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    [–] Sunday Funday! Getting leaned the fuck out in HTX this afternoon 😎 Throwawayy316 2 points ago in opiates

    No one is trying to lie to you, it was just a heads up. Hes 100% correct tho, you have a big bottle of fent syrup.

    [–] Plane rides / vacations Throwawayy316 1 points ago in opiates

    Yes, done it a few times. bought a small bottle of Kratom and emptied out the caps and filled them up and threw them in my carry on. Unless youre going through Customs I wouldnt be worried, they look for weapons and boom booms.

    [–] Oxy withdrawal question - need help Throwawayy316 5 points ago in opiates

    Usually around the 9 to 10 day mark is when I finally wake up feeling normal. You're almost out of the woods!!!!

    [–] Suboxone withdrawal: exaggeration? Throwawayy316 2 points ago in opiates

    Im pretty sure its because it was just cold Turkey, if i had Kratom at time, i would have been fine.

    [–] Suboxone withdrawal: exaggeration? Throwawayy316 1 points ago in opiates

    I just could not sleep, After 4 days of literally zero sleep, I started to hallucinate pretty bad. I never threw up, or had the shits, but my bones and body just hurt and the restlessness and anxiety were hell. Ive come off fent dope a few times, but with enough Kratom its really not that bad, just zero motivation and its a little hard to sleep the first night or 2, but nothing like that damn sub WD. If u can get ur hands on a few Xanax, that will also help a lot. Even some Gabapentin will do wonders for the restlessness and anxiety. I would start with 6 grams of Kratom in the Am and 6 grams at night to sleep. Work ur way down over a few days to 4grams and then 2 grams. Then on like the 8th or 9th day, I would just take 2 grams as needed until ur ready to just make the jump.

    [–] How much does fentanyl cost? Throwawayy316 1 points ago in opiates

    I know a Kilo goes for anywhere from 5Grand to 8 grand, while a Key of H will run 60 to 80 Grand. Thats why everyone made the switch so fast, dealers can sell it to users at a small markdown and make money over fist. I pay $80 a G, and while its fire I know it should be a lot cheaper.

    [–] Suboxone withdrawal: exaggeration? Throwawayy316 0 points ago in opiates

    About 4 months, 3 to 4 Mg a day. Sold a handful and ran out like 5 days early before my refill. lived in a place with no friends or connects of anykind, and of course my Doc office wouldnt lift a finger to help. After going through that, i just stayed off them. The Kratom will literally take away 90% of the WD and if u taper right, youll be on easy street.

    [–] Suboxone withdrawal: exaggeration? Throwawayy316 1 points ago in opiates

    Its still gonna be pretty bad, I had to cold turkey about 3 years ago. Worst week of my life!!! I would grab some Kratom caps and continue to taper over a week or 2 with the K

    [–] Just checked out Whisper for shits and giggles.. wow, it's all scammers Throwawayy316 9 points ago in opiates

    There use to be an actual group where sellers would advertise " depending on ur location" but the group got shut down a few weeks ago. I probably scored 4 or 5 times in different States on Whisper. FL was by far the easiest.

    [–] Fentanyl Addiction Help? Throwawayy316 2 points ago in opiates

    What form of the drug is he using? Fent patches, or Heroin? which is almost all fent now adays

    [–] Little half G line before rehab. Throwawayy316 1 points ago in opiates

    Goodluck, you got this!!! Kick some Ass!!

    [–] Cop of the day .6 Throwawayy316 3 points ago in opiates

    Looks like the cinnamon toast crunch I had for breakfast this am (:

    [–] Dope hangover?? Throwawayy316 2 points ago in opiates

    If you re throwing up a lot during ur high, it sounds like you're waking up dehydrated. A nasty headache and sore muscles is a huge tell tale sign for me that I'm low on liquids.

    [–] That feeling when you are almost out and have to stop Throwawayy316 2 points ago in opiates

    You got this man, everything is temporary!! Just try and make the most out of these next few days!!