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    [–] Covington Catholic: Longer video shows start of the incident at Indigenous Peoples March ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in news

    Reminds me of that Louis CK bit on the "N word" and how that's just a cheat way for white people to get away with saying nigger without actually saying it, because once you say "the N word" you automatically put the word in the listener's mind. It's kind of true. At the end of the day it's just a word and it's the context that should matter, not the actual act of letting a certain combination of sounds leave your mouth.

    [–] Microsoft is looking for feedback on how to improve gaming on Windows 10. ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in windowsinsiders

    Best comment I've seen on this subreddit to date. Finally, someone who knows what the hell they're talking about. 1607 was the last build of Windows 10 that was good for gaming. No bullshit fullscreen optimizations to break performance, no bad version of WDDM that breaks my monitors refresh rate override feature. Everything just works as expected. I want to update to newer versions for new features, but I refuse to so long as the gaming experience is as broken and disasterous as it currently is on 1703+.

    [–] How do I even respond to this? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    Thank you for posting, there aren't many of us who have suffered this terrible feeling but it did happen and it really is awful. And also nice to hear that fasting has cured someone else of it too, adding more credence to what I self-diagnosed to be the cure to my problem. This really is the best thing I've ever discovered for my own body and health. It's such a powerful tool, that it blows my mind how brainwashed people are today in thinking "oh I must eat 6 small meals a day every day no matter what" as if they're out hiking for miles and miles a day, hunting for meat and scavenging for berries all day. Give me a break.

    [–] How do I even respond to this? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    I'm so happy for you, I know exactly how amazing that feels finding it all out and having it just click like that. And yes that first 28 hours is tough, but once you get past it then the rest usually follows nicely. I wish you the best of luck on keeping up the progress and achieving your goals. You absolutely can do it.

    [–] Mexicans stealing Fuel from a pipeline when some smokers show up. results in a huge explosion. ThisPlaceisHell 13 points ago in videos

    This completely solidifies my prejudice against ravenous lunatic sports fanatics, especially soccer fans. How can you dance and cheer for a fucking entertainment team while people are being burned alive right before your very eyes? Fucking whackjobs.

    [–] RPCS3 - Ni no Kuni | Now Playable! (4k Gameplay) ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in emulation

    That's really unfortunate. I hope we eventually get a proper solution that doesn't involve compromising exclusive fullscreen.

    [–] RPCS3 - Ni no Kuni | Now Playable! (4k Gameplay) ThisPlaceisHell 4 points ago in emulation

    although Nvidia users may want to use OpenGL instead of Vulkan or keep the window maximized instead of full-screened to avoid a driver issue that affects drivers 4xx and up

    Can you go into detail about this a bit? I'm very curious what that problem is exactly.

    [–] How do I even respond to this? ThisPlaceisHell 5 points ago in fasting

    I drank filtered water with electrolytes added. Sodium, potassium and magnesium salts. These are not very important for shorter fasts like less than 3 days, but if you plan on going for a long time you should really make sure you get these in your system. Shoot for no less than 1L of salt-mixed water a day. As for your irish moss, I don't know what that is so I cannot comment on it.

    As long as you're getting that salt water, it's really very easy. Just keep hydrated and stay busy, you will be just fine. Within just a couple days you will start to feel the benefits and how much smaller/healthier your body can feel when it isn't being overly stuffed with foods it doesn't need every single day. Good luck and enjoy.

    [–] Q2VKPT - Quake 2 real-time path tracing using RTX ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in nvidia

    Software looks best for Half Life 1, and Quake 2 as well IMHO. It's just a shame the software renderer for Quake 2 doesn't have colored light maps. But it really does look "right" to my eyes that way and I grew up playing it in OpenGL on a Geforce 2.

    [–] Q2VKPT - Quake 2 real-time path tracing using RTX ThisPlaceisHell 5 points ago in nvidia

    It looks like they're playing with a controller and massive amounts of input lag.

