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    [–] Is 60W enough for a small single plant? Tren_Lover69 3 points ago in microgrowery

    Depends on how efficient you LEDs are

    If you have bridgelux or Samsung strips you should be good

    [–] Are you Indica, Hybrid or Sativa? Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in CanadianMOMs

    Like 80% sat is my favorite

    I like that uplifting feel with a bit of the relaxed giggly feel but no couch lock

    [–] Underground Brute setup?? Tren_Lover69 5 points ago in SpaceBuckets

    why?? you would limit height and still need to worry about ventilation. If you want to grow outside then grow outside

    and if I'm understanding correctly you would block out a lot of sunlight and only get light when the sun is directly overhead

    [–] $1.00 Cannabis Seeds in March!!!!! Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in canadients

    what stains will you have available for this promo?

    [–] A beginners FAQ is coming up. Also add your ideas and requests for the sub here Tren_Lover69 8 points ago in outdoorgrowing

    I think info like when to plant in different regions, where to plant, what strains work best outdoors and stuff like that would be helpful. Also should you veg under light and for how long.

    I hope this sub takes off. I'm looking to grow outdoors for the first time this season

    [–] Indian Landrace Sativa (week 8) Tren_Lover69 8 points ago in microgrowery

    Ehh, it works but seeds from a seedbank are generally better

    [–] Curtis Blaydes: Francis Ngannou Hits Harder Than Mark Hunt Tren_Lover69 -6 points ago in MMA

    I don't think trt will make a huge difference when taking a clean punch from hunt

    [–] Thought I'd give back to the PvP community in the Christmas period Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in 2007scape

    I was there on a 2k world for like 2 mins doing a clue and someone tried to pk me

    [–] Strongest single non-hero unit in the game if it can be of any civilization? Tren_Lover69 6 points ago in aoe2

    Mongolian war wagon would be pretty good. IIRC ww are classified as cav archers so they would fire faster and Mongols also get blood lines

    [–] When you misclick while decanting Tren_Lover69 0 points ago in 2007scape

    And large clan fights is where p necks are used most...

    [–] [Compound Experience Thread] Proviron (Mesterolone) Tren_Lover69 13 points ago in steroids

    Sounds interesting. Do most of them get gyno or what?

    [–] Who will deliver today in time for xmas? Tren_Lover69 8 points ago in CanadianMOMs

    If you have stores in your city just go to them.

    No way CP will get anything to you by Christmas and I doubt other shipping companies will either

    [–] Norway becomes first Scandinavian country to decriminalise drugs in historic vote Tren_Lover69 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in worldnews

    Bruh you should see some of the cones I roll tho, you'd understand


    [–] You heard it here first Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in 2007scape

    Did you see Hitler's dick? Do you know if it's feminine or not??

    Didn't think so. So how could you know if it's gay or not

    [–] You heard it here first Tren_Lover69 -1 points ago in 2007scape

    Tbh pineapple on pizza is worse than Hitler

    [–] What Peptides to use to Heal a Knee Injury Tren_Lover69 2 points ago in steroids

    yeah so every ~2 weeks I shot 2 mg. it was with a 5/8' slin pin into usually into my quad so im not really sure if it was sub q or IM

    [–] What Peptides to use to Heal a Knee Injury Tren_Lover69 1 points ago in steroids

    I used tb500 for like 6 month but ran out like 2 months ago and my thinking was I'll take some time off and see how it feels. I've had some pain for about the last month and will order some more soon.

    Dose was 2mg twice a month with a loading phase (don't remeb r the dose for loading phase but I'll just go back to 2mg twice a month)

    Haven't tried bpc or GH but I'm sure other will post their experience with them. I'm happy with tb500 I don't see a reason to try other stuff.