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    [–] TIL British librarians ranked To Kill A Mockingbird ahead of the Bible as one "every adult should read before they die." ThunderFuckMountain 5 points ago in todayilearned

    To be fair, there might be more than one God, and the God of Abrahamic religions doesn’t say “don’t have more than one god” he says “don’t place any other thing higher than me”

    [–] Would you cum on my (f)ace? 😛 ThunderFuckMountain 1 points ago in gonewild

    almostanelephant? I know this name! Welcome back :)

    [–] Short video inside ;) ThunderFuckMountain 3 points ago in GWCouples

    I am in love with this girl's tattoos

    [–] me irl ThunderFuckMountain 9 points ago in me_irl

    Also me: I wanna be your derivative, so I can be tangent to your curves

    [–] [F4A]Orgasms Make Everything Better[intense][sex toy wand][moaning][whimpering][girlie sex noises] ThunderFuckMountain 1 points ago in gonewildaudio

    Oh my gosh, Angel! That was hot. I loved hearing your gasps and moans and hearing you get louder and louder as you pushed yourself over the edge... and those after-orgasm giggles! So sexy.

    [–] Guide to Woody Plants ThunderFuckMountain 1 points ago in marijuanaenthusiasts

    I think this is it, I pulled up a pdf of some of the pages and it looked familiar. But I remember from the class that the book was handbook size (presumably so you could carry it around and identify on the go), and in black and white...

    [–] me irl ThunderFuckMountain 14 points ago in me_irl


    [–] Consent under intoxication. Who is responsible? ThunderFuckMountain 3 points ago in sex

    Quite the opposite— the only way to prove continuous consent is video recording with proof of consent to be taped as well

    [–] Guy wanted me to make him a queen-size blanket. ThunderFuckMountain 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Fuck, I'll pay $400 for this blanket

    edit: wait how much if it's for a full-size bed