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    [–] I am sick to death of being told bisexuality needs to include attraction to "non-binary" people. I don't owe anyone my attraction. TradFeminist 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    I said effeminate TiF, I'm not really attracted to butch women either way.
    I also clarified "and wasn't weird about it", because I'm assuming most of them are going to be weird about it so I wouldn't go out of my way to date a TiF, I would only consider dating them.

    [–] So, is it his friends dick? Or did his friend take the picture of his dick and send it to me???? TradFeminist 3 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    I don't think there is a point to it, unless they're completely delusional. I can only assume they get off on showing off their dicks. Either way, it really kills the mood for him when you send it to his mother and friends.

    [–] I am sick to death of being told bisexuality needs to include attraction to "non-binary" people. I don't owe anyone my attraction. TradFeminist 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 hours ago) in TrueOffMyChest

    Yeah no, I'm into women and I'll never date or have sex with a man, no matter how effeminate he looks. I've seen plenty of them, and yes, I've browsed TiM subreddits a bit, maybe 5% of them are passable with an instagram angle but it's always possible to tell in person, and it's possible 100% of the time once the clothes come off. TiFs are a bit harder to tell though, but I'd consider dating an effeminate TiF if she still had a vagina, no facial hair, wasn't trying to emulate toxic masculinity, and wasn't weird about it.

    [–] I am sick to death of being told bisexuality needs to include attraction to "non-binary" people. I don't owe anyone my attraction. TradFeminist 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    If that were true, then everyone would be bisexual, or at the very least "straight" women would be attracted to butch women but not effeminate men, but that's not how humans work. The average difference between a man and a woman is much greater than the standard deviation of men or the standard deviation of women. Many TiMs (especially the ones attracted to women) are not naturally effeminate, and for the vast majority of them, HRT still does not make them look even close to real women, because muscle mass and skincare are not the same as skeletal structure and tissue layout.

    [–] Boys feel stuff too TradFeminist -254 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Some species of female cats have penises.
    Some people have 11 fingers.
    Some people don't have fingernails.
    Some people don't grow hair.
    Some people die of bubonic plague.
    Some people were born with different colored eyes.
    Some people don't have noses.
    Some gold-star lesbians get sexually-transmitted AIDS.
    Bears get raped.
    Rabbits get depression.
    Swans can be gay.

    [–] The Woke Kafkatrap: Would you like to be misogynistic, or transphobic? TradFeminist 0 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in TumblrInAction

    Because it's not just that literal phrase, it's anything acknowledging that men aren't women or saying anything negative about trans people, no matter how minor. You get suspended for the same amount of time as if you'd glorified the holocaust, encouraged people to punch women, or given out someone's full name, address, phone, email, license plate, and schedule (which they usually don't even ban for anyway).

    [–] Just saw this on Facebook TradFeminist 3 points ago in TumblrInAction

    Journalism Excellence Worldwide

    Satire, but very close to reality. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone put up a poll like this unironically.

    [–] I will not be allowing my children anywhere near this ideologically contradictory film TradFeminist 454 points ago in iamverysmart

    Here's the full text of that paragraph:

    In keeping with the ideologically contradictory political theatre pioneered by Vladislav Surkov, the film’s orthodoxy is offset by the film-makers’ gleeful dismissal of Aristotelian structure. After 45 minutes of shouting and sloganeering (“You can do it!”) an announcer informs the audience that the film was “puptastic” (a-paw-lling is a more accurate assessment) before ushering an episode of Top Wing, which is basically Paw Patrol with birds. It’s not enough to jackboot across the earth: the very skies are policed and corporatised.

    It's funny how RT cut off the review right at that point, it seems like a joke given the context.

    [–] White woman shouts the N-word at Popeyes staff, receives a Grand Slam breakfast. TradFeminist 30 points ago in PublicFreakout

    I have PTSD, some words and topics literally do hurt me and cause me to break down in tears, but it's nowhere near the pain of breaking a bone. Breaking a bone causes excruciating pain all over the site, like you're being set on fire and makes it impossible to use that limb for months. He just nearly killed a woman who was no threat to him for saying something he didn't like.
    When someone calls me a feminazi cunt, yes it hurts a bit for maybe a minute but then it's gone. Slurs only have as much power as you give them, and it's ridiculous to think that the n word is somehow so many times worse than any other slur that it would give a 250lb man the justification to bodyslam a 125lb woman twice his age. I'm not saying what she did was right, but when someone attacks me with words I don't feel the need to physically attack them, because I'm not a fucking child.

