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    [–] Can we address people queuing for leveling dungeons while being heavily undergeared ? Tintunabulo 8 points ago in ffxiv

    I have seen no thread like this on the subreddit

    Hahaha. Must be new to the subreddit then. This is posted roughly every day.

    [–] PSA: A Writer's Perspective On The Anti-Keto Phenomenon Tintunabulo 18 points ago in keto

    So how come there isn't an equivalent Meat and Dairy industry sector that would push back with pro-keto articles and information? You'd think it would be in their interest to do so. Why do you think it's so one-sided?

    [–] Question why can I log in an play? Tintunabulo 8 points ago in ffxiv

    Shadow fingers

    If only this was the actual name of the expansion

    [–] New luckybancho data, 1m active characters Tintunabulo 21 points ago in ffxiv

    If you know anything about how Bancho's census is done and what counts as an 'active player', the answer is very likely few to none.

    [–] Flying and Delete Invisible Walls should be implemented Tintunabulo 9 points ago in ffxiv

    This is how you get WoW's current situation with WoW Classic.

    [–] Grinding to gear up before Shadowbringers? Tintunabulo 2 points ago in ffxiv

    Do dungeons for Mendacity and Genesis Gear until you get bored, fill the rest up with Lost Allagan gear from hunts. That's all you need, anything else you do is extra. ShB quests will most likely give you HQ catchup gear almost immediately, like SB did.

    [–] My personal favorite scene from South Park Tintunabulo 1 points ago in videos

    Neggers are also pretty annoying.. just saying.

    [–] I wish there was a "previously on..." feature for FFXIV Tintunabulo 5 points ago in ffxiv

    There's a text of everything that happened in the journal entry both in the inn journal and in your actual quest journal. Watching the cutscenes in a bonus.

    [–] This shit is sad as hell man. Tintunabulo 1 points ago in ffxiv

    I like her just fine as well, it's just a meme in the subreddit to 'hate' her for whatever reason.

    [–] After years of doing Challenge Log in the Saucer weekly, I finally got the recruit I've been missing. Tintunabulo 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in ffxiv

    She was my first recruit, I released her, then later changed my mind, started rolling for her and got her back first try. Then I glamoured her outfit to bunny costume to match the other one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] So this caught my eye in the new trailer. Tintunabulo 5 points ago in ffxiv

    I get what you're saying, I'm looking at the dark image on a screen in sunlight and some of the blacks not being visible definitely makes it look like "-gers" instead of "ward".

    [–] is it too early for me to play a healer? Tintunabulo 5 points ago in ffxiv

    Try the following progression, it's what I did to get over the fear of tanking:

    • Play the class in PotD, but don't play it mindlessly as you would in a normal PotD, instead play it exactly like you would if you were in a real dungeon or trial, healing people, doing dps, getting in the right stance, etc whatever. Do that until you learn all of your abilites, then keep doing it until you get genuinely bored of it.

    • Play the class in the command dungeons with your squadron, try to finish every command dungeon with that class with your bumbling squad. This will teach you how to keep an eye on other party members, and how to act and react when those party members aren't the best. Keep doing this until you get bored of it.

    • Start doing dungeons and trials with friends or FC mates. Just offer "if anyone needs a healer for any roulettes or duties, I'm learning healing so I'll join whatever" people will take you up on it if only for the fast queue. You can do this indefinitely.

    • Start doing real dungeons and trials in the duty finder, but start with Sastasha and just work up from there in order. If you get bored, that means you've learned the level you're at, skip a few dungeons to get a bit more difficulty going. Repeat until you're doing current level content.

    Importantly, throughout all this, preemptively give yourself permission to drop party if anyone starts giving you actual grief or being toxic towards you. You're a healer, you have fast queues, 30 minutes is not that big of a penalty, and if the people you drop were being honestly toxic then they had it coming. Just realize it's not a big deal and a perfectly fine thing for you to do.

    Hope that helps, like I said doing it like this got me over my tanking anxiety and I might also start doing it for healing as well now. Good luck!

    [–] Can we appreciate that FF14 is currently at an all time subscribers high? Tintunabulo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in ffxiv

    Again, something that happens in any mmo. Really something that happens to any game period, since everyone's first game has to be some game, except most games in the past had a definite end when you stopped playing while wow and other mmo's don't.

    Do you think there isn't a group of people who's first gaming experience was Everquest, or who's first gaming experience was ffxiv? What about Fortnite? Minecraft? Dota2? Hearthstone? Overwatch? It's pretty silly in my opinion. Any game is going to have a percentage of players that play only that game, and from that group some portion of those is going to be people who's first game was that game. To say that this is some special thing that is particular to wow just doesn't seem accurate or notable at all to me.

    If you've seen more and more articles coming out about it then you're probably talking about seeing a native marketing push being made, which would make the most sense.

    [–] Can we appreciate that FF14 is currently at an all time subscribers high? Tintunabulo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in ffxiv

    Right, and I'm saying that you can find those people in any big mmo. Obviously relatively few, since "have never and will never play any other game at all in their whole life" is a hyperbolic and crazy thing to say. But they are there in any mmo.

    My current girlfriend is not a 'gamer' and did not play any games regularly before into I got her into ffxiv for example, and probably will not start playing them after.

    My little brother was the same, he's since stopped playing and doesn't really play any other games after quitting ffxiv except very casually.

    Sorry I just don't find it some big notable thing that's special to wow. It sounds more like a native marketing type thing that a brand manager might try to get rolling, which while perfectly true, isn't actually that big of a deal to try to make.

    If the other comment above about them seeing more and more articles come out about it is true then that's probably what this is.

    [–] Can we appreciate that FF14 is currently at an all time subscribers high? Tintunabulo 5 points ago in ffxiv

    I mean surpass wow at its peak of course not.

    What I'd like to now is has ffxiv surpassed current wow, or will it.

    infact part of the wow playerbase are people that don't play games they only play WoW.

    You can say this about any big mmo, includng ffxiv, because that's just how mmo's work. If they're good and you're into them they eventually become the only game you play. Nothing too notable about that imo.

    [–] What is dirtier than people realize? Tintunabulo 1 points ago in AskReddit

    ITT, a lot of people that need more fiber in their diet

    [–] This is why we need average ilvl per piece. Tintunabulo 36 points ago in ffxiv

    You're saying 'average' when you mean 'minimum'.

    [–] An examination of the Novice Network Tintunabulo 0 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in ffxiv

    What the OP describes is basically every NN on every server.

    It's not even close to being specific enough to assume he's talking about you. Other than the timing I guess? Still a very shaky assumption.

    The screenshots you're showing just go to show that OP is actually pretty dead-on in their 'examination', the fact that you had an exact example of what they're talking about ready to go showing how frequent and widespread the problem really is.


    That said, it's unrealistic to ask everyone to never talk in the Novice Network because frankly, Faerie has a friendly bunch of Mentors that like chatting.

    It's not unrealistic at all. Novice Network should be for mentoring novices. End of.

    Get a linkshell if you need to chat with people.