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    [–] McDonald's, Burger King, Five Guys among 22 burger chains given "F" over antibiotics ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in news

    My dude. I ended a 7 day pure water fast at 5 guy's. Felt fucking fine and never got a case of the liquid shits or anything bad. Some people are just weak stomached. Too many people, if I may be so bold, sir.

    [–] Subreddit User Opinion, What do you want for the subreddit ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    I just want it to not look like this:







    Down the whole freaking page.

    [–] Upset stomach ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    I felt so awful after a 6 day fast, I had to break on day 7 because of stomach nausea. Soon as I started eating, no, soon as I determined in my mind I was going to start eating and began cooking, the nausea cleared up completely. Hasn't been back since I went back to eating.

    [–] Man attacks victim during racist rant ThisPlaceisHell 38 points ago in news

    I am not all of Reddit and I never even commented on those other stories. Fuck off with your shit. There IS a double standard active around here and it should be called out.

    [–] Man attacks victim during racist rant ThisPlaceisHell 68 points ago in news

    Absolutely fucking hilarious that races are not labeled at all in the title despite it being directly related to race. Also hilarious how much this post is getting downvoted, guessing because of the races involved for the roles.

    [–] They say campng will be fun, then you wake up to this. ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in gifs

    Bullshit. There was a video posted to LiveLeak very recently of a guy who was attacked by a lion at some Mexican mansion while breaking and entering. The lion ripped his stomach open and left his guts hanging out before people "saved" him.

    [–] No such thing as too much exercise, study finds. It found that any level of cardiovascular fitness — including the kind you’d see from elite athletes — is linked to staying alive longer. ThisPlaceisHell 7 points ago in science

    I don't care so much about living longer but I damn sure do care about living better. It would be marvelous not to go for a casual 3 mph walk and wind up with my heart rate are 180 bpm. Or better yet be able to actually feel healthy and perform like an athlete, look like one and feel like one. I'm working on improving those things but it's going to take a long time and every little bit helps.

    [–] A great response ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in funny

    It's even worse on the news subreddits. You could have a post that's hours old with 2000 or less upvotes on the front of the page, and when you go to the subreddit itself it's smack dab in-between two posts about as old, with dozens of thousands more upvotes that I never saw reach the front. Someone is pulling some strings that's for fucking sure.

    [–] One year Keto Anniversary - Down 60 lbs ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    This for real? Not some kind of meme weight loss advertisement with two clearly different people? Unreal.

    [–] Sleeping loads ThisPlaceisHell 6 points ago in fasting

    I usually sleep like 7-8 hours when eating regularly. Fasting extends it to 9-10. The biggest reason, in all honesty that I can think of, is because it's less miserable to sleep through the fast than be awake.

    [–] LPT: Remove the other person to figure out if you should use me/I. ThisPlaceisHell 2 points ago in LifeProTips

    Is this a well known joke because I just was chatting with my buddy last night about Jar Jar becoming a Sith lord and it had us dying. Coincidences man.

    [–] Exercise makes fasting harder ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    I can only imagine how hard that is going to the gym. I started working out a bit more, I go for walks now not even far and I still feel significantly worse than when I don't. I'm hoping as time goes on and my health improves I'll be able to increase exercise output while fasting and not having it make me feel nauseous and starving. I generally feel fine fasting otherwise so I think it definitely is tied to the exercise.

    [–] My sister was just told in school that skipping meals makes you gain weight and store fat... ugh ThisPlaceisHell 17 points ago in fasting

    I wonder if this is a new fad going around because my sister is obsessed with popcorn right now, and even had her job buy a popcorn machine for the office so she can snack constantly. Then she cries to me about how she can't lose weight. Hmm, do you really think it's because you're eating this crap all day, and never give your body a chance to stop putting fat away and start burning.

    [–] White House official called Trudeau 'that little punk kid running Canada' ThisPlaceisHell -1 points ago in worldnews

    You cannot lie about height when you are one of the most photographed people of all time, often standing directly next to others. Is this really the pettiness people have against him? That they're going to circile jerk over something as shallow and meaningless as height? Absurd.

    [–] Edmonton girl guide sells out of cookies in front of cannabis store on first day ThisPlaceisHell 0 points ago in news

    Asking for details from someone who is already sharing personal problems that they argue justifies their medicinal marijuana, is being condescending now? Just asking for that is enough to fully offend and agitate you? Maybe you're the one with an attitude problem looking for a fight wherever you can find one. I was just curious since it sounds so debilitating.

    If you want rudeness and condescension, I'd say something in response to your condition like "yeah, but that has nothing to do with stoners making snap judgements and exhibiting poor self control buying cookies they don't need."

    [–] Edmonton girl guide sells out of cookies in front of cannabis store on first day ThisPlaceisHell 0 points ago in news

    I'm a medical marijuana patient who actually needs to smoke in order to eat without throwing up constantly and have to have a feeding tube shoved up my nose and down my throat

    You have a source for this medical condition? Very fortunate of you to live at a time where your exact condition can luckily be treated by smoking pot and it's now legal for you. How'd you survive all these years without that legal weed?

    [–] Health Screening ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    Well, how did you feel at that time? Taking electrolytes or anything but water?

    [–] Whoa....what happened to my skin tags? ThisPlaceisHell 2 points ago in fasting

    Lucky you. Since I have started fasting, I've had noticeably worse skin. First off I develop keto rash if I fast too long and don't eat carbs. This has lead to permanent scarring of locations where the rash went on too long. Second, when I do break skin, say from a pimple, the site heals very poorly. It takes weeks for a basic pimple to clear up to flat smooth skin, and it always leaves a permanent marking. Right up until I started fasting, I never had this problem anywhere on my body. I'm thinking it's from malnutrition during times of healing where my body lacks the things it needs to properly heal these wounds. It's very scary and nerve wracking.

    [–] What evidence do you have to show that our pets actually love us and do not simply suffer from stockholm syndrome? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A family member's dachshund loves me to death and is always so happy when I see him, yet I've never done anything in particular to take care of him or spoil him. There's no real incentive for him to like me as he does besides he just does.

    [–] "I'm gonna bump you" haven't laughed this hard in a while. ThisPlaceisHell 10 points ago in funny

    This was actually an advertisement for dental care. That's what a perfect set of teeth look like.