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    [–] Life is just unfair.... Tridaron 6 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Yeah, I believe Funimation dubbed it

    [–] Life is just unfair.... Tridaron 29 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, it's pretty good, but a lot of neckbeards tend to go overboard with it. It's main theme is that an overworked woman creates a makeshift family with mystical creatures, but the neckbeards community has mostly just focused on what's shown in OP's pic.

    [–] What are “facts” commonly taught during elementary school that are totally false? Tridaron 3 points ago in AskReddit

    My 5th grade teacher ranted to the class about this, saying that America is the only country in the world where you can own property. I didn't believe this, because my stepfather from Liverpool had bought a house there, describing it to me. Recalling this, I told the teacher that most Europeans can buy and own property, so she gave me a "corrective lunch" that involved sitting inside during recess and filling out a form as to why I was disrespectful. Honestly, nationalism is such a plague.

    [–] Is this coffee legal?? 🤔🤔 Tridaron 46 points ago in Animemes

    ☑️Truth be told,😤 I'm quite proud of my 🏠house blend.☕ To attain my flavor and fragrance, 😥😳I use five👋different types of coffee beans.🍵 I use all that I know to bring out😜 the best of their natural🎋 flavours in this unique😵 house blend. Of course, I'm also picky🍶🍶 about where they were grown. 🍍🍍Each year, I go on a trip🛫✈️ to purchase them in person.🤹‍♂️

    [–] The Nintendo switch has officially outsold the WiiU by over one million units. Tridaron 10 points ago in nintendo

    Unless you've been living in a cave since last March, they've been showing the Mario odyssey dancing commercial over and over, along with that one commercial showing off its portability. There's more good games besides zelda, like odyssey, xenoblade chronicles, fire emblem, and the Bethesda releases. If you Flash back to the release of the Xbox one and ps4, the major release games were incredibly forgettable such as ryse son of Rome and a few 360/ps3 ports to hold everyone over on their $400 purchase for 18 months. We're all happy for Nintendo because they've made the first non casual gaming console that actually has a decent selling point to it, not another gimmick like motion controls. We've been waiting for this since the GameCube Era.

    [–] me irl Tridaron 7 points ago in me_irl

    If you get origin access for $5 a month or $25 a year, which is a huge list of EA games including Sims 4, then it's worth it. But to buy it outright... Meh, I'd rather play Sims 3.

    [–] When your Khajiit rolls a mage. Tridaron 1 points ago in skyrim

    We have to warn them about the reapers!

    [–] Camel toed cowgirl boots Tridaron 11 points ago in trashy

    Literal cowgirl boots. Hooves and all.

    [–] What did you really want to like, but couldn't? Tridaron 8 points ago in AskReddit

    I loved BotW, but I have to agree that the weapon durability is extremely annoying. If they could just tone it down a bit or make it more realistic (such as a stick or a mop breaking easily, not a sword.) I also feel like they could've made puzzles more of a nonessential thing that just offered better gear or rupees. All in all I still loved it because of the combat, artwork, and story,

    [–] Need some anime I can watch with my conservative Christian grandmother Tridaron 6 points ago in anime

    It's moreso that I'd feel bad for making a sweet old lady with backwards views feel bad. But yeah, I understand that a lot of older folks just outright hate anime and anyone who likes it.

    [–] Need some anime I can watch with my conservative Christian grandmother Tridaron 2 points ago in anime

    I'm not so much as worried about impressing her with anime, it's just she's a sweet old lady with really outdated views. I more or less just want her to feel that my hobbies are okay so she'll stop worrying. Thanks for the suggestion though

    [–] Need some anime I can watch with my conservative Christian grandmother Tridaron 3 points ago in anime

    She's very much into old timey detective shoes and romance, it's quite a challenge to understand her taste, but I see the appeal of it

    [–] Which anime character would you marry? Tridaron 1 points ago in anime

    All you need is black hair and a mean face.

    [–] Anime_irl Tridaron 26 points ago in anime_irl

    Dude your username is great

    Vignette > Satania

    [–] Giri Giri Safe-uh! Tridaron 12 points ago in Animemes

    Speaking of which does anybody got any good VNs they suggest?

    [–] Lucky Star 10 Year Anniversary Rewatch Poll Tridaron 3 points ago in luckystar

    Basically it's like KyoAni's first Moe girl show. They kinda sparked the whole popularity for shows like K-On and Nichijou. The art style is really unique too.

    [–] me_irl Tridaron 3 points ago in me_irl


    [–] Mikasa is still best girl, by the way Tridaron 3 points ago in Animemes

    Not Eren's Mom

    Want to know how I can tell that you're a pleb?

    [–] Why can't I have weeb grandparents? Tridaron 20 points ago in Animemes

    I was watching No Game No Life in front of my grandmother (unknowingly) and she kept asking what cartoon I was watching, and if it was Pokémon. Thankfully I paused it right before one of the bath scenes. Now she sometimes asks to watch one of those "Jap cartoons" with me. I really dodged a bullet there.

    [–] Which anime didn't live up to your expectations? Tridaron 11 points ago in anime

    Yeah, it really helped show how powerful One For All is. Most hero anime ignore the fact that having instant superpowers could likely mean you'd just turn to pudding instead of winning every fight.