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    [–] New JRE Podcast Listener Tintunabulo 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    Rhonda Patrick and Jordan Peterson are my must-listens. Aside from those, usually will listen to any Bill Burr, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Tom Papa, or any of the more famous guests.

    [–] Buzzfeed blatantly steal small Aussie creators video, and get away with it. Tintunabulo 1 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in videos

    Smacks spaghetti with mouth open

    [–] Buzzfeed blatantly steal small Aussie creators video, and get away with it. Tintunabulo 2 points ago in videos

    All of them do that really.. I'm on Reddit basically all day at work, then I come home in in the afternoon and put on Phillip De Franco's video of that day and a lot of times his 'takeaways' are essentially a post-by-post summary of the top posts of the top threads of whatever topic happened to be big that day on r/news or r/worldnews. I'll sit there listening going oh he got that from that one comment, and he got that from that other comment, and so on.

    [–] what is the funniest drama you have seen go down in novice network? Tintunabulo 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in ffxiv

    I'm on Jenova currently. I've also played on Balmung, Coeurl and Mateus in the past. Jenova's NN is as bad as anywhere else. From your trolls who happily threaten to report whoever kicks them to the condescending smarmy mentors who end every chat with ^^ while they're telling sprouts to be quiet and stop asking questions so they can continue to chat pointless bullshit with the other mentors. Every single night was some huge drama with everyone trying to patronize and lecture each other endlessly on trivialities as hard as possible. I lasted three weeks there.. never again.

    [–] Oh Joe... (MMA show #46) Tintunabulo 34 points ago in JoeRogan

    He said he was joking like 5 seconds after.

    [–] Starting from scratch? Tintunabulo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in ffxiv

    Of course it's 'viable'. I guarantee that if you restart from scratch you'll hit level 50 MSQ and dearly regret the decision. You can re-learn the game at the point you are at without any need to undo your own progress, I've done it many times and it becomes its own type of game to re-learn and rebuild everything at whatever point you're at.

    Do this: Take off all abilites from your hotbars. Go to your Skills panel and grab only the first ability on the list and put it on your hotbar; then go kill something that's your level or lower. Do that a couple times and you'll be comfortable with that one ability. Now add in the next one, kill a couple mobs using just those two abilities, and think about how they best combine with each other. Then add in the third, and so on.

    Each time kill a few mobs with just what you have until you 'get it', before adding the next one. I guarantee that before you reach the end you'll remember everything from back when you used to play and get caught up quick from there.

    [–] My experience after reaching level 70 on all of my crafters Tintunabulo 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago) in ffxiv

    Housing, glamouring, gil for mounts and minions, outfitting your guild or your static with gear food and potions, self-repairs and 199% gear condition, every crafting and gathering class has their own quests and storyline you can do, custom deliveries give additional quests/storylines, achievements/titles.

    Edit: For gathering classes, if you have gathering class retainers you can only level them as high as you've leveled that same class yourself.

    Edit2: Overmelding materia for yourself and others.

    [–] what do you always hate being asked? Tintunabulo 27 points ago in AskReddit

    Here's the one I use: "No."

    Guilt free.

    [–] My Wife, the Family Budgeter and Accountant Tintunabulo 3 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    (She punches him lightly and they proceed to the bedroom to have sex.)

    Settle down George R R Martin

    [–] Pony for sale Tintunabulo 7 points ago in funny

    Don't know if 'believable' is something you wanna be going for on this one.

    [–] When you forget to write your review anonymously Tintunabulo 16 points ago in facepalm

    Did management really think "There's no possible way in the entire fucking universe that this could be gamed by the employees!"?

    What do you mean? The entire point of it is for the employees to write the reviews. The management doesn't think the reviews are real for a second nor do they care. It's not management's system being gamed by employees, its Google's system being gamed by KFC/McDonalds/etc.

    [–] When you forget to write your review anonymously Tintunabulo 12 points ago in facepalm

    Girlfriend worked at McDonalds over the summer and every day she would write a review in exchange for a free lunch from the store. I don't know if every McDonalds does that but it was definitely a thing at the one she was at.

    [–] God fucking damn Dasani Tintunabulo 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in memes

    Totally useless info unless its targetted at and talking about a specific city or county, since it varies so much from one to the other.

    Where I live you can technically drink the water and it's safe, but the chlorine/sulphur taste it has is completely obvious and as easy to distinguish from bottled water as plain water from lemonade, the smell hits you when you turn on the tap do the dishes, never mind actually drinking the stuff, and trying to tell someone "you're probably just buying the hype" when you have a glass of both in front of you would get you dismissed either as a laughable bullshitter or as someone with literally no sense of smell or taste at all.

    [–] Doman Enclave Vs. End Game Hub Upgrades Tintunabulo 1 points ago in ffxiv

    Doman Enclave is nice but by far prefer the Mor Dhona/Idyllshire way of doing it.

    As you said, the story aspect of Enclave is nice, but having it be the actual hub made the growth and change be a part of your day to day activities in the game, and I feel a much stronger connection to Mor Dhona and Idyllshire than I probably ever will to either Enclave or Rhalgrs because of that.

    [–] Love potion Tintunabulo 13 points ago in FunnyandSad

    They're trying though. They're trying.

    [–] The Devil Himself Tintunabulo 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Unfortunate camera placement, since the most interesting/impressive thing about lighting a huge ball of matches like that is how high up the flames actually reach - they can go very, very high. Can't see that here sadly.