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    [–] [Official] General Discussion Thread - April 18, 2018 ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in MMA

    Yeah, huge JJ fan, was rooting for her but i clearly saw her losing her fight by a close decision

    [–] Woody you're the man ! ToasterSlayerXxX 2 points ago in PKA

    Yeah, i literally signed up for patreon just to get this episode early and it was well worth the money

    [–] Jessica Chastain Confirmed For 'IT: Chapter 2' ToasterSlayerXxX 2 points ago in movies

    Really hoping Hader gets cast, he's someone in Hollywood I actively root for

    [–] [Official] UFC 223: Nurmagomedov vs. Iaquinta - Live Discussion Thread ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in MMA

    for some reason feel like this dude’s gonna end the hype-train and i’m gonna be left :(

    [–] Karolina Kowalkiewicz: I would not bet on Joanna. In my opinion Rose will win again. The fight will probably take longer than the first time, but the final result will be the same. It seems to me that Joanna will be finished. ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in MMA

    What I'm really rooting for as a JJ fan— and while i recognize it may just be an excuse— is that the weight cut actually had a real negative effect. I know previously we've seen possible faults in Joanna's chin, but it's a real possibility imo that a bad weight cut could've contributed to her getting dropped so easily in the first fight.

    [–] Write “my life is” and let your phone finish the sentence. ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in ThreadGames

    my life is still in the spirit and the lord has a great sense to be the one who knows

    [–] [18F] Posted a while back, changed up my look a little! opinion on brown or black hair? ToasterSlayerXxX 2 points ago in Rateme

    I'm not always serious but in all seriousness, you are the most attractive person my side of the Mississippi has seen in years. 7/10. That's respectable. Remember this always.

    [–] [18f] I don't entirely know where I stand, and I'd like to know what you guys think :) ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in Rateme

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm talking to a real piece of shit right now. He's 6'1 but swears he's 6'5 even. He gives you a 7/10.

    [–] [19F] I have been told that I am ugly. I don’t know how to feel..Rate me ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in Rateme

    A man from Venezuela speaks to me in tongues, his mustache vibrates like a hungry caterpillar. He gives you a 1.5/2.5. Best he's done in years. Congratulations. It means a lot.

    [–] [F18] Recently got a haircut and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, always been told I look like a boy as well, Rate me! ToasterSlayerXxX 2 points ago in Rateme

    I speak to an asian man, wise and keen to the intricacies of the human face and spirit. Deep in the heart of the Philippines he resides. 6.752 is the rating he bestows; although, with a change in look, he says this is only your low.

    [–] [US] It Follows (2014) Girl is constantly stalked and followed by a mysterious creature after an encounter with a stranger. ToasterSlayerXxX -3 points ago in NetflixBestOf

    Holy shit— this was terrible. The sex wasn't good, the acting wasn't and frankly, even the gun mechanics were awful. Just completely and totally unrealistic. I mean, a six shooter? Who has those nowadays. But seriously, anything to get the biscuit flowing if you know what I'm talking about. Good film. 10/10

    [–] [Official] UFC Fight Night 127: Werdum vs. Volkov - Press Conference & Post Fight Discussion Thread ToasterSlayerXxX 6 points ago in MMA

    What about Hunt Volkov, I know it's not really a leap for Volkov but i think fighting a striker could allow him to put on a dominant performance and potentially sky-rocket him to a title shot.

    [–] [Spoiler] Fabricio Werdum vs. Alexander Volkov ToasterSlayerXxX 2 points ago in MMA

    think if tonight’s Volkov fought Stipe, it would be an easy wrestle-smesh for Stipe. Gotta train that TDD

    [–] [Spoiler] Fabricio Werdum vs. Alexander Volkov ToasterSlayerXxX 20 points ago in MMA

    Yeah— and he was put in some very dangerous situations. On bottom almost all the time and Werdum had his back briefly even. Werdum’s inclined to stand and trade in most fights; however— especially considering that they used to train together— think this was a case where he knew he couldn’t afford to risk it and just had to rely on grappling.

    [–] [Spoiler]Magomed Ankalaev vs. Paul Craig ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in MMA

    “Support him” and oddly clapping over your head is the real move of the night

    [–] Do you guys think boogey will come back on? ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in PKA

    ahhh think he was just kinda shy because— ya know— all the molestation talk at the end. Pretty sure he was abused as a kid

    [–] are we equal? is anyone better looking? ToasterSlayerXxX 1 points ago in EqualAttraction

    Holy shit, do you have like a permanent hickey on your forehead ?

    [–] [Media] Yoel Romero on wrestling (from UFC 213 Countdown) ToasterSlayerXxX 20 points ago in MMA

    Man— i really like Whittaker, but i’m hoping Yoel takes it. Robert’s in his 20s, he has plenty of time to be a champ later.

    [–] [Official] General Discussion Thread - March 11, 2018 ToasterSlayerXxX 3 points ago in MMA

    My hope is he comes back in a couple years and either the entire sport has evolved or he’s just lost his “it” factor and he goes on a losing streak