    [–] Q2VKPT - Quake 2 real-time path tracing using RTX ThisPlaceisHell 3 points ago in nvidia

    Oh god with the global illumination it would be gorgeous. It already had almost 100% dynamic lights casting shadows. But having the light bounce would create a much better atmosphere IMHO. With Doom 3 being fully open sourced, we can expect that to be a thing one day.

    [–] How do I even respond to this? ThisPlaceisHell 14 points ago in fasting

    My longest is a 9 day so I can sort of speak on that experience.

    Basically, you just feel lighter and smaller, healthier. Your body clears out a lot of that backed up garbage and does some self repair. For instance, for years prior to my journey with fasting began, I would suffer from waking up at night choking on my own vomit due to stomach acid creeping up my esophagus when sleeping on my right side. It was the most awful thing I'd experience and made me dread sleeping knowing that I cannot stop myself from ending up on my right side and waking up feeling like I'm drowning in acid that cannot be cleared up since it's in my throat.

    Well, fasting must have allowed my body to repair what was wrong with my stomach and throat because it completely stopped happening even when I would eat foods right before bed. It just completely stopped. I could finally sleep on my right side and be at peace all night long. It is such a relief. And I am confident I have fasting to thank for it as like I said I suffered this for years and the only change to my life right now is fasting, and it's gone.

    That's just one example that personally affects me, I'm sure you will hear something else from others. And I really cannot undermine how amazing that feeling of lightness and thinness feels on a 3+ day long fast. You just feel more efficient and healthy, no bloating and sluggishness. I love it.

    [–] How do I even respond to this? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in fasting

    I just want to share my own experience on this exact subject and you can formulate how you want to act from there:

    About a decade ago, I was much younger and more impressionable. I'd take anything anyone said to heart without really considering whether they're right or not. This has lead to some very bad decisions on my part. The biggest one by far is from listening to everyone who said the exact same shit in your op picture. We're talking word for word, the exact same phrases were said to me a decade ago, and I listened to them.

    Guess what? I failed to achieve anything. I plateaued hard and eventually gave up after months of grinding a low calorie diet and eating small meals every day didn't work out for me. I became depressed and slipped back into eating badly, the weight went back on, and I ended up heavier than I ever was.

    Well several months ago I discovered fasting and now that I'm much older and wiser, I know now not to do everything everyone tells me to do, I decided to set out to just do what I want and what I know works based on very simple principles. It's like Dr. Fung says, when he asked his child how they think people should lose fat, the child simply said "stop eating!" And you know what? It really is that simple.

    Now I am not saying this is a foolproof method of weight loss in that it requires discipline and motivation just like anything else. You need to stick to it and be honest with yourself. I feel I'm putting in far less effort than my days of killing myself in the gym everyday and slamming protein shakes, grilled chicken wraps, salads etc all day long, and yet I'm getting far better results. In 5 months time, I watched my weight drop nearly 50lbs with 0 exercise, calorie counting, or even using keto. I would just fast for 3-7 days at a time, break with whatever food I want, eat for a couple days, then back to water fasting. And the weight just flew off.

    Unfortunately sometime around early November I had some life changes and with the holidays, I've completely stopped fasting altogether. I plan on picking it back up very soon as I want my 1 year anniversary (May 28th) to really count, but to give you an idea, it's now been over 2.5 months of completely stopping fasting. I'm eating every single day, sometimes twice a day of large meals, and how much has my weight gone up? About 5-6 lbs. Obviously this is not a great thing, but the glorious part about fasting is that with just a couple weeks of fasting that weight will be gone and then some. Completely undoing nearly 3 months of damage.

    The main takeaway I want you to understand from this is, it's okay to do what you want with your body as long as you know it's safe. We know fasting is safe, so you shouldn't let anyone dictate YOUR LIFE and YOUR BODY. It's you who will ultimately have to face every day life in that body, why should you let anyone else stop you from doing what you feel you need to do to achieve your goals? So to answer your question of what you should say to that person: the answer is nothing. Don't say a word. Just ignore them, and if they won't stop hounding you tell them to leave you alone about that subject and drop it. Do what you need to do and let the results speak for you.

