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    [–] Ahhh the memories Turok301 1 points ago in uffz

    A mythical creature from the legends of the old. I've heard tales from lunatics and drunkards but i have yet to find a specimen myself. Sometimes I wonder if maybe they're just a myth.

    [–] Yeah Turok301 3 points ago in DaftPunk

    Considering how much of a banger their last album was, my disappointment is immeasurable

    [–] Wii-ll this post? Turok301 1 points ago in FansOfNintendo

    Tell me you are American without telling me you are American: puts México anytime they see Spanish instead of Spain

    [–] Right.. some of them... Turok301 12 points ago in WynnCraft

    I just hate it when they're slower than your running speed and faster than your walking speed

    [–] Every time, Stu Turok301 1 points ago in DanLeBatardShow

    Open your eyes, look up to the sky and see

    [–] there's steam coming out of my pc Turok301 1 points ago in Steam

    Hi! Programmer here! You’re on the right track, but 2gb worth of updates alone is a lot of code to be changing, especially for unnoticed changes.

    [–] Superhero actors holding their babies Turok301 1 points ago in humour

    I have a 3080, and a large cock, so I can take care of your baby

    [–] [REQUEST] How many db would you really need? Turok301 1 points ago in theydidthemath

    No really. Decibels logarithmic increase together with freaking nukes beeing around 250 db means earth goes boom way before.

    [–] ???んー…こうやな! Turok301 3 points ago in newsokunomoral

    Its cos they interact with the world with their mouth not their paws right? So in a way he wasnt wrong and rightfully confused

    [–] The Princess Turok301 8 points ago in catdimension

    I mean, shes definitely better than 90% of people I know :0!

    [–] This post made my heart full Turok301 2 points ago in Syria

    Sweet little boy! Wish our country took in more refugee children so we can give them a future and they can help build our future.