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    [–] 9 Days until Opening Day! Turtles_Are_Dope_ 3 points ago in NewYorkMets

    My dad always calls him Nemo no matter how many times I correct him.

    [–] Almost every morning I try to throw my K-cup into the Keurig. Today I finally nailed it. Turtles_Are_Dope_ 16 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I actually just got a French press recently but haven’t used it yet. Can you use pre-ground coffee or should I invest in a grinder?

    [–] [Heyman] Breaking: Bryce to the Phillies Turtles_Are_Dope_ 4 points ago in NewYorkMets

    Does anyone else hate the shitty photoshopped picture of someone in their new jersey that gets posted 10 seconds after they officially sign?

    [–] Please find attached: 3 obscure Mets Turtles_Are_Dope_ 1 points ago in NewYorkMets

    Ayyy I have a baseball signed by Brian Stokes!