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    [–] Artist surprisingly chill about damage to exhibit Tintunabulo 3 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    Bullshit.. that was 100% preventable. Double sided tape under the podiums sticking them to the floor and that's that. Or a weight inside the podiums so they wouldn't topple over from a slight bump. Or removable velcro on the bottom. Or any of dozens of other solutions.

    [–] Artist surprisingly chill about damage to exhibit Tintunabulo 2 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    If you don't have the budget to prevent $200,000 worth of art from being destroyed in one single misstep, then you don't have the budget to set up an art display at all.

    [–] No. More. Plastic. ...except this bit of course. Tintunabulo 1 points ago in facepalm

    Could have saved a lot of time and energy by not writing it to begin with

    [–] Omni-crafting in a mono-crafting world... Tintunabulo 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago) in ffxiv

    This doc has a step by step progression to self-craft the Onishi gear

    Look under "Self Sufficiently Crafting Your Own 4.3 gear", page 172.

    Keep in mind that at this point these recipes are quite old and it is very very likely that you can farm up whatever gil it would cost you to buy a full set of 340's in about a week or so. They should not be expensive on your server's marketboard whatsoever at this point. Go self-sufficient only if you are literally on the streets begging for gil at this point in the expansion.

    [–] The joys of Heaven on High Tintunabulo 25 points ago in ffxiv

    You can tell newbies from veterans in deep dungeons by watching who beelines for silver chests vs who scrambles away before the beeliners get within opening distance.

    [–] Fiancé Starting Game - Early Game Fashion Help Tintunabulo 3 points ago in ffxiv

    Hey, I recently did the same thing with my gf. She's a lala too! (We both are). We chose Arcanist for her though because she's not the best at controlling stuff in game so her pet being semi autonomous in battle is a huge help for her.

    Anyway as far as glamour, Bridesmaids Dress and Bridesmaids Sandals from the clothes shop right outside the Aetheryte room in Ul'Dah worked for us for a cute and immediately accessible outfit for the beginning levels.

    For a hat we used the Stablemaid's hat

    This is how she looked like with those on:

    If you're a crafter, the Winter Sweater or Adventuring Sweater and the White Beret both dyed rose pink are also quite good and not super hard to make / get a hold of.

    Here's how she looks with those on:

    Hope that helps. If you're on Jenova feel free to hit us up, we are Koko Loko and Nona Nano on that server, always looking for other newbies to do dungeons or other content with :)

    [–] Italian man loses his mind after someone suggest they put salad cream in his grandmothers bolognese sauce Tintunabulo 21 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    If the person making a recipe for you wants to adapt it somehow then fine, if you ask someone to cook you their family's recipe, then wait til it's almost done to waltz in and start adding shit of your own on top, then you're being a dick, and should have cooked your own shit to begin with if that's what you wanted so much.

    [–] Shouldn't logging be reversed? Tintunabulo 1 points ago in ffxiv

    haha I know right.. the blacksmith girl one I remember also ended like "well you still completely suck compared to WoL, but you dont suck quite as much as I thought I guess". Hopefully in ShB we can continue the story of these poor students..

    [–] Getting over that first tanking fear Tintunabulo 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in ffxiv

    You mention watching videos and doing research, have you actually done some or all of the squadron dungeons as a tank yet?

    It helps a lot to be able to go through the motions and actually feel what it feels like to tank, even if it's with silent AIs. You can practice the rotations, practice pulling, get to look at and gt a good feel for the threat meters and how they work, and practice dealing with dumb dps and weak healing, both of which the AIs are.

    Second thing is doing dungeons with premade party with people who are friendly - a good way to do this is to offer to tank roulettes or dungeons for DPS players in your FC, this way they get the benefit of the fast queue so they won't be anywhere near as impatient as a random DPS that queued for 30 minutes to get in. Obviously also tell them that you're learning how to tank and they'll probably be even more supportive then.

    Third, when you do go solo into DF, tell your party that this is your first time tanking this, but you know the dungeon and will do your best. This will prevent 99% of toxicity people would otherwise have.

    Finally simply realize that as tank you are in control inside the instance, and at any point you can simply decide to drop the group and requeue. You are the one who decides what the limit is, and IF worst case scenario you actually fall into the rare toxic group that bitches at you past your limit, just dropping and waiting 30 mins for another fast queue is not a big price to pay for that, whereas they will have to find another tank, which will take god knows how long, or abandon too.

    Basically 1) Allow yourself to have a boundary of what behavior you're going to deal with or not and 2) be aware of that boundary and allow yourself to draw it and leave when it gets crossed. 99.99% of the time you won't even need to do it, but just having that mental state alone will help you a ton.

    [–] in IRL what FF class or job would you have Tintunabulo 5 points ago in ffxiv

    I don't think you're taking this seriously enough

    [–] Shouldn't logging be reversed? Tintunabulo 3 points ago in ffxiv

    Fair enough (even though what I actually did was turn in some leves), still I kinda hope the next 10 levels can bring us some type of "the student has become the master" moments for these characters.

    [–] Shouldn't logging be reversed? Tintunabulo 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in ffxiv

    our teachers get tempered by the miniature primals we present them with.

    That.. explains a lot actually

    It kind of annoyed me how a lot of the SB crafter quest storylines feature an apprentice who is busting their complete ass practicing nonstop and has everything riding on their craft then at the end we waltz in with some bullshit we made for the first time ever and the result inevitably is "Well Tintunabulo's is OBVIOUSLY MUCH MUCH BETTER than yours Cemi, like not even close, but you did ok too I guess."

    Like damn, I was actually rooting for the student to surpass me in most of those. Can't have anyone being better than the WoL at anything I guess.

    [–] They should upgrade the Grand Companies for 5.0 Tintunabulo 5 points ago in ffxiv

    it would be really nice to get the social aspect but without the weight of an fc.

    You can join a linkshell to chat with people without being in an FC. There's also always NN, though I wouldn't recommend it.

    [–] Looking for some information and maybe a few new people to play with! Tintunabulo 1 points ago in ffxiv

    For crafting this doc might be useful.

    For Samurai there's the visual guide, though I'm more partial to figuring out combat rotations on different classes intuitively myself (but I play casually).

    Great to hear you're enjoying the game!

    [–] Daily Questions Thread (Dec 04) Tintunabulo 1 points ago in ffxiv

    The guide in the sidebar has the details but basically it goes

    Hunts > Centurio Seals > 330 gear

    DF Duties > Tomes of Mendacity > 360 / 370 gear

    Alphascape > Alphascape Tokens > 380 gear

    DF Duties > Tomes of Genesis (weekly capped) > 390 gear

    Alphascape Savage > Alphascape Datalogs (weekly capped) > 400 / 405 gear