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    [–] Celebrating 50 years of the 747. TitoGover 59 points ago in EngineeringPorn

    Man I used to watch all the launches from my backyard in Florida, those were the best when the whole house would shake.

    [–] Does this count? TitoGover 11 points ago in rimjob_steve

    HEY, get off that fence before ya hurt yourself

    [–] If your child’s crying, give them shisha TitoGover 3 points ago in casualChildAbuse

    Yep for sure cancer. Than that kid will have to suffer treatment which is honestly worse than hitting this

    [–] what sips' farmhands are talking about when they mention 'tree lag' TitoGover 3 points ago in sips

    Yeah I was playing on it last night and I was driving the pu$$y wagon and the wood be 20 feet behind me then rubber band all the way back

    [–] Broward TitoGover 3 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    From Florida can confirm this is proper

    [–] Mermaid found in Bali TitoGover 4 points ago in ShittyPhotoshop

    And the dude doesn’t have a thumb, poor fella

    [–] This local bookstore doesn't rotate out the Zippo stock very often. TitoGover 2 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    90% of these comments are about your nails. OP don’t listen to them, you do you!