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    [–] Sorry but I don’t want Miguel Andujar playing 3B the whole season TragicDonut 9 points ago in NYYankees

    I do. Worst case scenario he is terrible. If he is then the Yanks can go hard for Machado. If he turns out to be really good Yanks have their future 3B and will save a lot of money not having to go after a 3B. They can use that money on a pitcher.

    [–] Florida’s system for restoring ex-felon’s voting rights ruled unconstitutional TragicDonut 4 points ago in news

    I did not rewrite the headline. My title was the original title of the article. They have since changed the article title since I posted this 16 hours ago.

    [–] I am a Porn Connoisseur. I have ~82TB of porn movies that I purchased legally. AMA TragicDonut 1 points ago in NSFWIAMA

    It is a Mix from several continents. There is Western stuff with bangbros, Brazzers, etc. European stuff with Private, Killergram, and a few other companies. Porndoe has some South American and more European porn. As well as JAV stuff.