation is exactly why I refuse to use OLED, as nice as it looks.

    [–] The best 27" 1440p 144hz monitor right now? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in Monitors

    They definitely do have shitty gamma. That sounds about right from my experience with them. I returned mine after a day and went with one of the true 8 bit IPS like monitors. But I disagree that TN is fine. If I'm spending multiple hundreds on a monitor already, I would never go with TN. It's bottom barrel garbage in the current year and the ONLY reason you should ever use TN is when it is out of absolute necessity for hitting the right response times as in with the 240hz monitors. But to me, that is not worth the sacrifice coming from IPS like displays. Not at all.

    [–] Day 3 of 30. Started at 250! Let’s get it boys ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    Depends lately it's been chicken and broccoli with soup. I'm not loading up on pizza and cheeseburgers. And today I'm back to 256 by the way. It's like that 5 day fast didn't exist after 2 days of eating back to back. Feels really shitty.

    [–] The best 27" 1440p 144hz monitor right now? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in Monitors

    They have horrible color banding from just being a crappy TN panel, one of the worst I've seen since LCDs came to market. If you must save money and get a TN monitor with the same specs, go with one of the other gaming monitors like the PG278QR. But I really can't recommend TN to anyone in 2018.

    [–] Playstation Access says Red Dead Redemption is largest Map Rockstar ever Made. Also say Human Bodies Rot like Animals ThisPlaceisHell 2 points ago in reddeadredemption

    You are about a decade at the very least away from this fantasy of yours ever being remotely possible in a video game. To put things into perspective, I was supremely impressed at how far away from the player the game would remember tire tracks in GTA V. Tire tracks. You're asking for piles of corpses to stay in a specific spot of the map and keep a rate of decay calculated while you're busy on the other side of the map. For dozens of bodies. Just, no.

    [–] The best 27" 1440p 144hz monitor right now? ThisPlaceisHell 2 points ago in Monitors

    Except for the shitty Dell which is a TN with a 6 bit panel. Avoid at all costs. And no, new revisions do not fix it.

    But as for the IPS ones this is true.

    [–] JOLED Developing High-End OLED Gaming Monitors (x-post /r/HFR) ThisPlaceisHell 5 points ago in Monitors

    It's unavoidable. It isn't burn in, it's burn out. Every second that a pixel is not turned off, it is getting dimmer and dimmer. Crank the brightness up and you expedite this process.

    OLED will never be viable for monitors.

    [–] Day 3 of 30. Started at 250! Let’s get it boys ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    I did a water fast where I lost 13 lbs in 7 days. Went from 267 to 254. Most of it happened in the first 3 days, like OP. The rest slowly came off at a rate of about 1lb a day. Sometimes slightly more or less. After eating the first day I gained back 3 pounds. Then I fasted for about 36 hours and it went back down to 254 again. I ate again, bringing it back up to 256, when I then did at day fast. In those 5 days I only lost 6 pounds. Then I ate again and it jumped back up to 254. Today I ate again, so no fast between eating days, and we'll see how much I am tomorrow when I weigh in. Hoping for 254 again otherwise I'm right back where I started before this 5 day fast and I'm not sure how that's possible.

    [–] 2 years of intermittent fasting and a low carb diet. ThisPlaceisHell 2 points ago in fasting

    No joke you look like you dropped so many years, but only because you looked much older than you really were for your age. Great job.

    [–] 25 Killed in Bloody Suicide Attack at Educational Center in Kabul-Death Toll May Rise ThisPlaceisHell 14 points ago in news

    Amazing how little attention this gets. I bet a story about Donald Trump eating ice cream would get more upvotes.

    ... oh.

    [–] Where is the "G-Sync Indicator" on my Dell S2716DG monitor? ThisPlaceisHell 3 points ago in nvidia

    It's basically useless. All it does is tell you the driver says to use g-sync. It doesn't actually let you know if you're currently seeing proper variable refresh rate. Proof is on Windows 10 1803 with pre-398.98 hotfix drivers installed and doing a reboot. You won't get windowed mode g-sync proven by visual tests and if your monitor has an "fps counter" it will show a constant max refresh rate despite framerate fluctuations in your game. All this and the g-sync indicator would say all-the-while that g-sync is on and working. It's useless.

    [–] Samsung CF390 with a curved VA panel has weird sub pixels. Should I return it? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in Monitors

    That sucks man. But you being here says you know better. Either pony up today for the best available which doesn't meet all our criteria, or save up and sit on crappier tech for years waiting for something that honestly feels like it might never come.