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    [–] eg 🥚👀 Tikolu43 1 points ago in Ooer

    Decearing egg preparation

    [–] What Tikolu43 13 points ago in grian

    The HermitCraft Wiki is a mess.

    [–] Tikolu's ETT is back! Tikolu43 2 points ago in EditTheText

    It also should work much smoothly now.

    [–] How to use YouTube picture in picture with new gestures? Tikolu43 2 points ago in android_beta

    Open a notification, I know it's not always possible, but it always works.

    [–] MineScript to mcfunction transpiler Tikolu43 4 points ago in MinecraftCommands

    I think Python would be great. It is very simple to learn and use and I think it would make converting into a datapack much easier.