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    [–] Patriots coach Bill Belichick denies young fans a high-five TooShiftyForYou 12 points ago in sports

    Belichick makes $7.5 million a year and still wears a hoodie with the sleeves cut off to an indoor game, he gives no fucks.

    [–] Patriots coach Bill Belichick denies young fans a high-five TooShiftyForYou 1 points ago in sports

    Belichick may be normal in his personal life but when it comes to football his heart is made of stone.

    [–] Stopmotion on grass TooShiftyForYou 2 points ago in funny

    This would make a good laundry detergent ad.

    [–] Stopmotion on grass TooShiftyForYou 4 points ago in funny

    They made this with a GoPro on a PVC pipe rig taking a picture every few seconds and eventually totaling over 1000 pictures.

    [–] Holding fireworks while they launch TooShiftyForYou 0 points ago in WTF

    This is a great way to lose some fingers.

    [–] Robert Mueller receives an award from his regional commander in South Vietnam (1969) TooShiftyForYou 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 hours ago) in pics

    Mueller saw half of his Marine platoon wiped out and was wounded himself. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V" and the Purple Heart Medal for his service.

    [–] Stop motion parkour. TooShiftyForYou 11 points ago in gifs

    Creator u/wrenulater said this took at least a 1000 different shots the last time this was posted.

    [–] Genius TooShiftyForYou 1 points ago in WTF

    Might want to check Rule #1 on the sidebar.

    [–] Daryl Davis the blues musician who has deradicalized over 200 far right extremists just by talking TooShiftyForYou 749 points ago in pics

    Anytime Daryl meets a new extremist in a robe he has a mental thought, "This would be a fine addition to my collection..."

    [–] 21-year-old terminal cancer patient Chris Taylor played an E3 demo of Smash Bros Ultimate for three hours when Nintendo brought it to his home in Ontario, Canada. He has only months to live and it was one of his final wishes. TooShiftyForYou 261 points ago in gaming

    “I am a little worried that smash’ll be out of reach for my lifespan though and that mega sucks if I’m being real with yall,” Taylor said. “It’s kinda dumb to want a video game so much that I’d beg for it over my passing and would feel greedy and scummy because there are 3 games that fall into this category (Isaac: Repentance, DMC5, Smash) because I’d be holding my death over their hands.”

    Nintendo apparently found out and gifted him with playing the demo. After a 3 year battle with bone cancer, Chris has decided to end his treatment and this was a very nice gesture in his final days.


    [–] Interesting coincidence. (from r/gaming) TooShiftyForYou 3 points ago in gifs

    The game really captures the real world experience of staring at a building.

    [–] Gender equality am I right. TooShiftyForYou 5 points ago in funny

    Wearing this would take some balls.

    [–] They built a better ramp this time TooShiftyForYou 3 points ago in gifs

    That one person was ready to hide in the building if something crazy happened.

    [–] Playing Spiderman when I found a building that looked familiar... TooShiftyForYou 20 points ago in gaming

    The developers have perfectly captured what it's like to stare down at this building.

    [–] I want to know if they are free range TooShiftyForYou 6 points ago in WTF

    Takes a sick bastard to eat the mutilated legs of children, eat them whole like god intended.