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    [–] A connection has been made Trelin21 21 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    They are speaking in tongues!

    [–] Former gamers of reddit, what was the reason you stopped playing video games altogether, or a lot less frequently? Trelin21 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Dear god you just triggered the nostalgia twitches in me. I used to be an owner of an Internet cafe in the DC days. We were game focused so had 60 gaming PCs all running BF with a local server. No lag fun!

    We would fill the place from 10pm till 4am every Friday and Saturday with large BF chaos.

    I loved the Apache. I miss throwing rockets in Windows to toast snipers. Those were the days.

    I am only 37 now, and my dexterity and patience to play FPS has waned so much.

    I now use my paycheck to chase nostalgia. Gets expensive. Lol!

    [–] First-time renter. Roommate jumped ship before move-in and now is asking for the deposit back. Trelin21 2 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    IANAL... I think some information is missing. Piecing what was said in some other comments sounds like the landlord released them from the lease and created a new lease.

    If the old lease was released, I am assuming local laws and or the terms of the lease stipulate how the deposit is refunded. I would assume that wasn’t done, and the landlord just used the same money to initiate a new lease for you without the old roommate.

    So a question... did the old lease assign value of the deposit to each person, and their share? If so the landlord should have refunded your former prospective roommate upon termination within the terms of the law and lease and release from that contract. If it wasn’t, it is released back to the individual who paid it (you) and you are responsible to whatever obligations you had with that friend.

    What they did was shitty, but technically it sounds like the landlord was satisfied to replace him on the lease and move on. So you are not technically out any money. If you and your other roommates did not collect the deposit portion from the new person, and they did not enter into the lease expecting to pay or take part in the deposit, that is your bad.

    Just talk to him and find an amicable way to get him his money back. Be adults and talk to each other. Most fights can go away pretty easy when this is done.

    [–] What normal thing can’t you do? Trelin21 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Navigate directions. I have no image sense of direction. GPS has saved my world so badly. I have a phenomenal memory, which helps supplement, but it still doesn’t help.

    Walk into a store? Remember where I parked? I have to revisit my memory and walk by the visual landmarks I visualize as I go. I GPS to customers I visit every week.

    I live in Mexico, literally 200 meters from the Pacific Ocean, ask me which way is north, and I have to reorient to the ocean, think “never eat soggy weiners” and then I can point.

    I love back country hiking. I take my cell with GPS when I leave a trail, take photos of the horizon in the direction I need to return, and set markers to point me back so when I wake up, I remember which way to go. My husband has a crazy sense of direction, so that helps and I rarely have to rely on my tricks, but safety first.

    Ugh. Which way to the bathroom?

    [–] What normal thing can’t you do? Trelin21 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I can only close my right eye independent of my left. I cannot close my left eye without the right closing.

    I get this pain.

    [–] What normal thing can’t you do? Trelin21 6 points ago in AskReddit

    My husband has aphantasia, and I am such an extreme opposite. When it comes to memories or even imagination, I can see, hear, and smell. I can relive tastes in my mind, and even replay back some memories as if I was there. What’s crazy is I am not a creative person at all, and he is exceedingly artistic. I am a literal fact driven data guy. He? Flighty spiritual person.

    The mind is weird.

    [–] My neighbors wanted to call a professional to mark their property line, my parents agreed Trelin21 4 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    I must be the minority here. I prefer the look of the wood supports etc. I don’t like the pure smooth wall with no structure or style.

    [–] {{ Ontario }} Condo is not taking action with foundation cracks. Trelin21 2 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    I am not sure of the variances in the condo act, however in Alberta, there were specific rules relating to this. They were often expanded on in bylaws.

    IANAL, but in the condo I was president of for ~7 years, the corporation was responsible for returning the property to the way it was when originally built and sold. Any enhancements or improvements upon the area outside of that were the responsibility of the homeowners contents and personal insurance coverage.

    If this was sold as an unfinished basement - you would have been SOL. However if damage continued due to inaction or unreasonable delays - you could sue the board for negligence which caused further damage and personal expense.

    That was a few years back in Alberta, with some very specific guidelines in the bylaws. Ontario May differ, but this at least let’s you look for similar phrasing within the condo acts and bylaws.

    Good luck.

    [–] House in someone else's name Trelin21 7 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    Yes it is. You said “are there other options...”


    [–] House in someone else's name Trelin21 6 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    I misread how that was written. Sorry about that. The answer of NO sounds correct.

    [–] House in someone else's name Trelin21 9 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    IANAL... isn’t this a perfect situation for a prenup? Why go around the laws and try and find a loophole. Set up a prenup.

    [–] Copying .rpt files Trelin21 2 points ago in crystalreports

    Just a guess, but it is highly likely that the reports are stored to memory. This is more of an application issue than a crystal reports issue.

    [–] Crystal reports tutorial database. Trelin21 1 points ago in crystalreports

    Just use the classic Northwind database.

    It’s available all over the place. Access and SQL are available... free. No need to pirate a paid courses sample databases.

    [–] Upgrading from 2013 to 2016 Trelin21 2 points ago in crystalreports

    I have been using 2016 for about a year now. Honestly have not found any features I really love since 10.

    Completely depends on what you use it for and what you need. If 2013 covers you, save the money.

    [–] 30 Days IF/OMAD and KB Swings Trelin21 1 points ago in intermittentfasting

    Agreed. I typed leaded when I meant needed. Rest is very needed on StrongLifts as you advance.

    [–] 30 Days IF/OMAD and KB Swings Trelin21 1 points ago in intermittentfasting

    StrongLifts 5x5 is an excellent and very fun routine. Be aware as you get into the later weeks, recovery days are badly leaded! Failing to give time will result in higher risk of injury and diminished gains.

    I say this as someone on his 10th week of the program. My shirts don’t fit as well anymore. My chest is broader and my thighs bigger. ;)

    [–] What food has the absolute best "mouth feel"? Trelin21 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I freaking LOVE the crispy skin of Beyond Meat sweet Italian sausages when sautéd.

    [–] A little Aussie bleach. Trelin21 1 points ago in Eyebleach

    Aussie Aussie Eye Bleach....