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    [–] Statue of my cousin who drowned while successfully saving another person at Newport Beach. This is the photo his dad sent my dad after the unveiling. Thoughtlessandlost 2 points ago in pics

    Then you would have to be lifting the actual body then if it's still on the surface. The whole point is for it to do the majority of the work so you aren't stuck with the thing that's keeping you afloat not actively working with you. Right now it's balanced where you can get down but also helps when you need to get them off the bottom.

    [–] The Only 3 NMD R1s That Matter... To Me Thoughtlessandlost 7 points ago in Sneakers

    I saw a guy wearing the static colorway today and they look even better in person. By far my favorite NMDs.

    [–] One of my favourite passages in Kurt Vonnegut's [Slaughterhouse 5] Thoughtlessandlost 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in books

    Yeah I would whole heartily suggest you read this book. It's a wonderful tale and a fairly easy read that sucks you in.

    Edit: spelling and autocorrect are a bad mix

    [–] Wendigo Thoughtlessandlost 9 points ago in creepy

    It's a Witcher 3 reference

    [–] Shinden performs a cobra. Thoughtlessandlost 2 points ago in Warthunder

    The book is really good as well. Just the way it leaves you and the whole premise is just heavy but makes sure that it sticks with you for a while afterwards at least for me. It helps the direct was Mamoru Oshii who does those style of movies amazing.

    [–] Shinden performs a cobra. Thoughtlessandlost 8 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in Warthunder

    The J2 Skyly that the teacher flies? Or the Sanka Mk B everyone else flies? Both are amazing. I have the art book from the movie and all the different designs they have are amazing.

    Edit: Corrected spelling

    [–] Shinden performs a cobra. Thoughtlessandlost 11 points ago in Warthunder

    What a great but sad movie. The opening scene will always be my favorite air combat clip.

    [–] As straight up as it gets Thoughtlessandlost 0 points ago in Trumpgret

    That's how you get discourse started between the two.

    [–] I'm sure they've both got a valid excuse... Thoughtlessandlost 1 points ago in funny

    But if god is all powerful, why doesn't he cure them both? He is a just and fair good right? There's a difference in what God is and how much he can do and what we are.

    [–] I'm sure they've both got a valid excuse... Thoughtlessandlost 1 points ago in funny

    You can't just add on things to the parent frame work. Two people have the same cancer and go to the same pilgrimage in search of healing. One person is healed while the other isn't. That was what the parent feeding was suppose to be a metaphor for. And suffering is different from dying though. It's like having two cats with the same medical problem and having enough money to give both the surgery but only giving one the surgery and letting the other die while telling it that it is for her own good. You don't know why God would act like that and neither do I. Just leave it at that. I understand the whole idea that it increases our devotion to him and that it's him still maintaining contact with us, but then how come only certain people get to become conduits while others are left to die. I never understand the obsession with suffering. Nothing is gained by having a family torn apart by cancer, a child with muscle dystrophy doesn't gain anything from suffering to walk. I don't mean to be antagonistic, and it feels like you just keep on goading me into more by putting words in my mouth. I'm not advocating for a complete end to suffering, but there are somethings that have no social benefit, no learning benefit, and cause undue amounts of pain that God sometimes chooses to heal and sometimes doesn't.

    [–] I'm sure they've both got a valid excuse... Thoughtlessandlost 1 points ago in funny

    No when you started shifting the argument about me is a fallacy. I do accept that you don't know why and I don't want you to explain why it's not perfect. And you keep projecting things I haven't said at all on me. I'm not okay with people dying when it could've been prevented, which is why I really don't like the idea that God gets to play favorites with who gets cured and who doesn't. We've all suffered mentally and physically. It seems you've completely lost sight of my first question on how does god choose to heal only a select few when he is supposed to be just and fair. That's like a parent giving food to one while leaving the other to starve when they are supposed to be just and fair to their children.

    [–] I'm sure they've both got a valid excuse... Thoughtlessandlost 1 points ago in funny

    Sure sickle cell has that effect, but it also ends with you dying from organ failure. It's a loose loose situation that you had no choice over. What about childhood cancer then? You can't predict genetic diseases with 100% certainty. Things like mitochondrial disease sometimes just pop up for no reason. I don't want god to sweep down and fix all my problems. I just find that it goes against the idea that God is all powerful and just to give miracles to a select few and then let the same people who devote their life to him die from the same diseases he cured. Literally the only thing I've been talking about is diseases and then you project that I want all my problems fixed and that life will suck. "You seem like" don't direct this towards me. If you can't answer leave it at that, don't result to fallacies.

    [–] I'm sure they've both got a valid excuse... Thoughtlessandlost 1 points ago in funny

    Too greedy? You're simply deflecting at this point and still haven't answered my question about why God decides who suffers and who doesn't. And so what if we can cure some diseases. What about things that we can't cure and can't cause ourselves besides the DNA that god gave us when we were created in his image? What about Tay-Sachs that literally destroys the nervous system in children and doesn't have a cure? What about sickle cell disease? What about cancer? Some people never even have a chance depending on the type of cancer they are diagnosed with. Where is their healing hand of god when so many others get it? The average kid with Tay-Sachs dies at age 5. What chance did they even have to break those laws and cause themselves trouble?

    [–] I'm sure they've both got a valid excuse... Thoughtlessandlost 6 points ago in funny

    Isn't God supposed to be a just and all powerful God? So how does he distinguish who gets their cancer healed and gets to spend the rest of their life with their family and who gets to die a painful death?

    [–] I cringe at myself for thinking you liked me Thoughtlessandlost 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    I guess you at least dodged a bullet there if that's how he reacted.

    [–] Protesters Jeer as Trump Team Promotes Coal at U.N. Climate Talks Thoughtlessandlost 1 points ago in news

    It's called a combined heat and power plant and I just toured one yesterday. They're really cool and are the most efficient thing on the market. Their only drawback is that they need to be close to the area they are providing power too, as the steam and cold water lines have a limited distance they can travel which is why you don't see many today.