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    [–] Hippdy birdy birdy law: A chef deleted a business’s recipes electronically, and destroyed the physical copies. TitchyBeacher 6 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    An LA answer stated it was malicious computer crimes. I’d imagine it’s also destruction of company property. I’ve no idea whether they are the correct names, for either civil or criminal matters.

    I assume they can go after him somehow though, if it’s worth their while.

    [–] LAOP’s neighbour cut down their 130yo oak tree. In a state with treble damages. TitchyBeacher 369 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    I’ve checked LAOP’s post history. They have one comment, on another sub, and haven’t responded to anything on the LA thread.

    [–] LAOP is her company’s IT department, and is concerned about supplying a laptop to an employee who has CP possession charges. Apparently there are no monitoring or HR policies in place. WCGW? TitchyBeacher 74 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    I doubt it. However, there’s the possible issue of the staff member not being allowed a laptop as part of a parole condition, or the possibility that the parole office could seize it any time, to inspect it, I’d guess.

    There’s also the risk to IT and other staff who may accidentally be subjected to CP images due to his behaviours. If there’s evidence the company knew about it and didn’t do appropriate risk management, any staff members needing to sue for pain and suffering etc might have a stronger case.

    Just spitballing.

    [–] LAOP has turned up their nose about their surgeon working on their nostrils during their jaw surgery. Only to find out it snot true, once they asked about it. TitchyBeacher 14 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    UPDATE: After speaking to the surgeon, it seems to have been a misunderstanding. He explained that nasal widening is an inevitable result of maxillary advancement, and that my nostrils look bigger because they cinched it down after surgery to get it to its current state now. Again, never mentioned during numerous consultations, but at least it does not seem to be out of whim or ill will.

    [–] Queensland paramedics only needed to take Dave to his local hospital for his injury. Upon learning his wife was in another hospital, they took him there instead, and stopped to buy flowers along the way. [Xpost from r/Australia] TitchyBeacher 1 points ago in UpliftingNews

    From the Queensland Ambulance Service:

    When paramedics responded to a Macleay Island home last week on Valentine’s Day Eve, they were greeted by 100-year-old veteran David.

    Officers Gareth and Tess soon learned that he usually lives independently at the address with his 94-year-old wife, however, he hadn’t seen her in some time as she was being treated in a mainland hospital.

    The paramedics decided that a visit was long overdue, and although David's injury required transportation to a different Brisbane hospital, the paramedics sought permission to conduct a surprise visit to his wife’s ward in Redland's Hospital along the way.

    Of course, Gareth and Tess knew better than to turn up empty-handed and first helped David pick up a bouquet of flowers.

    [–] LAOP’s 19 yo girlfriend has gone through the name change process. Her father, who hasn’t been in her life for some time, has suddenly appeared in order to appeal the name change. What happens next? TitchyBeacher 55 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    He has no right (as far as I’m concerned) to check on her mental health, given:

    1) he hasn’t been in her life and wouldn’t know;

    2) she’s an adult; and

    3) he’s a transphobe and being a trans person isn’t an indicator of being susceptible to mental illness.

    [–] Phone call from detective investigating my mother for child abuse TitchyBeacher 7 points ago in legaladvice

    Speak to the detective. Be honest with them. If you’re concerned about any possible repercussions, speak to a lawyer first.