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    [–] some sweet drone footy of j tree /s Trelin21 2 points ago in JoshuaTree

    In case the video is removed, send this too.

    Drones are loud as fuck and mess with wildlife etc. good on ya!

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex Trelin21 22 points ago in legaladvice

    She is literally deciding to declare her daughter raped you. I am not a lawyer, but call the police. Regardless of if it happened. They are either saying she raped you and didn’t, or saying she taped you and did. Your age and hers makes it rape.

    So either fraudulent claims or rape claims. Either way you should just call the police in my opinion anyways.

    [–] Is there grounds for a lawsuit for being fired like this? Trelin21 -5 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    Poor decisions keep compounding it seems. She knows she acted in poor faith against someone online. A consequence occurred as her personal actions risked impacting the reputation of her employer. The first action from that is to punish her employer with a lawsuit?

    IANAL, but damn. If she got her proper termination pay, it is time for her to move on. If she didn’t, then she should approach the company with a copy of the code that covers termination. Ensure that she got exactly what was fair, and move on with her life.

    [–] I had a truly magical weekend in Joshua Tree. Trelin21 2 points ago in JoshuaTree

    So jealous. I am up in Canada at -35C right now. Cold!

    [–] I had a truly magical weekend in Joshua Tree. Trelin21 1 points ago in JoshuaTree

    A surprising amount of greenery, never been there with that much color. Was it raining recently?

    [–] I’m German and I just tried maple sirup for the first time Trelin21 1 points ago in canada

    Here here to all that have said stay dark. The amber and lighter strips lack flavor compared to the darkest. I have become a snob for the darkest of dark. I even use it in soups and all sorts of things that would call for a touch of rich flavor. It’s in my blood!

    [–] Most affordable grocery store? Trelin21 7 points ago in Oceanside

    Not on thursdays! If you shop their sales, it is hard to beat their produce pricing.

    [–] (Ontario) Does a landlord have to do something about bugs in your apartment? Trelin21 1 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    It is possible that the lack of a fan violates building code. There may be some grandfathered in effect going on, but I have successfully had a landlord fined and ordered to re-engineer the ventilation at a 400 unit property in California for building code violation directly related to bathroom ventilation.

    You may want to look into that. I am almost certain you have mold and the moisture is helping the silverfish thrive.

    [–] Lemon is citrus?! Trelin21 2 points ago in TalesFromTheCustomer

    I wish the restaurant industry would just accept that they cannot meet everyone’s needs. I am vegan, and have allergies. If they cannot accommodate, I move on. If they told me “ I am sorry our steak house cannot promise your food wasn’t or will not be contaminated with meat or dairy etc... “ I would accept that. I might have questions and then I decide my level of risk I am willing to take.

    [–] Lemon is citrus?! Trelin21 7 points ago in TalesFromTheCustomer

    I just love telling people I am vegan and being handed the gluten free menu. I just go elsewhere. This type of action just makes me lack trust they will understand or answer my questions accurately. I once had a restaurant offer me lamb, since I said “I don’t eat animal products.” I said that’s a baby sheep. They said oh, what about the salmon... I had to educate them that it was a fish.

    At times I wonder if they are just assholes acting amazingly well and missing their calling, or just plain stupid... I tend to find specific places that I know are vegan friendly and explore less. Cheaper.

    [–] Moving to the area in about a month, need some info on housing/apartments/rentals. Trelin21 1 points ago in Oceanside

    If I wasn’t leaving back to Canada for a while, I would stay here happily. Fair price convenient area.

    When/if I am back in San Diego County, it will be the first place I check.

    If you walk a lot the neighborhood has a shelter nearby, so a lot of homeless. They have been harmless. Property is gated...

    [–] Moving to the area in about a month, need some info on housing/apartments/rentals. Trelin21 1 points ago in Oceanside

    I am about to move out end of January at a place on Apple street and Greenbriar. 1973 Apple Street. Loved it here.

    1250 for a studio. Not cheap for what you get but close to a great grocery store and a very quiet property.

    [–] Communication Moving Forward Trelin21 1 points ago in fo76

    This is great news. May I suggest a thought on stash storage that should not affect stability?

    Any item that serves no purpose but to be stored as junk is auto salvaged and stored. This means you only need to store a qty and item reference. Any item that could be considered more (assualtron heads) would be stored as an object. Then set those objects to a weight limit.

    Easy storage AND no more running to a station before storing. Still of course allow stations to reduce weight while out and about.

    Regardless. Great changes coming!

    [–] Fallout 76 Price Is In Free Fall Mode, Already More Than 50% Off By Some Retailers Trelin21 -1 points ago in pcgaming

    I paid full price twice, for two copies. One for my husband and one for me. With the amount of time we have spent playing, it was worth it for me. Cheaper would be better, but if I lived life waiting for everything to get cheaper I would never play games when the mood strikes me.

    I rate my entertainment value feeling based on the cost of a movie. If I can get at least 1.5hrs for 10-15 bux, I am happy. We have gotten well beyond 15+ hours of gaming in.

    It has a lot of bugs. It has frustrated us. Regardless it has entertained us.

    [–] Homeless on San Luis Rey River Trail. Trelin21 6 points ago in Oceanside

    Still might be. Compassion goes a long way.

    [–] Hoping to have American listed as guardian of our children in wills Trelin21 1 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    Hate the damn FBAR. I will soon have accounts in three countries. Ugg.

    The only path I can see is seeking PR for him early. So good luck. It only lasts 5 years if I remember right.

    [–] Hoping to have American listed as guardian of our children in wills Trelin21 2 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    I should also add, immigration law changes. What is valid now may be null and void in 10 years. Look at NAFTA as a perfect example. So planning now may be great, but an incident later may do nothing.

    [–] Hoping to have American listed as guardian of our children in wills Trelin21 3 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    I misunderstood that. By the looks of it, there is no path for you after passing. The below sponsorship method requires the age to be 18 to sponsor a parent, so I would assume a guardian/grandparent would be the same at best.

    The only path I could see is for you to sponsor your father as a permanent resident now, however his residency may expire if you pass as there are requirements of support.

    The most assured path would be for them to be sponsored by him into the USA. If you really want to be sure, contact an immigration specialist/law firm. Remember however that a US citizen pays taxes to the US regardless of where they live. If you are a dual citizen, this is a can of worms you should already be aware of for yourself.

    (Again, not a lawyer, but I have danced around a lot of immigration matters. I am a Canadian, working I. The US on a permit, and moving to Mexico on another permit in a month or two. This shit gets complicated.)

    [–] Hoping to have American listed as guardian of our children in wills Trelin21 4 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    Not a lawyer, but if you feel this is a necessity, you could simply pursue citizenship for your children. If it is an anomaly, I believe he would be able to immigrate your children using his citizenship.

    [–] How do you preserve your camp between sessions? Trelin21 1 points ago in fo76

    I did. The structures were all rudimentary. It was more about the crafting stations I kept having to remake. Really stopped using my camp, and instead went to places like the overseers camp a lot. Just sucked running all over for stuff I could do at "home"