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    [–] What is something you really don't like, but wished you did? Trelin21 1 points ago in AskReddit


    They are so good for you, and cheap. I hate their texture so much.

    [–] My first kettlebell! Trelin21 2 points ago in kettlebell

    Great brand. I have a giant set from them now. Addictive fuckers!

    [–] The Strongest Man in History: Carousel Lift Challenge Trelin21 4 points ago in Strongman

    Any idea if this is available online in full episodes? I do t have history down here in Mexico...

    I’d pay!

    [–] Large Earthquake Shakes for Up to 40 Seconds [in Southern California] Trelin21 1 points ago in news

    I felt it down in Rosarito, nearly 10 minutes after the event. Lasted only 5-10 seconds. Enough to question it.

    [–] Little further south (Rosarito/Popotla)... Earthquake at 8:29PM Trelin21 3 points ago in tijuana

    Priorities. Husband was playing Hero’s of the Storm beside me. He asked “why are we moving?”

    [–] I stole a pair of sandals from GoodWill because I needed them and knew I could get away with it. Trelin21 1 points ago in confession

    My experience with them was from personal interactions at a local distribution center. Not only were the "able bodied" staff kind to those in the facility, they directed and showed compassion to those around them. When one of the individuals, who had an outward handicap in his behavior directed his attention towards someone he shouldn't (statements such as "pretty hair on the nice lady," another worker (supervisor) came up and simply engaged him in conversation and requested his assistance elsewhere, distracting the awkward moment.

    Paying less than a minimum wage is deplorable, even minimum wage in many cases is deplorable (depending on where you are located). This is however an article from nearly 6 years ago. I do not know what has changed, all I know is what I saw was far better than no options at all, and the environment was quite respectful to all of their workers. I spent over 2-3 hours in their facility.

    As for you, it is seriously impressive that you were able to use ableism or its derivatives three times in one sentence. I will not pretend to have the answer here about the right course of action, because I don't.

    I am however frustrated at your approach to this topic, as it simply throws out key catch phrases, and reads like an assault of words instead of a commentary, or response. I am not educated enough on their business practices, so I hereby correct my original statement that they seem to be a very socially conscious organization, and instead change it to be "From what I have seen in one of their facilities, they seem to be a significantly socially conscious organization."

    Now regarding the article, it drives me crazy how many times the argument over executive salaries comes up. At the end of the day - productive people, with solid education, experience, and capabilities cost MORE money. I will not argue the value of a 6 or 7 + figure salary and what that does buy an organization - but at the end of the day people want to make more money, and productive people deserve to chase and obtain that if they choose. if the market pays it, then more power to them.

    If goodwill is a for profit organization, and in need of leaders who can continue to grow and develop the business. Good leaders ARE expensive. This can often mean salaries that to an average person would be insane, however the larger the organization gets, the more this belief of what is fair gets out of control. It is with that comment that I nearly dismiss the linked article, and its content - as in my opinion, it is a professionally written jealousy peace, wrapped around the concept of what is or isnt fair, by a person making SIX FIGURES! So while it pulls at your heart strings, and does have some validity in it's arguments, it is still written by someone who is overpaid.,20.htm

    Regardless, as I have said a few times now, I agree on the less than minimum wage front, and amended my statement to reflect what I saw and not what is.

    [–] I stole a pair of sandals from GoodWill because I needed them and knew I could get away with it. Trelin21 29 points ago in confession

    I have been to one of their sorting warehouses as part of my line of work. They hire and employ a significant amount of disabled and less fortunate people, and could be far more profitable if they had greater efficiency. So while they do make profit, they certainly are a very socially conscious organization.

    [–] Landlord damaged all my stuff in the backyard... regie du logement or small claims court? Trelin21 1 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    Sounds like you may have a claim for small claims court then, I am no expert, but you will ha e to decide is it worth it to you to fight

    [–] Landlord damaged all my stuff in the backyard... regie du logement or small claims court? Trelin21 1 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    The contents of the notice will likely be needed for any real advice. His poor painting damaging his own property is of no concern to anyone but him.

    Yours will depend likely on the lease and the notice. For proper advice you should share that part of the story.

    [–] Used Vehicle Trelin21 6 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    Did they sell it as is, where is? Did they offer any coverage or extra warranty? Did you get it inspected yourself?

    I am guessing it may be your problem, but it probably depends on all the paperwork you have. IANAL

    [–] Landlord damaged all my stuff in the backyard... regie du logement or small claims court? Trelin21 3 points ago in legaladvicecanada

    Question, and it may not matter in your area, but did you get any notice from the landlord that they were painting, and when? Any implication that things should be moved to avoid damage?


    [–] Two brothers find out their stepdad has been physically abusing their Mom Trelin21 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    I watched this on mute. If the title is indeed true. I liked everything I saw. The emotional rage, and fair punishment for spousal abuse.

    Updoot to all updoots for you!

    [–] Me trying to get into Pigeon Pose (+floofy cat for likes) Trelin21 1 points ago in flexibility

    I am a fairly flexible person for my hips. I can pigeon with my foot beyond 90, and still have no tension on the knees. I struggle to understand the intent of some stretches because I rarely get them in my hamstrings or my hips.

    I’d love to know more from experts who are mobile with this pose, because even if I put my leg beyond 90 and lay my face down beside my foot, I get only a minor hip stretch.

    I pigeon pose every day, but longer on leg days before a good strength conditioning day.

    I sometimes sit in it for a good 5 mins per leg...

    If there is a better way, that takes less time? Yes please!

    [–] About 1cm long in San Diego / Mission Trails Trelin21 2 points ago in whatsthisbug

    All bugs are good guys except mosquitos. They can burn in a fire ;)

    [–] I called him Charlie the cicada. He hung out with us for a good mile of walking. Came to my hand willingly. Trelin21 5 points ago in awwnverts

    That’s why I called her Charlie. A good universal gender name. ;) I had no idea.

    She was on the ground near our campsite, and sitting on a rock. I slowly reached towards her and touched her side. She didn’t move, so picked up the rock. We actually showed her to all the campers and kids as we left for our hike. She was with me on my ya d crawling around the fingers for a good 10 minutes.

    She had enough when one kid tried to grab her and I shook to let her fly away.