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    [–] I thought my screenshot in FO76 should be shared TripN_KniveZ 1 points ago in gaming

    Bethesda actually did a good job on the photo mode.

    Why the fuck isn't fov slider in the actual game?

    [–] Both games are from 2018 TripN_KniveZ 3 points ago in gaming

    The thing about this is it's just a reskin of fallout 4.

    [–] Trident TripN_KniveZ 13 points ago in spaceengineers

    Pretty accurate.

    [–] [PARTS] P80 textured Glock lowers - $99 + $7 shipping TripN_KniveZ 1 points ago in gundeals

    What about the serial plate? You just super glue that shit to the other receiver? Lol

    [–] [PARTS] P80 textured Glock lowers - $99 + $7 shipping TripN_KniveZ 1 points ago in gundeals

    Can someone explain how you build one of these? Do I just take stuff off my stock Glock?

    [–] Quick maths. TripN_KniveZ 8 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Can I get a translation for this?

    [–] My New Fudd AR - Reborn Gator Grendel TripN_KniveZ 3 points ago in guns

    Oh, I'm tracking now. It's probably ny or CA compliant.

    [–] My New Fudd AR - Reborn Gator Grendel TripN_KniveZ 57 points ago * (lasted edited 20 days ago) in guns

    Fudd is a term coined by /k/ on 4chan for people who think hunting rifles are the only thing protected by 2A. They think civilian ownership of scary black assault rifles should be banned. It's the last name of the famous character Elmer Fudd, who was your stereotypical hunter.

    Let's say you go to the range with some of your toys. You load your ptr91 slapping the charging handle, making a satisfying "kerchunck" noise. The guy with his hunting rifle next to you gives you some weird looks. You proceed to put holes in your paper. After cease fire is called he tells you someone your age shouldn't own a military style rifle. You tell him "That's funny" because if you're military and are trained in small arms, why shouldn't you be allowed to own it, let alone be allowed to as a citizen? He smirks and says, "well then the military should be the only ones with the fire power, not kids like you."

    That's a Fudd.

    [–] Elevated lead levels TripN_KniveZ 1 points ago in liberalgunowners

    So, equip a plate carrier with magnets? Impenetrable!

    [–] Just me waiting for Republicans to do something about voter fraud... TripN_KniveZ 6 points ago in The_Donald

    The mini trumps weren't even voted in.

    PA governor and a house seat were lost because the candidates were taking up the image of being him.

    Corey Stewart lost in VA as well.

    I can tell you for sure, there's some fishy shit going on when most of PA voted for Trump and now they don't want Republicans like Trump???

    [–] How the Democrats try to "manufacture" a blue wave TripN_KniveZ 3 points ago in The_Donald

    Their blue wave is illegal voters. MAKE VOTER ID LAWS NOW.

    [–] Elevated lead levels TripN_KniveZ -1 points ago in liberalgunowners

    Bring a super powerful magnet next time you're at the range and the lead will just stick to that ;)

    [–] Welcome to Arkansas! 🙈 TripN_KniveZ 1 points ago in Jeep

    I need a diagram of this, for science.

    [–] Elevated lead levels TripN_KniveZ 2 points ago in liberalgunowners

    Wash your hands after range time? It's absorbed through your skin as well, not just ingestion.

    [–] How does this make sense? Spend 9,4 mil to earn 2,4 mil? TripN_KniveZ 1 points ago in EliteDangerous

    I work with computers and it's pretty normal to see decimal separators as . And not ,

    I also think that it would be silly if we used periods(dots) as a comma. when I want to continue a statement like this. for example,

    It's more so culturally different to me than being absurd.

    If something I say seems hostile, chances are: it's in jest.

    [–] How does this make sense? Spend 9,4 mil to earn 2,4 mil? TripN_KniveZ 1 points ago in EliteDangerous

    So instead of answering the question you immediately state a fact I'm already aware of while you call me ignorant. Did Achmed steal your gf? Where is this angst coming from?

    [–] The mayor of Pittsburgh is seriously considering going against state preemption laws on firearms TripN_KniveZ 4 points ago in liberalgunowners

    I'm not from this sub, but someone pointed me here from /k/.

    I was wondering what would happen if someone set off a bomb in a church full of people, say something made from shit bought at Lowe's and some chemistry set stuff cooked up in a garage? What if the death toll was more than 11? Let's say the bomb blows up and only 11 are killed by the initial blast, but the structure of the building collapses and causes death by falling or accelerated debris? What about smoke inhalation? Burning to death? Probably alot more than 11 dead.

    Will the mayor want to ban Lowe's and fertilizer from his city then? Why do people always attack the method, never the individual?