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    [–] Changing stats with Rosaria Toland_the_Mad 3 points ago in darksouls3

    Yes if you quit the game after respeccing but without exiting her menu than you won't lose a pale tongue or respec allowance.

    [–] Whats the best subclass to go into Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in MassEffectAndromeda

    Try either Biotic or Sentinel. Biotic is good for running annihilation with Lance and charge to get close to enemies and then detonate all of them in a chain of explosions or Sentinel has a nice ability where they take less damage while under heavy fire so both are good for close quarters Sentinel for survivability biotics for damage.

    Here is my hyper aggressive Biotic build. The Biotic Brawler.

    [–] Overwatch wins "Best ongoing Game" at The Game Awards! Toland_the_Mad 20 points ago in Overwatch

    The decision was not up to the playerbase the voting was 10% public vote 90% judge vote. Warframe actually got 24% more of the public vote than overwatch did. (18% vs 42%)

    [–] Won a car, but we are blind Toland_the_Mad -5 points ago in personalfinance

    Wait... How are you typing and reading comments?... Just curious honestly.

    [–] Hitman fails and gets himself killed by would-be victim Toland_the_Mad 5 points ago in watchpeopledie

    Here is a rough translation by Google.

    One dead and one injured after shooting in shopping center in southern Cali

    November 29, 2017  By Editorial of El País

    A dead person and another wounded left a shootout recorded at noon on Wednesday at the Jardín Plaza shopping center in southern Cali. 

    The facts, apparently, occurred in one of the parking lots of the mall. 

    According to the preliminary information provided by the Metropolitan Police, one of the people managed to be transferred to the Valle del Lili Foundation but arrived without vital signs to that clinic. 

    In that same assistance center there would be another person who remains injured. 

    The place of the events was evicted and at this moment Sijin and police personnel are gathering evidence to clarify what happened.

    The first versions that are known speak of a presumed sicarial act although the authorities have not confirmed it. 

    Witnesses reported that the victim of the attack and his companions were preparing to board a vehicle that was in the laundry room of the mall. At that time he was approached by a man who gave him several shots. 

    One of his companions reacted by firing at the aggressor. Both were transported immediately to the medical center where one of them died. 

    The security cameras of the parking lot are being monitored to verify this information and the access by the door in front of the Estación del MíO Universidades is completely restricted, but the shopping center works normally. 

    [–] Subtle? [1105x1382] Toland_the_Mad 11 points ago in Offensive_Wallpapers

    It's right in the center.

    [–] Straight swords feel so much more powerful than everything else - How can I get some variety? (PVE) Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in darksouls3

    Yep and not only are they high DPS but they're also incredibly good at poking away at someone with the best roll attack in the game that double roll poke they have has incredible range and combos really well with the Carthus Milk Ring or you can even mix it up with the crow claws and use the Milk Rings effect to hide the wind up of the weapon art when comboed right after a roll.

    [–] You Can't Park There Toland_the_Mad 3 points ago in IdiotsFightingThings

    The future is not looking bright...

    [–] New Sprinting Idea Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in Warframe

    Or how about an actual Toggle Sprint feature that isn't constantly turning itself off? Especially on console since we are already desperately low on available buttons to have to be worrying about Sprint..

    [–] My [Oberon] Prime, Guardian of the Forests Toland_the_Mad 1 points ago in WarframeRunway

    Damn PS4 has the best Aesthetic of the two. Xbox just has some cheesey carbon fiber pattern stuff with a big glowy X slapped across it... :/