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    [–] T-Shirts to show off the gains Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in meatheads

    wearing a shirt

    It’s like you don’t want people to see your gains

    [–] My Mushroom cloud Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in MephHeads


    [–] What is the problem of my girl? Tren_Lover69 -8 points ago in SpaceBuckets

    are you feeding it yet? maybe N deficiency

    [–] Has anyone bin having Problems germinating seeds from the new drop Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in MephHeads

    i just put a forgotten cookies into coco. it got a decent tail after 48 hours using the meph germ guide

    [–] The Escape Champions League($60,000 event) Tren_Lover69 8 points ago in aoe2

    holy shit after looking through the comments it looks like you arent joking hahaha

    this is so funny and sad at the same time. I just wish zak and voobly could get along

    [–] Deciding between Refillable Vapes/pens Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in CanadianMOMs

    my experience is kinda limited but I've tried the grapefruit haze from flyte and the durban poison from toko gold.

    The grapefruit haze tasted so good and gives a nice clear headed sativa high. The durban poison taste is kinda unpleasant and reminds me of perfume, high was still good though.

    I've only tried those 2 but my next will defiantly be another grapefruit haze

    also its maybe worth mentioning I prefer the rounded end from flyte over the lip thing that toko does

    [–] [article] Why is Hamilton ON the "wild west" for illegal pot dispensaries? Tren_Lover69 3 points ago in CanadianMOMs

    Its been like that in vancouver for a while. Like half the time I dont even get ID'd and I'm 22

    [–] How do you know the product is safe? Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in CanadianMOMs

    I think the point he is trying to make is mom's wouldn't tell people about the fuck up.

    And I think I have seen a mom post on here about a mold issue so his point isn't valid

    [–] [Question] - Found a hair in my bud, should i toss the bud? Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in CanadianMOMs

    Lol no. If there are only a few you could get some tweezers and pick out the hair. If there is a ton you could make edibles or hash or something

    Id try and use it for something but if you have a ton of money and are super baller you could throw it out

    [–] Heck yea boys Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in MephHeads

    You could have saved 10% with the Reddit discount code anyways

    [–] When weed is legal! Tren_Lover69 15 points ago in CanadianMOMs

    There is a promise that edibles will be legal sometime in 2019

    The more likely scenario is it will be in Trudeau's re-election platform

    [–] UFC 225 is now insanely stacked Tren_Lover69 10 points ago in MMA

    A part of me wants this to happen for the absurdity of this

    [–] [Off-Topic] Daily Chat: 2018-04-11 Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in steroids

    What do you guys do for dress shirts? Anything that fits my shoulders has so much loose fabric by my belly. Is tailored the only option?

    I know I've seen this topic posted before but I'm an idiot and forgot to save it.

    [–] My Tangerine Dream Autofem hermied. What does this mean for the plant? Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in microgrowery

    Would those seeds have a higher chance of being hermies? I don't know a ton about breeding

    [–] IKEA Cabinet Build - Part 1: Research and Designing Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in microgrowery

    I'm planning to do a pax build soon. How hard was it to seal the light around the door?

    [–] Two Weeks Until the 4/20 Sale: Whatcha Got on Your Wish List? Tren_Lover69 3 points ago in MephHeads

    orange diesel, fugue state and strawberry nuggets

    im just counting down the days...

    [–] 24 carat. Day 56. Mephisto genetics. Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in microgrowery

    Yep. And they're dropping like 5 new strains

    [–] [Media] Francis Ngannou displaying his 'Fuck You' power against Stipe Miocic Tren_Lover69 -15 points ago in MMA

    Lewis is a wrestler and Francis can't wrestle for shit.

    I've got no idea who would win that fight but saying there is a clear winner is silly

    [–] [Discussion] How do you deal with PIP? Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in steroids

    tfw can't reach

    I love having this problem

    but seriously for me quads and glues are painless