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    [–] An OpenAI employee printed out this AI-written sample and posted it by the recycling bin Tintunabulo 3 points ago in JoeRogan


    Put that in your subscriptions and be shocked how often you fall for it when the posts start showing up on your front page. It's gotten me easily like a couple dozen times.

    [–] Trying to apply to Starbucks. I identify as Please Select, so it’s nice to see some representation. Tintunabulo 25 points ago in CrappyDesign

    That's the way websites are often designed

    What?? No it's not. These are radio inputs, not select dropdowns. There's literally no reason for a default option.

    just saying it ain't a crappy design which this subreddit is designed for

    It 100% is crappy design and you will not ever find a properly made website with "Please select" or any sort of default option text when using radio inputs. FFS.

    [–] Is Bioware going the Rare route? Tintunabulo 1 points ago in Games

    It already happened a long time ago. ME3 was seven years ago. The only reason this still gets asked is that people are emotionally invested and they just don't want to hear it.

    [–] 'Path of Exile' Has Slowly Become The Best ARPG Ever Tintunabulo 1 points ago in Games

    Yeah, then after forty hours put in you eventually find out that you have to delete your character and reroll from the beginning because that one thing you chose to ignore turned out to be important.

    That approach only works in games where respeccing and experimentation is a thing. PoE is not that type of game.

    [–] 'Path of Exile' Has Slowly Become The Best ARPG Ever Tintunabulo 2 points ago in Games

    You'd use respecs as a new player to learn the mechanics of the game and of your character by trial and error and by playing the game first-hand, instead of studying guides and faqs to learn.

    And yes for experienced players respec would be pretty useless, this makes it even more confusing and frustrating that it will never get put in, not less. Why not put in something that will literally only benefit new players and people looking to learn and get into the game? God knows.

    [–] Which movie's plothole absolutely infuriates you? Tintunabulo 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Anakin was force Jesus and he had 3 limbs cut off by ONE (1) swipe

    Only because Obi-Wan had the high ground.

    [–] Mikhaila Peterson headed to the Bahamas today to get a poop transplant Tintunabulo 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    ? I'm agreeing with you.

    Everyone trashing her as an unhealthy carnivore who got what she was asking for

    is who I'm talking about.

    [–] [Serious] Do you personally know a murderer? What were they like? How/why did they kill someone? Tintunabulo 0 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in AskReddit

    When a normal person snaps, they leave, or they yell and scream a lot, or they have a nervous breakdown.

    If they were cornered, captured or otherwise prevented from leaving then a normal person that snaps might resort to violence to break free, which is very obviously not the case here.

    If you honestly think a normal person 'snapping' includes them deciding not to leave but instead grabbing a knife then going over to their spouse and stabbing and killing them in front of their children, when they had ample possibility to do literally anything else... I'd recommend looking into therapy :)

    [–] Dead now but i wanted some more internet clout Tintunabulo 1 points ago in memes

    The "dead now" and the granite made me think this was an epitaph on a headstone. I discovered I'd be cool with that.

    [–] 10 Cloverfield Lane Tintunabulo 10 points ago in MovieSuggestions

    The Invitation.

    [–] [Serious] Do you personally know a murderer? What were they like? How/why did they kill someone? Tintunabulo 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in AskReddit

    Yeah that's a dilemma for sure... and if your solution to this dilemma is, say, "I'm going to grab this knife and stab and kill my wife while our children watch," then you belong in prison regardless.

    Edit: I love that this is "controversial".. talk about Reddit being Reddit. ;)

    [–] [Serious] Do you personally know a murderer? What were they like? How/why did they kill someone? Tintunabulo 34 points ago in AskReddit

    The "mostly peaceful guy" part makes it sound like any normal person could be eventually pushed into killing their spouse with a knife.

    Mental and verbal abuse is terrible no question, but it still takes a certain kind of personality disorder to make the jump from "Ok I've had it" to "Ok I've had it so I will now grab this knife and stab and kill you with it."

    [–] At his choice for a Valentine's Day gift Tintunabulo 303 points ago in instant_regret

    With sound she's not even mad at the MILF part... she's mad because it's a funeral wreath.

    [–] Fancy rainbow turtle. Tintunabulo 2 points ago in RainbowEverything

    Would make a great phone background if cropped right.

    [–] TIFU By Ruining My Valentine's Date with My Girlfriend Tintunabulo 1545 points ago in tifu

    Stop listening to idiots telling you to keep nagging her, that's only going to make it worse and is also really disrespectful to her. Give her her space and let her go through her emotions in peace without trying to "fix it".

    Just be there when she's ready to engage again without being judgmental about it, don't try to play the victim accept what you did etc but most importantly wait until SHE'S ready to start interacting again.. don't force it.