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    [–] Robert Pattinson has Reinvented Himself TigerSharkFist 2 points ago in movies

    -Most people won't pay attention to indie not nominated by Oscar.

    -It makes people cool to diss on DCEU

    [–] Best fight scenes in movies? TigerSharkFist 12 points ago in movies

    Donnie Yen in SPL aka Killzone and Flashpoint

    [–] Re-watched Mortal Kombat and I think it holds up really well TigerSharkFist 35 points ago in movies

    The ending scene...

    Raiden:I don't think so

    Characters pose ready to fight

    The Dragon Logo

    The theme music

    Still epic in 2019

    [–] FRESH NEW MEME MATERIAL FELLAS TigerSharkFist 31 points ago in moviescirclejerk

    Remember the reaction when Heath Ledger is casted as Joker?

    [–] Official Discussion - John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum TigerSharkFist 10 points ago in movies

    No offense, but I really don't believe Keanu can beat the dudes from The Raid

    [–] Angel Has Fallen (2019 Movie) Official Trailer TigerSharkFist 1 points ago in movies

    I always suspect Morgan Freeman character is the real villian throughout the series

    [–] 'Detective Pikachu' Sequel in the Works With '22 Jump Street' Writer (Exclusive) TigerSharkFist 1 points ago in movies

    Uziel has shown himself to be a franchise player, having most recently worked on Paramount’s video game adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog, which is set to be released Nov. 8, as well as the upcoming Men in Black: International. Other credits include 22 Jump Street and The Cloverfield Paradox. He is also writing a Supergirl feature for Warner Bros.

    This is a weird resume

    [–] [Other] On Detective Pikachu (meta) TigerSharkFist 8 points ago in boxoffice

    The posts here are more recent, have news not only from US.

    [–] [Other] On Detective Pikachu (meta) TigerSharkFist 4 points ago in boxoffice

    Browse the sub just for box-office update.

    Other than that the comments are 90% hindsight. Mock other's estimate months ago when the exact figure comes out.

    And you can earn some karma by meaningless reply like higher faster further evitable 3000 something