    [–] Women literally receive less prison time than men for the same crime, but go off. TradFeminist -8 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in TumblrInAction

    1. Male genital mutilation is far les severe than female, and FGM is really only an islamic/african thing while MGM is more common in the west, mostly because of christians like Kellogg (of Frosted Flakes)
    2. Men are literally built to fight and hunt, look up sex differences in strength and physiology
    3. There's a lot more to sentencing than just the crime committed, so even for the same crime, [the sentencing differences are mostly due to repeat offenses (men are more likely to be involved in organized/gang crime), offense severities which can't be described by the law, cooperativeness, and parental responsibilities
    4. See 3, differences in severity are key here
    5. Because it's not a serious issue. Unless a skinny guy is dating a bodybuilder he's almost guaranteed to be stronger than her so he's able to defend himself and won't take the severe life-threatening repeated beatings that a woman would. Edit: while minor abuse and emotional abuse still matters, it's nowhere as severe as a man beating a woman until her eyes pop out of her head and she ends up in the hospital.
    6. Supply and demand, see 5. Also the "single father" thing is a joke, a child is more likely to have no parents at all than to have a single father because you people just loooove abandoning your children. Fathers are >10x as likely to abandon their children as mothers
    7. You phrased that pretty poorly, but men make up 80% of pedophiles and 95% of the people who sexually assault children, it's pretty safe to say that a woman getting friendly with a child isn't going to rape her.
    8. lmao
    9. By other men, not women. If you want to fix that problem, maybe you people shouldn't be mocking each other.
    10. Very few women even dare to joke about "kill all men" because we're far less violent than the men who get off on seeing women hurt. Even if they did, when was the last time you heard of a woman committing a sex-based hate crime against a man? It's just not a thing that happens.

    [–] I wish childfree could be more feminist centered TradFeminist 20 points ago in GenderCritical

    Hysterectomies are pretty dangerous, unlike tubal ligation. People in that sub have been told over and over how hard it is to get a vasectomy or tubal ligation that when they go to the doctor and they tell her the risks of a hysterectomy it all gets brushed off as breeder nonsense and they start lying so that the doctor will just do it.
    Here's a post describing the dangers of a hysterectomy

    Hysterectomy is major surgery. You’ll need at least six weeks to fully recover. Ovaries are major endocrine glands necessary for normal premenopausal body functions. You immediately risk infection, clots like pulmonary embolism or stroke, anesthesia complications, bowel blockages, and injury to nearby tissues, and after you’ve healed you still risk organ prolapse (12% of hysterectomies), painful sex+, mood swings+, and pain for up to several years.

    [–] Men get into a brawl at a restaurant and beat each other with chairs TradFeminist 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    It's in Texas, the source said Austin but it also said it was a popeyes rather than whataburger so idk.

    [–] meta post TradFeminist 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in PublicFreakout

    Mobility mary was a woman with a youtube channel which had a bunch of random old people vlogs, including some from a camera mounted on her mobility scooter. She was pretty belligerent so she had some pretty funny freakouts. A bunch of people found her youtube channel so she deleted it, but someone had archived it and reuploaded all her videos.
    Ezziboo finds some good videos, but they never really go anywhere anymore since they're hosted on youtube rather than ripped to a more easily accessible platform like, streamable, or gfycat.
    The rule is kinda silly and meaningless, but it's been rule 1 forever.

    [–] meta post TradFeminist 3 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Mobile users have taken over this site and they can't be bothered to read the rules or check for reposts, they make up 70-90% of the traffic on most subs now. They'll just read a sub's name and hit submit with whatever posts they found on facebook that day. There are bots to remove reposts, but I don't really mind those as much as the off topic stuff which gets posted here and approved.

    [–] What I mean when I say "stop shoving your gayness down my throat" TradFeminist -12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in TrueOffMyChest

    That's just a strawman though, it's meant to be an exaggeration of reality for comedy, not the actual thing. There were some effeminate gay boys (who they're mocking there) at my highschool and yeah you could obviously tell they were gay but they didn't talk about gay sex or male genitalia any more than straight boys. You might have noticed it more because you're a straight man, but have you people ever actually listened to yourselves?
    It's all "my dick" and "got some tail" and "check out her ass" and "bitches", or at least that's what it was in highschool, I stopped interacting with men part of the way through my freshman year of college though. From what interactions I have had with you people, including overheard conversations, you're just as bad as the "obnoxious effeminate gay men" you like to make fun of. Every group has their outliers too, and just as there are effeminate gay men, there are obnoxious super-macho toxic straight males which are even worse than regular straight men.
    Men are men, no matter their sexual orientations, identities, or beliefs, they're just presenting in ways you're not comfortable with which leads you to exaggerate their actions in your head after the fact. I personally happen to like effeminate gay men more than straight men, their voices are far more tolerable and they're generally less rapey.

    [–] Had to leave my undergrad's Facebook group TradFeminist 9 points ago in GenderCritical
    She said some things about it last month, and then again a few days ago she said that "transgender issues raise a legitimate concern for women"

    [–] It makes me so sad TradFeminist 11 points ago in GenderCritical

    She doesn't need to accept her sister's trans-identity, but denying it to her face isn't going to help the situation. I generally don't use pronouns with trans people who I know, but if I have to I'll use their preferred ones because there's no sense in starting a fight like that, they'd take it as an insult. I think it's better to be friendly with them, talk through their issues, and maybe get to the root of the problem rather than attacking them and making them more invested in their ideology.