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    [–] Bus driver dies after being shot Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in watchpeopledie

    They shot the bus driver and then robbed the git of all of it's frames...

    [–] "The game didn't let me name my... oh uh. Toland_the_Mad 10 points ago in Warframe

    I didn't heed your warning and now I can't unsee what has been seen.

    [–] I'm interested Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in Shadowverse

    Obscure Altered Carbon reference?

    [–] Do you feel it? Toland_the_Mad 4 points ago in funny

    I got that good D!!

    [–] Horrible truth about Peppa pig. Toland_the_Mad 0 points ago in funny

    Wouldn't that mean that the tip of the nose should be a figure 8 since each set of nostrils are encircled but in the picture all four share a circle.

    [–] How to start a church for prostitutes Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in disneyvacation

    Step 1 for part three could make a good one too lol

    [–] Warlock for now Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in DestinyFashion

    Looks like it's on the app so the shader may be misrepresented.

    [–] I can relate Toland_the_Mad 8 points ago in funny

    Woah is just Wo followed by a silent scream.

    [–] Actually got a pretty decently made hoagie today Toland_the_Mad 19 points ago in Wawa

    We recently changed our hoagie making process to have all meat and cheese on one side of the roll and all toppings tucked in the empty space on the other side so it has this nice layered look to it and closes easily. Also we upped the quality of our bread and turkey.

    [–] Safety first Toland_the_Mad 3 points ago in redneckengineering

    Patenting it right now.

    [–] Getting on the green with style Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in sports

    I don't think that works on YouTube links.