    [–] What emulated console games better than PC native version? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in emulation

    Are you of the opinion that 2D pixel art games should stay at their same resolution and not be upscaled with crappy blur filters? Because I am, and that opinion extends to very early 3D games, the ones that were made for 480i and below. It's like taking a Nintendo 64 game and setting it to 4k. It just doesn't look right. I believe Splinter Cell 1 and 2 should be played at their native 480i output on a CRT for the ideal experience. You may disagree with that, and that's fine, but you cannot handwaive all the broken and missing effects in the PC port compared to original on console. It's just night and day difference in the Xbox favor.

    [–] My first prostate exam be like. ThisPlaceisHell 3 points ago in funny

    As someone who loves the sound of Tom cat screaming his head off in Tom and Jerry, I'm gonna have to strongly disagree with you there.

    [–] Is there a way to know if G-sync is working properly? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in nvidia

    Almost completely useless. My monitor has a built in refresh rate counter which it calls "FPS" but it really isn't. It shows what the monitor is currently refreshing at and if g-sync works it will change rapidly at almost all the time. If g-sync is not working, it stays locked at 144hz. I have tested lately OpenGL games in windowed mode with a hooked process to engage g-sync, and the g-sync indicator will show off in windowed mode and on in fullscreen, yet in windowed mode with the hook it can engage g-sync and change refresh rate. The indicator is only a barebones way of saying whether it's on or not.

    [–] Ports vs Originals ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in emulation

    Generally speaking, originals. I can't think of a single port that is flawless. Every single one has triggered some bug somewhere, or just ruined the original's direction etc.

    [–] Utilizing OBS Game Capture to trigger working G-Sync in Windowed mode for OpenGL(+Vulkan?) games ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in obs

    I definitely will. I'm surprised nobody else talked about this on the web yet. It's pretty fascinating to see. Hopefully they can improve the implementation such that it can be used specifically to unlock this feature without capturing and recording being tied in.

    [–] John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Official Trailer ThisPlaceisHell 2 points ago in movies

    I said why I assume it's nothing to them, they live luxuriously. Mansions, super cars, expensive clothes and not to mention the aresenals they use. You really think 14 million will go that far with such lavish tastes? I have homes within a few miles of my house that cost about that much money. It's really not a lot especially given the price tag of what it takes to earn it.

    Surely if Dr Evil can get laughed at for asking 100 million over 21 years ago, then it would take a lot more than 14 million to go after someone who will almost surely kill you.

    [–] John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Official Trailer ThisPlaceisHell 2 points ago in movies

    Anyone else feel like Number 2 when Dr. Evil asks for 100 million dollars in 1997? I mean, 14 million is fucking nothing today and given how luxurious these people's lives are, you'd think that would be chump change for them. Surely the greatest hitman with the most renown would cost more than 14 million for anyone to be crazy enough to try, right?

    [–] Can you use Windows 10 19H1 Insider Builds as daily drivers? ThisPlaceisHell 1 points ago in windows

    Absolutely not. There are major issues with it especially around gaming. For example, any game that uses BattleEye anti-cheat right now causes a green screen of death as soon as it loads. These 19H1 builds are by far the buggiest I've had the displeasure of installing and I would not recommend anyone who isn't committed to bug testing and reporting feedback should install.

    [–] Scanline Sync in the latest Riva Tuner is freaking AMAZING. ThisPlaceisHell 12 points ago in nvidia

    It's the best alternative to not having g-sync. Amazingly low input lag and just as if not more smooth than VRR. The only real thing that makes it lose to g-sync is that it has to have your GPU at low utilization to work right. I highly recommend anyone on a 60hz monitor with decent specs try this though as it should be very easy to lock 60 in most games and get that silky smooth low input lag gameplay.